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  1. Lol did you try reinstalling the client?
  2. That's only because of your personal browser history etc. I have never searched for gracia final, I did it for first time now and your server doesn't show up, only l2 toxic does. Nice try !
  3. Lower the id of the item produced <production id="77445" count="1"/>
  4. So this bug could be existing up to this day to a good portion of java servers? If that's the case I'm kinda buffled how it wasn't found/reported earlier..
  5. I think it's just wipe and re-open lol
  6. Δοκίμασε ένα user.ini από clean system
  7. Goodluck I really enjoyed reading the features
  8. check this one If it's interlude you have to import the image as texture
  9. Decent files & good administration are interdependent for a succesful server
  10. Do you not have something like this? My reference was for interlude interface btw, looks like yours is different. Anyway that's as far as I can help, I'm a newbie too. There are some pros here about interface stuff hope they help you further.
  11. Try setting unk 104 of partywnd to -1. Not sure if it will work, just a guess.
  12. lmao so much baiting these days, ertheia graphics=kamael buttons in their minds
  13. I won't comment on what features are the "best" but I'll commend your attitude, one thing that's missing from most of the servers are honest admins who want to provide quality content.