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  1. What's the difference between the one he sells and the one he shared?
  2. Thanks for the share. Can we edit interface.u, xdat according to our liking or are they encrypted?
  3. Talking from an interlude player perspective: I'd say it's mostly the "fear of the unkown". Also some of the advantages you've listed in using client base would probably turn interlude players away as it is no longer an interlude (new olympiad for example). Interlude files + customs from higher chronicles -> people know what they get plus some nice customs classic files + certain interlude features -> people would be unwilling to try it imo (questionable files + too many new things that it's no longer an interlude) PS: About oly/pvp in inte
  4. I think this is because of high casting speed and has nothing to do with edit
  5. What java bugs are there?
  6. bro its full of ppl, check these screenshots above, doom blade thanatos and master anais were finally defeated !!
  7. same five bots spamming messages in both this topic and remorse topic in preview section xd
  8. https://www87.zippyshare.com/v/4JKEoTMD/file.html
  9. pathetic right? Well I didn't check remorse because it requires a registration to view forum (in my opinion this means insecurity)