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  1. Kek site doesnt show anything unless you register
  2. Regarding the teleport, I don't mind if it doesn't work 100% retail, the teleporting itself is enough for me. About the target cancel you're correct, I thought I'd add it via xml. Anyway thanks for your answer.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create the skill Shadow Step in Interlude (aCis 360). The skill always succeeds (meaning the active player does travel serverside to the target), but there are times that the active player client doesn't update, so he ends up hitting with a dagger from 600 distance for example. I had a box as observer and this bug didn't appear, so it has to do with the active player client. Any ideas how to resolve this? For testing purposes you can check skill: AV - Teleport, ID: 4671 (it's already imported in aCis)
  4. You expect a reply 18 minutes later? Wtf.. Also use pastebin for -big- codes.
  5. Wow even shops use fireworks
  6. Yes that's what I meant, thanks for the clarification :)
  7. Pretty neat, not exaggerated, copyright free. Thanks :)