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  1. you need to set a valid username and password for it to connect to the database, that also means you have to have a database running, an account with enough privileges created and the necessary tables created/imported. have u done all of the above?
  2. you are, of course, right ;) just threw a stupid idea out there, very small chance of it working
  3. Updated second post with some GF stuff I was looking at today, will post more the following days. Still waiting on knowledgeable people to help clarify blurry areas mentioned in the first post.
  4. what about the old L2J way, hosts file editing, tried it yet?
  5. VM detection can be done in so many ways, looking at processes, files, registry, drivers, devices and other things, google how malware detect VMs and u can see for yourself. Without reversing the l2.exe u cannot know. It could be as simple as looking at the name of your emulated graphics/sound/mobo chip, but could also be something more complex.
  6. I'm sorry I can't help you, the faster you go meet your maker the better it is for all of us.
  7. have you ever thought of asking that question in front of a mirror? and please stop believing in god, it's 2018 for fuck's sake, you're only embarrassing yourself.
  8. what kind of donate options did that server run? 100k is absurd for 3 months. and they say l2 is dead? or maybe that kind of money can only be made in russia, im guessing the server was a ru localization. wtf was their opening online numbers?
  9. haven't had an nvidia since the 8800gt :P
  10. Yes I am not talking about win10, I assumed he had vista or win7, cos that's what people interested in these old chronicles usually run. By the way why run win10? Just to be on the bleeding edge? Or is it about having the latest directx? Win7 SP1 is perfectly fine if you ask me, plus u dont have the M$ spying on you like on 10.
  11. very nice +1 PS: By scripts you mean the whole folder from a c4 pack? Would the postpacific release be ok? I never found the original c4 leaked files, and not sure if PPC modified or added any custom.
  12. Just rename rsaenh.dll from your system32 folder ( or WoW64 folder if on x64 OS ) and Prelude can load without problems, don't forget to change it back right after L2 starts tho. There are other ways u can load it too, like total commander etc. There's a good pack by smeli for loading old clients, can give u a link if you want it. Do u have the packs posted on this topic? If yes can u reupload them?
  13. very nice, also patched c0/c1/c2 system folders (Y)
  14. The link had Korean Classic servers too in case you didn't notice. Also, when people asked for classic, they wanted the old game, the old look, the old gameplay, not a watered-down version of GoD+, not +12 dyes, post chaotic chronicle skills and mechanics, and a 0.7x LOLPRELUDE exp rate WHICH NEVER EXISTED. Prelude had the same hardcoded npc exp rates as beta and c1, the only thing that made the xp a bit less was the mechanic that LOWERED YOUR EXP FOR EACH LEVEL YOU HAVE ABOVE THE MOB YOU JUST KILLED. Not that interlude or any other chronicle is balanced. Far from it, I just said that it can be tweaked and made right with few adjustments. People have been talking about those fixes on boards.lineage2.com and l2guru.com since the game went live and at each chronicle update. Admins are just too dense to understand and have zero vision to implement something like that. Players don't deserve it either, all they know is server hoping, rushing, and asking for (lol)retail experience, about which they don't even have a clue.
  15. I was joking of course ;) hope you didn't get my post the wrong way. People on this forum would even sell their mothers for cash, it was directed at greedy people, not u.