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  2. There has been a patch flowing arround that somehow removes the debuff effect from debuffs (redness, pullsating, no timer and unability to cancel it) and makes them act like buffs. I have been unable to attain it so i figured i'll just try and make it myself. The skills have to stay in the party debuff bar and have no debuff effect, I know that you can move skills out of the debuff bar and make them act like buffs, but that's not what i'm looking for. This is how it looks like: I have figured out how to make nobless stay at the bottom and still show up in
  3. It's called the xdat editor The topic where the guy usually posts his interface and people talk about how to edit it:
  4. mate.. 0.1 = 10% 10x 0.1 = 1.0 = 100% 30x 0.1 = 3.0 = 300% thinking isn't hard.
  5. It's an interface patch from a guy called Savo. Just google it and it should take you to the averias forum topic that has 200 pages and you should be able to find a dl there. As for how this is made, the interface editor is needed to adjust the interface.xdat file and the guy basically merged the actuall bar with the flighttransform bar and reformed the shipcontrol 2x6 bar into a straight one and at the end you have the visual modifications + the movable sysmsg. Everything except the visual stuff is pretty easy to do.
  6. As said, what i want to achieve has nothing to do with the skillgrp.
  7. Moving all the important buffs to the debuff bar and removing all the usual debuffs from it is pretty easy to do, but it comes with alot of disadvantages. He has a completely different setup tho, the nobl always stay at the bottom and the other important buffs look like they are assigned to the special buffs, which can't be done via the skillgrp.
  8. Using bots for rebuffing the party is way less efficient than doing it manually and it only hinders you, that is if you are not complete garbage at the game ofcourse. In the video, the party window buffs (which is what i want) are not skillgrp related, since as far as I know you can only label a conditional skill as a buff or a debuff by changing the 0 and 1 values.
  9. Great, a kid that has no idea what he is talking about and is feeding me bullshit, my god what a great place to look for answers. But anyways, everything that you see in that screenshot is selfmade and what I'm looking for is a way to make ~5 buffs appear in the party window (not the debuff bar), like in the video, which is not related to changing the interface.xdat or the skillgrp.dat file.
  10. No, I do not want to get spoonfed by simply getting the already changed file or anything similar to it, I just want to get pointed in the right direction with good information that would help me learn and understand the things that need to be done. You say that I do not want to listen to the people in this thread and yet you are the one getting mad at me when I tell you that the random guesses that you wrote down are completely useless to me and have nothing to do with the actual subject. That aside, finally something to work with. I'm not yet familiar with this, so what do those changes e
  11. What you wrote is literally kindergarden tier information, you are not even sure if what you are saying is true. What are you even doing in the client mod section?
  12. You use the xdat editor to edit the interface.xdat file. As far as I know there is no guide on how to do it. You basically have to figure it out on your own by translating russian interface modification topics on forums like emerald and averia and then learning by trial and error.