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  1. xdat editor what do u want to exactly?
  2. there is a l2j lucera share somewhere in this forum, did u look at it?
  3. Help BANN IP

    I doubt the HWID is generated through (just) the m/b identifier, usually many of the pc components are probed for their fingerprint.
  4. GR Official Spam Topic ☂

    καλημέρα στην όμορφη χίο το ψήνει και από τις δυό πλευρές λες?
  5. its not ready for live, especially low rates, if only for pure pvp server you might get away with it but it still needs work if you want things to function correctly.
  6. hello, what is wrong with it and what pack are you using?
  7. sorry I was reading it as client (of the server) and rates (of the server) and it sounded a bit weird :P
  8. great work m8, although I don't like servers with full item donations, but it's not your fault, funcionality was built-in already :P
  9. Maxtor set up the archive version of the site again

    +1 for archive viewing, makes a long thread viewable on 1 page with simple text, very convenient.
  10. Το Eclipse απο μονο του "κοιταει" στο JRE installation, πρεπει εσυ να του δειξεις που ειναι το JDK (ελπιζω να το εχεις εγκαταστησει). Θα πρεπει να πας Window ~> Preferences ~> Java ~> Installed JREs και να το αλλαξεις απο το JRE στο JDK. Ενδεχεται να χρειαστει να βαλεις και το tools.jar απο το JDK/lib φακελο στα Global Entries του Ant.
  11. Αν θες μπορω να σου δειξω πως να το κανεις μονος σου, ευκολο ειναι.
  12. what you need is the chance to be 0% for normal scrolls. EnchantOptionChanceScroll = TrueEnchantChanceScrollNormal = 0
  13. o pio efkolos tropos einai an exeis kalo pc na anoigeis ta 2 mesw vmware me tin xamiloteri analisi kai low details, gia buffs kai autofollow mia xara doulevei etsi. o diskolos einai na crackareis to dll pou dimiourgei afto to orio ston client.