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  1. I'm sorry, the books I do not have them, I have the rest. Apparently my backup was made before He added the books.
  2. I have a backup of this share, what do you need from this? I can re-upload to my cloud if you need it. cheers
  3. No worries @Mechas, I just reported this retard again. He pretend is not @guytis and he still writing with a horrible English... even google translator can write better than this kid.
  4. I was working on Salvation Compiler a few weeks ago and still in "progress" so I guess in a couple weeks it will be done when I have free time. UPDATE: Salvation Compiler added. Cheers
  5. I just added more compiler for other Chronicles.. Cheers
  6. I have it somewhere, just wait and as soon I found it I will share it in PM. Cheers
  7. No, it wont work at all. cheers Updated: I added for Hellbound now, enjoy it!
  8. Take the share one, same crap as Claw is scamming on his website.
  9. Fixed, thanks for the heads up!! And I'm sorry you couldn't sell your crap.. Have a nice day kid!
  10. Hi Maxcheaters Users! By request of many users asking me if I have compiler for interface.u, here are my share of my collection. I hope this will be useful for anyone of this forum. Enjoy it!! Interlude Compiler: DOWNLOAD Hellbound Compiler: DOWNLOAD Gracia Final Compiler: DOWNLOAD Epilogue Compiler: DOWNLOAD Freya Compiler: DOWNLOAD High Five Compiler: DOWNLOAD Ertheia Compiler: DOWNLOAD Grand Crusade Compiler: DOWNLOAD Salvation Compiler: DOWNLOAD Now, if you want to have all in one pack with a basic menu like this: Download HERE
  11. In "Request Server Development Help [L2OFF]" you can post your questions and help about how to compile this sources, I bet someone could have extra time to help you out. Good Luck!