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  1. Attention! Avoid this server as much as possible. The server owner just wants to make money from donations and as soon as no more money comes in, the server gonna wipe (every 2-3 months).
  2. Hidden Content Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. Why reply first to see this content? Stupid logic.
  3. I never expected an answer, smartass. Sounds like a desperate greek looking for work all day, in vain, and still trolling around in this forum for years. Isn't it? Get a real job instead of sucking german dicks for more money, my dear greek.
  4. So what? I don't care for other people.
  5. I joined on 17th February 2009. It's been 10 years now. Damn, time is running fast. Tomorrow I will be dead, because time will overtake me. Lineage 2 still in my <3. Cya in 10 years again. I will set a reminder
  6. Why do you ask here on maxcheaters? Are you stupid? They got a forum where u can ask, idiot. http://forum.lineage2bot.com/
  7. The owner / seller of this software told me that each purchase will be bind to 3 character names. Means, you could get the error becuz of this reason (not if it was really a sg error)
  8. I pm'ed the vendor several times and i got the impression that he just want to sell his software somehow w/o testing and sending proofs if it is rly working on a server. The skype name of the vendor is: "c0d3rtm". Imo it is not worth to buy this software, unless if he bring weekly updates to make their software fud against smart-guard.
  9. Stop spamming useless trash like that you stupid fking kid. I just confirmed a possible way.
  10. Nah hahah that was so funny imo and u got owned so hard. Live with it, even if you are trying to disguise your fail, which doesn't working xD
  11. Believe me, i know it better than you will ever know. By the way...