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  1. I'll say it again, you guys just leap frogged the whole UI dev scene, you did what 3dfx did with voodoo to the graphics industry when it came out. It's all an amazing piece of work and great innovation you brought. do you mean "client" or does it store the config server-side?
  2. It's not similar to this forum, it's their localized community forums, where they only speak spanish. Following a rule blindly is what programs/bots do, I expected more from a human being.
  3. It's always cool to find lovers of the old chronicles :)
  4. anyone? @jornik did you find the news archive inside that rar? I can't locate it :(
  5. very nice, is this from a german prelude server of yours?
  6. pws proteineis to smartguard meta apo to skandalo pou apodeixthke h synergasia tou me ton developer tou adrenaline, kai ta xiliadyo pou exoun akoustei gia backdoors kai oti mporoun na sou traviksoun server files?
  7. This is not a spanish speaking forum, you have **** for that. You can at least use google translate when posting. To answer your question, this is a standalone program written in .net, you can't embed it inside the client.
  8. [GR] εγώ βλέπω WS2012 & WS2016 και η εγκατάσταση αλλου ειναι 29 αλλου 40 και αλλου και παραπανω, δεν εχω καμια σχεση μαζι τους και δεν τους υπερασπιζομαι απλα αυτα που ειπες δεν ειναι ακριβως αληθεια
  9. this will be the 3rd post trying to explain to you how it's done, hope it gets thru Each npc has a number for identification, find it either thru shift clicking or searching for its name if it is unique. After you find this number you can easily find the corresponding htmls that are used for interacting with it thru dialogs. Inside those htmls you will find a number followed by a multisell keyword, that number is the name of the corresponding xml containing the multisell configuration. Ingredients are what the npc takes and production is what the npc gives back for each entry in the multisell window. They told you the paths those files exist in so you can't complain it is hard.
  10. what pack are you using? to make a mob passive you either edit the AI class directly or add an extra parameter in npcdata {[IsAggressive]=0} in the npc_ai field
  11. unfortunately I couldn't find any of the pages related to the expansions on the archive, it's just like mine :( am I blind? is it somewhere else?
  12. http://top.host/ einai elliniki kiolas kai apo tis liges pou ferontai kala stous ergazomenous tous
  13. you wrote on the greek section of a mostly english speaking forum in spanish, you expect an answer?
  14. haven't downloaded it yet, but if it is what I think it is then YOU ROCK :)
  15. still not fixed that we have to spam a reply now to see download links everywhere? ps: anyone know if gracia here refers to G1/G2/GF/GE?