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  1. Installed full databases but lin2world & lin2db are missing... cant run...
  2. No tutorial on how to compile/use?
  3. Hello, Im running a server with mobius c4 pack and I need to move to l2jilivsus, because the pack is more stable. I did try the full backup and import at first, but livsus gameserver wouldnt run. soon I recognized that some rows/fields/values are different. So far I got to restoring the accounts, characters and items databases, with more or less success, but when I log in the character they spawn at 0,0,0,0 loc(near DE Village), dead and no "To Village" option, how can I fix this problem, or how can I transfer the databases more accurately? I really hope you guys can help...
  4. Ah, inside the source... Found one, there are two lines beginning with "_accessor.moveTo" and it's exactly set to what you suggested, so I guess it shouldn't be the problem. // Calculate movement data for a move to location action and add the actor to movingObjects of GameTimeController _accessor.moveTo(pawn.getX(), pawn.getY(), pawn.getZ(), offset); and // Calculate movement data for a move to location action and add the actor to movingObjects of GameTimeController _accessor.moveTo(x, y, z);
  5. Still can't find it, there are these 3 folders inside AI folder, and this is the list of all .java files
  6. There is no such file on C4, found one on interlude from same developer but not on c4.
  7. No I don't, nor I can find anything related to this problem online. That is the main problem I came across with this server, it really is a pain is the a.. for people playing with dualbox on my server, hope there is a fix for this.
  8. I did post on mobius forum at first, but no reply. Hope somebody here can help... Thanks anyway...
  9. Hello, Im running l2jmobius c4 server on Linux, and I encountered a problem, when running in dualbox the character on inactive l2 window doesn't follow the main one properly, it comes close and than snaps back to where it was.... server is running with original geodata, also tried switching to L2OFF geodata, didn't help... Any ideas?
  10. Hello! Classic and most widely loved Lineage 2 chronicle returned for all C4 lovers out there who are looking for a stable server with off- like gameplay for the sake of nostalgia. Since it's a private server and most players dont have the time or wish to play on a hardcore low rates, server is made for fast-pace gameplay, with higher rates, a class cat, higher grade weapons, armors and jewels added to shops, an custom buffer is everything you'll need to have fun and save your precious time from having to farm all day.... Looking to build a friendly and supportive international community of C4 fans, each active players reasonable opinion/idea is important and will be considered in servers future development... (c) Lineage2Retro 2021. Server info: Chronicle: Lineage2 Chronicle4 Rates: Xp x20/Sp x20/Adena x30. Stuck-Sub (Main +3) Class change master, 1st class- 100k; 2nd - 1kk; 3rd - 10kk. Player Commands: .xpon; .xpoff for On/Off exp gain. .offline_shop for offline trade. C-B Grade weapons & armors in GM Shop A-S by Craft. Buffer with full buffs in every town 4h. No huge mods or addons, off like gameplay. Registration is auto. Website: https://www.lineage2retro.ga/
  11. http://lineage2retro.club/ Interlude x15 Craft-PvP, Grand Opening 05.06.2021 15:00 GMT +2
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