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  1. Someone has a clean patch for this sources?
  2. Because the command it’s taking from MySQL data, no from the lst file.
  3. If you take just little more time, and searching on other forums, you can get mostly of those costumes for free. Some of them are shared for Interlude or H5, but it’s not hard to adapt between Chronicles. So like Finn said, the other option is taking the mods from other servers but I’m afraid the files will be encrypted, so you might need a little help to make it work in your patch. good luck!!
  4. If you are using an interface from Nephrone or xDarkdelux, you don’t need a decryptor, you will need a deobfuscate software, also no one will make it for free. I know just one guy can do it but it will cost a lot money and it is not worth it. Just let you know. cheers
  5. Best choice for Latinoamerica servers, is OVH or SoyYouStart (same company). Links: OVH: https://www.ovh.com/world/es/servidores-dedicados/game/ SYS: https://www.soyoustart.com/us/game-servers/ For Proxys Servers you can rent VPS in any country, where players are in high demand. Best one are located in Arg and Brz. I hope this help, good luck!
  6. It looks like a issue from interface script. You might edit the script to make it works as HP potion. But I might be wrong. Take a look interface.u using UTPT software. Good luck!
  7. No at all buddy but if you read the rules on each section, you will know why what I'm saying: your are welcome.
  8. Dear Prostyle1990 Please stop asking help in this shared post. Just let you know, if you want get some help or request development job for you server, please you can post to the follow links: Request Server Development Section or Client Development Discussion and before you are going to create a new post, please READ THE RULES , it is mandatory to read it before you post. Thanks and I hope this help for you server. Btw, you started been annoying posting help everywhere. Good luck..!!
  9. Use this instead https://sites.google.com/site/l2clientmod/l2tool
  10. Well basically I shared this pack, because I saw a lot kids trying to sell it and claimed as “their” pack. So in order to stoped them, I decide to screw them up sharing it. Thats all.
  11. Its binded by hiwd... if you share it, it wont work in other machine, as far i know.
  12. Looks awesome!!! Just let’s us know when this CMS is done, I would be interested to buy it 100% good job!!
  13. Exactly!!! I bet it can be less players, I don’t think this guy will invest on Advs at all.