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  1. 🎉HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! 🎉 It has been another productive year for the interface, I appreciate everyone's help and enjoyment, and wish you all the best for 2021! ❤️ 🟢 L2Saga.net - H5 - x25 - Is in Beta, Live on 8. January - Interface works! 🎁 LAST DAY FOR THE CHRISTMAS DEAL - BUY 2 INTERFACES, GET 3. FOR FREE There are some decent things planned for this year, like: - interface for interlude - interface for server owners - new update coming soon - interface for other chronicles To start the year off, the SomikUpdater has been re
  2. 🇬🇧🎁 BUY 2 GET 1 FOR FREE - CHRISTMAS DEAL! 🎁 Make your friends happy by gifting them the third free Interface! Event Ends on 05. 01. 2021 at 00:00 GMT+1. ~ New Update coming soon. Merry Christmas! 🇷🇺🎁 КУПИТЬ 2 ПОЛУЧИТЬ 1 БЕСПЛАТНО - РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКОЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ! 🎁 Порадуйте своих друзей, подарив им третий бесплатный интерфейс! Событие заканчивается 05. 01. 2021 в 00:00 GMT+1. ~ Новое обновление скоро. С Рождеством! 🇵🇹🎁 COMPRE 2 GANHE 1 GRATUITAMENTE - NEGÓCIO DE NATAL! 🎁 Faça seus amigo
  3. SOMIK INTERFACE PATCH 🔹 FPS Optimization! 🔹 Game-changing Features! 🔹 Quality of Life! 🔹 400+ Paid Users! 🔹 24/7 Support! 🔹 FREE Updates! CONTACT: Preferred (quick response): Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Eue2yxT Discord Add: Somik#5099 Other (slower response): Email: somik.patch@gmail.com VK: https://vk.com/somikpatch NOTABLE WORKING SERVERS (tested on 05.02.2021) L2Saga.net RPG-Club.com L2Devil.ws Lineage2Dex.com L2Amerika.com Exiliumworld.com L2Tales.com
  4. There has been a patch flowing arround that somehow removes the debuff effect from debuffs (redness, pullsating, no timer and unability to cancel it) and makes them act like buffs. I have been unable to attain it so i figured i'll just try and make it myself. The skills have to stay in the party debuff bar and have no debuff effect, I know that you can move skills out of the debuff bar and make them act like buffs, but that's not what i'm looking for. This is how it looks like: I have figured out how to make nobless stay at the bottom and still show up in
  5. It's called the xdat editor The topic where the guy usually posts his interface and people talk about how to edit it: http://forum.averia.ws/threads/interface-modification.85383/