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  1. Would be easy if you just paste the link where you got this sources: https://github.com/l2agedev/reb_h5_storm
  2. Take a look this link shared: https://mega.nz/#F!GWBSjAKK!u1hRLGHdvQooUTAVRXE4jQ credits to @sepultribe.
  3. Report your problem on "[Request] Client Dev Help" and paste your screenshot of your client crash. Sometimes the crash is not about just "interface.u", it could be a dll file or your version of your Windows. I have the shared interface from here and I have never got any issue on my Client Patch. Good Luck!
  4. Just let you know, it is shared.
  5. This is Java Server.. no L2OFF.
  6. As far I know, this engine is include on Mythras Sources Files, and it was shared long time ago HERE. Screenshot of sources: You just need a java developer to adapt the code to your pack. Good Luck!
  7. So if you are very sure of what this pack have, than implement it on Mythras pack and share it, how about that? Let's see how kind you are. Good luck!
  8. Sorry, like I really care about you. Have a wonderful day!
  9. Hahaha, you made my day Kara!!. "you gonna have the consequences" hahahaha like I depend of L2 to survive!! hahahaha you just made my day ever!! hahhahah
  10. Sorry guys, I wont change my mind and more shares are coming ;-) Cheers
  11. Of course I can do anything I want unless are "rules" saying I am not allow to do it. That is what I meant. I am not going to talk and dig it why people shared their stuff even they have been paid for it... because that its another topic. And this is my last post, too bad for Mobius or whoever, but its almost been like this in this forum (Maxcheater has always been characterized about it).
  12. Well, I have not seen any "rules" in this section saying something like you said (your opinion), so I can share anything I have or I want, but the main reason I do it, its because I have seen a lot people specially here, reselling those files (can be Mobius, Scripts, Fandc, etc etc) as "unique" or "Platinum Sources" or "My Files" and kids get scammed (as usually in this forum). So with a lot respect of what you said (which can be totally valid) I can share for a good thing as well. That's all.
  13. Well, I'm not going to argue to anyone about my post removed. I don't really care, anyways those links are shared on other forums and deleting my post wont help at all. However, is always someone going to share those links here anyway.