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  1. Actually is "<img src="Crest.crest_4_%captchaId%" width=256 height=64>" and here is the file: DOWNLOAD Crest.utx Good Luck!
  2. Try this patch I had for long time ago. It's from L2Apocalyps, it might work but you need to remove smartguard in order to run with your files. DOWNLOAD Good luck!
  3. Zaken.java Location File: aCis_gameserver\java\net\sf\l2j\gameserver\scripting\scripts\ai\individual\ Good Luck
  4. The last time this server "https://apocalyps.eu/" (Claww) was using this pack. Good luck to find it, maybe someone from this forum still have it.
  5. Have you checked on L2-Scripts or L2JMobius??? maybe they have better clue.
  6. Because you are missing the config file. Put this file inside of "/config/masterio/" folder: And save it as : RankPvpSystemConfig.properties cheers
  7. Here is the link of L2-Scripts Classic Zaken: DOWNLOAD
  8. As far I know the Auto-Shots and Auto-learn Shills doesn't work. Also this pack is not ready for Live server, you need to complete the Opcode packets and other stuff. So you might open a beta server to test it and see what is missing. Cheers
  9. L2Fandc, latest source with facebook share, twitch, phantom. DOWNLOAD Enjoy it guys!! P.D.: If is something missing, just drop you question here, I might have it because when I got this pack, it was missing a lot stuff and I have been fixing it a lot. also this pack is not ready to go for a live server. Use this pack to take the Addons and Codes for you personal pack. P.D.2: I have never understand why FandC (Claw) customers never complain and report him in this forum. Seriously this pack its a really piece of Sh.....t. Some html missing: Location: \html-en\mods\Vote\ Index.htm Reward.htm
  10. Thank you!! you just anticipated of what I was going to do!!
  11. @proGenitor Seriously? Guys!! both packs are already SHARED in RU forums, just spend a few min searching on L2 RU forums and you will find them. Good luck !
  12. As far I read at the sources, its located on "character_subclasses" table. cheers