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  1. You're totally wrong. You can buy Tomb Rider for 59,99 and after 14h of game. The game is over. If you compare it with the hours of fun Lineage2 provide you in any strart of any server private/official wich are minimum x30 times more than this Tomb Rider game is more than worth. But I guess you never tought about that. And remember that Lineage 2 offer you the possibility to play the game without even spending any cent. Btw I love cars too
  2. Innova may be done on first 3 days over 3.000.000 euros. Wich of course part of it goes to NCSOFT since they are only a geo-localitation partner but still more than any of us ever did. Can you specify what you consider a fail? All servers nowdays have they default life-time its a fact. If you call that a fail. You are stuck 10y ago. There are different kind of proyects in many cases are business in my case in specify I'm not trying to make money of it and every player who played on my server know the donation prices wich are ridiculous and limit amount of items , mostly of the proyect i
  3. This requieres server side stuff not only client side.
  4. Dead server kappa. Hatters Gonna Hate
  5. We're not using Mobius or L2scripts on this project sorry guys. Also we did not had any issue on opening. We got attacked but filtered without any delay or lag . Server is smooth and populated. Real online between 500-600 (during sleep time) to 800-1100 today (on prime time.) We use real numbers insetad of the typically 4000 online! 2000 EXPECTED!! ANTI BOT!! Enjoy https://gyazo.com/4bf15e9d815b1cefe28dc1e539ca9924
  6. BETA IS OVER THANK YOU SO MUCH! Characters created during beta; 6383 Accounts created during beta; 3880 TOP LOCATIONS. Russia 24.4% Brazil 20.23% Argentina 11.97% Ukranie 11.8% Poland 7.2% Lithiania 93 6.05% Chile 5.7% Spain 4.229% Greece 3.57% United States of America 3.25% Checz Republic 2.4% United Kingdom 2.4% Portugal 2.3% Bulgaria 2.2% Belarus 1.7% France 1.3% Venezuela 1.1% Canada 1.04% Colombia 1.04%
  7. More information. https://forum.l2remorse.com/index.php?/topic/745-obt-9v9-gvg-tournament-i/