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  1. I have no words, just BIG BIG THANK YOU. Ichiban, Icarus, TroubleMakers, TheSaints and Forteca big big thank you. Sad FiftyCasuals could not participate today. Its my first server and its not a secret we are not the most populated server. We are just family casual server but I cant find the words to gratify you choosed Remorse to play on. Thank you so much, I feel blessed to be your host. I'll never stop providing you the best of the best. We allredy survived one month and peopulation did not decreased at all. Those who decided to stay and play are enjoying and playing, and this make me very happy.
  2. I accept apologizes ^^ And we will make Remorse great with time, dedication and quality. Not with this kind of "old practices". Time will tell. Good luck with opening.
  3. I can asure you that we will never make other people/project looks bad to bright ourself. Nobody know Remorse because its a new project. I'm not trying to be someone. I'm trying to be somewhere :) We have indeed not the best online. We are family server with 600+BOX unique players, that is a fact. But its also a fact we dont have p2w, we allredy survived one month and our online is still stable and growing, you will never find a bot, or any kind of cheat, exploit, etc. PD: I do have Idea about development, that offended me. :( I've allredy banned 4 characters making spam from your server in our server; Why would you make spam on a 100 online server? :( Peace <3 Good luck on the opening.
  4. NEW OLYMPIAD SYSTEM ADDED Heroes : Weekly Tokens : Yes Hero weapons : Yes (right now, they'r disabled) Hero skills : Yes, (right now, they'r disabled) How can I join? - Beeing 2d class. - Beeing 55 level. Hero weapons for each chapter; Currently disabled. Time of Matches : 16:00 - 24:00 GMT+2 Player able to pick up 5 buffs from the Olympiad Manager Stadiums available 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. Hello again family! After giving it some consideration I have made the decision to extend Chapter 1. The new requirement for opening Chapter 2 will be reaching an average playerbase of 1100 players online. After having worked hard to bring you a quality and enjoyable bot-free server without RMT and with balanced interlude settings it is now time to convince your friends to join our server! Now that Chapter 1 has been extended and we have added quality of life improvements to make life of new players easier there is no longer a reason for them not to join. Time for the community to get to work! CHAPTER 1 - EXTENDED The improvements for new players will include: Newbie buffs available until level 40*; Free teleports until lvl 40 Newbie weapons from Queen Cat in No-grade and D-grade at level 6 and 20*. *remember that these benefits are valid only for the first character on new accounts For current players we have also some improvements planned: We will unlock Dion, Gludio (11.05.2019) and Giran castle (12.05.2019) sieges; Dion Castle 18:00 GMT+2 Gludio Castle 18:00 GMT+2 Giran Castle 18:00 GMT+2 Olympiad will be opened for weekly heroes. This is just an event so heroes will not receive a hero weapon or heroes skills. Only hero glow will be available. More details on this soon; Daily fights in Ant's Nest for the only epic jewelry in this chapter, the Queen Ant Ring . Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in a constructive manner.
  6. As I said. Server growing. ^^ Just give me time. Bot is not working. So that means you won't have full partys with boxes loged in. Also no destroyers so you won't find one player with 9 boxes online. In any other server 1 destroyer = 10 online. 10 destroyers = 100 online . So here you won't finde bots and also max account for PC is : 3. And Spoofer not working :) Just wait some time ^^
  7. GRAND OPENING TODAY 21:30 GMT+2 CHAPTER 1 STARTS TODAY MAX LEVEL : 60 The story I'm about to tell you is about those who we call gods. Listen carefully as this is the true story... Long ago, in a time before thought, there was only a globe in which all creation was mixed. As there was nothing with which to compare it, the globe was big and small, dark and bright, everything and nothing. Over a hundred million years, the globe began to grow and eventually two powers slowly began to form within. As they grew, the powers developed consciousness and ego and separated into white light and darkness. White light formed as female and called itself Einhasad. The darkness formed as male and named itself Gran Kain. These two beings marked the beginning of the entire universe, and all that we know today. Einhasad and Gran Kain pooled their strength to break out of the globe. In this action the globe was shattered into pieces of all kinds. Some pieces rose to become Sky, some fell down to become Ground. Between Sky and Ground there was Water, and some parts of Ground rose up to become Land. The spirit of the globe was named Ether, also shattered with the breaking of the globe. This brought the various animals and plants into being. "Genesis Creature" was formed of this spirit, and giants were the best of this kind. They were known as the Wise Ones, for their intelligence was as great as their strong bodies. The giants promised to keep faith in Einhasad and Gran Kain, as it was the actions of the two gods that created their life and world. Einhasad and Gran Kain were satisfied with the giants and appointed them to be the masters of all living creatures. This was before death and true paradise existed. Einhasad and Gran Kain gave birth to many god-children between them. The first five of these children were empowered with the authority of the earth. The eldest daughter, Shilen, was in charge of water. The eldest son, Paagrio, controlled the fire, and the second daughter, Maphr, controlled the land. The second son, Sayha, became master of the wind. For the youngest, Eva, there were no elements remaining, so she created poems and music. While the other gods were busy with their responsibilities, Eva wrote poems and serenaded them with music. And thus the era of the gods began and there existed no place on earth unknown to the gods. Lets continue this story together within the community! ALL WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO HAVE A CONFORTABLE START GENERAL INFORMATION SERVER FEATURES NEW AND UNIQUE ANTI-BOT SYSTEM NEW INTERFACE CHAPTER SYSTEM READ OUR RULES KING OF INTERLUDE ALTERNATIVE FATE WHISPERS QUEST ALTERNATIVE PATH OF A NOBLESSE POSSESSOR OF A PRECIOUS SOUL PART 3 DONATIONS
  8. Its flexible in our discord we allredy talked about this with comunity. We will see :)
  9. I see you dont have much experience on this field The maps/lobby/geo can be adapted to L2 or L2OFF The demostration video is on L2J server indeed. But not on life server. Geodata and doors and staticobj are different on L2J and L2OFF This doors on the demostration videos are in doors.xml But on my servers wich is L2OFF they dont work like this they work with doordata.txt Btw our OBT is open. Join and test yourself that ourserver is L2OFF :)) www.l2remorse.com
  10. Something like that! Anyone know where to find it?