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  1. Sorry Xeonc, The Ai Compiler for H5 and GD is already shared by @eressea. Thanks to her for this amazing job.
  2. Are you sure this is the AI of H5? because as far I can see the code, it has a lot classes missing on H5 NPCs. For example, it doesn't have the follows class of the Prophets: ruin_prophet_gludio ruin_prophet_giran ruin_prophet_aden ruin_prophet_rune And many others....
  3. Just wait, I will share it for FREE this exactly pack with all those features of those guys are telling you. I will send a PM with the link.
  4. Can you explain what make your DDOS protection "Better" than OVH DDOS protection? As far I know, OVH services include this services.
  5. Would be easy if you just paste the link where you got this sources: https://github.com/l2agedev/reb_h5_storm
  6. Take a look this link shared: https://mega.nz/#F!GWBSjAKK!u1hRLGHdvQooUTAVRXE4jQ credits to @sepultribe.
  7. Report your problem on "[Request] Client Dev Help" and paste your screenshot of your client crash. Sometimes the crash is not about just "interface.u", it could be a dll file or your version of your Windows. I have the shared interface from here and I have never got any issue on my Client Patch. Good Luck!
  8. As far I know, this engine is include on Mythras Sources Files, and it was shared long time ago HERE. Screenshot of sources: You just need a java developer to adapt the code to your pack. Good Luck!
  9. So if you are very sure of what this pack have, than implement it on Mythras pack and share it, how about that? Let's see how kind you are. Good luck!
  10. Sorry, like I really care about you. Have a wonderful day!
  11. Hahaha, you made my day Kara!!. "you gonna have the consequences" hahahaha like I depend of L2 to survive!! hahahaha you just made my day ever!! hahhahah