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  1. placing items from my inventory into idiotic boxes is something ur mama did when she had a stroke u faking toxic cunt gtfo u faking cancerous troll go to another topic to share ur smartass opinions
  2. 1st not a boy 2nd u wanna offer ur opinion is welcome, assuming things(like i wanna bot) its pretty much idiotic and heres why : 1) if i wanted to bot id buy adrenaline 2) im pretty much already in a very good gear by farming cause i dont have any problem farming 3) again if i wanted to bot id simple put this in mxc bot section.... and last cause im behind a pc doesnt mean i stopped being honest and decent...boy....
  3. First of all hello to all and i hope i am at the right section...if not i apologize and i hope mods would be kind to move the topic where its supposed to be. So after a long pause in my L2 career (xD) i started playing again and after many many mediocre servers i found L2Mad which is one of the best ive played so far at least in my opinion :P (if any1 is interested its a pretty good server pvp/rbs stable no bugs at least that i know of, and needs some farm ofc :P ) So as u understand i really like the particular server BUT my problem is enchanting and augmeting which i always hate hated and