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  1. Hello Guys! WTS ITENS ON L2SAGA: - VORPAL ROBE SET +6 120 FULL 25 eur - VORPAL HEAVY SET +6 120 FULL 20 eur - VESPER ROBE FOUNDATION SET +6 120 FULL 25 eur - VENIPLANT/RISING STAR +10 300 (FIRE/WATER) 25 eur - SACREDIUM +10 300 60 eur - ETERNAL CORE DUAL SWORD +10 300 60 eur - ELEGIA JEWELS +6 15 eur - REFINED CORE/ORFEN +6 30 eur - NECKLACE OF VALAKAS +6 60 eur - RING OF BAIUM +6 35 eur - RING OF QUEEN ANT +6 25 eur If you have any questions please feel free to add me on discord: Sensers#9942
  2. Best h5 interface for sure! And also top support by somik +rep
  3. Well, it's not video or casting speed, i figure out what is, to do that all u need is use l2effecs from classic chronicle and your skills anmation will have kind of "slow" animation :D
  4. On this other video, samething. Even when enlightment overs, water remains on the ground.
  5. It's some file, cause i played on saga too and for me hydro blast was normal, but in this video, the water remains on the floor... it's just a stupid animation, but look cool hahaha i rly wanna know how to do this
  6. Hello everyone! I'm looking for some help, recently i've seen some videos where the Hydro Blast from sps's have some kinda of "slow animation" idk how to exatly explain, but the water remains after u cast skill, i dont know if my question is clean, but is hydro blast from this video: Thx for help :D
  7. Hi! WTS Adena in l2Rise 1b = 3€! Payment: PayPal feel free to add me on skype:lucassoroka
  8. Periel Dual Sword +7 lvl 6 att Set vesper heavy noble (2 found part) Zaken Frintezza all itens 14 € !! add me on skype: lucassoroka
  9. Hello! WTS (l2saga): - Periel Dual Sword +7 Att lvl 6 - Vesper Heavy Noble Set (2 found part) - Jewels (Zaken, Frintezza)