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  1. You should know what's Irony..... That's a irony because alot of people logged boxes and thought they will get reward's. What Ghost/Phantoms you say dude? You really think i had the time to have that code? I am not saying "5000 - 7000 real online , FULL ANTI-BOT , best server , bla bla bla" Ive never been more honest than this. We do have a daily of 1.400- 1.500 real online that's all. And this is all because were getting alot of ddos from 3 days non-stop. We have a great community who is supporting us all the time and we will not give up on this even if you guys call it fail aslong people will be there and support us we will give them a good server.
  2. Achylek we know you are hater of every project beside Vercetti's project's. You sit here everyday and flame all and act like you know everything. This have nothing to do with ego or anything we are 1 month +/- working everyday with our people and our players. We are more than thankfull that we have all this support on our side. You here keep making nonsense drama like someone care about that. It is simple you Like or Don't like a project say it but don't keep spamming about nonsense ego stuff. You shared 2 days ago a photo about "online number" That's my response to you and everyone who think we don't have online or w/e. Yes we do have issues with DDoS but we will not give up to our community and people who trust on us. Thanks Please one mod move the topic to live section!
  3. Achylek u are really funny but u need to understand something. U are showing us 1 Host. Where i can tell you that 1 proxy of us have 5 different Host's , U have to make sure that u give the right number from every host. I didn't say that i do have 2.5+ online right now. i say what we had on first moments when we got hard attacked. Server right now is running with 1000/1200 avarage players online. We neither saying we have 5k online.
  4. L2Remorse is now LIVE and Running Smoothly. Statistics - On the scheduled start of the server our server we reached a maximum online of 2.439 real players - No fake online counter! Issues with Accounts Creation and Donations are now fixed. If you are having a problem with In-Game - Client - Account - Donation , Contacts us via our Support system. Enjoy our server and have fun!
  5. L2Remorse staff is doing Giveaway Even'ts on our Server Discord where you can win in-game rewards for the live server. Join and participate at our Pre-Opening event's.
  6. Well that's up to you how you see it. Is still long way till the end of the line. If u keep talking nonsense bs is waste of time to Quote ur messages anymore. But we are not here telling we are perfect and then when something happens put the blame somewhere else! We are here working, Most of the stuff are just configuration not "bugs" so Achylek if you want to play on a good server and enjoy something that you like Feel Free to join our Forum or Discord and leave a comment to our Suggestion's we will look at it and work on it. Thanks you! Well i do not really know what u can call bugs? There were and are problems none is saying otherwise but there is 1 more week of beta and then 1 more week of preparation we are working hard on solving stuff day by day every hour and server will be ready for 12th. After 12th of July if there will be more problems you can blame on us! We are doing our best and we are always listening to people and taking feedback
  7. Well that's why is beta i guess , To fix and change stuff not a preview to play olympiad
  8. We had a closed beta with players from our community which for this time have tested and reported every single problem which existed in-game. "Buff" problem were only because the time of buffs was retail and stacking buffs. That's all. Things which u say 177 bugs were not bugs were just things to setup and change. You can log on beta and test it out there haven't been other problems beside the ones reported and fixed by our team.
  9. Hello MaxCheaters community! L2Remorse Staff would like to announce our Beta 2.0! First we want to thank our awesome community which have been part of our Beta 1.0! Where the feedback was great and we made everything with the help of our community! Read our Patch note at our forum for more information - Patch Note To join our Beta please Create Account from our - Account Panel Download our Patch and enjoy a Server made with passion and hard work. - L2Remorse Patch
  10. Our Classic 2.9 Project start on 12 July and Already 6 Clans Confirmed that they will take part on the big war. What about you? Are you ready? Prepare your selves and be ready for the big wars about to come only on L2Remorse. Clan or CP Leaders will be rewarded with: Glorious Cloak Accessory coupon Note: Rewards will be delivered 7 days after server opening to avoid Fake post.
  11. I worked with Advx Team and I can only say that this team is professional , skilled and not expensive. If you want to have quality (L2OFF Only) you should defenitly give them a try, they have different kind of prices adapted to your project; friendly ; busniness, etc.
  12. Thanks you and you are welcome to our project!
  13. Grand Opening: 19th of July 2019 Website: https://l2remorse.com/ Forum: https://l2remorse.com/forum/ Facebook: https://l2remorse.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/nmbaVC RATES x15 x15 x10 x2 Raid Boss Drop x2 GENERAL SERVER FEATURES. Auto pickup adena & drop from normal mobs. / Manual pickup for Raid Boss. Auto pick adena from normal mobs and Raid Bosses. Safe enchant +3; maximum enchant +20 Raid Bosses has retail respawn time and by hitting them you will flag automaclty (500 range) Events every 1 hour. (TvT, Domination, Last Man Standing) Global Gatekeeper with Alt +B Maximum clients one player can open : 3 CLASS TRANSFER. First class change - free. Second class change - free. Third class change - free. BUFF / SONG / DANCE / PROPHECIES Buff duration : 2h (Incluided dance, song and prophecies and all 3rd class buffs.) Buff wich will not be in the Global Buffer ; Chant of Protection; Dance of Zerker; Song of Purification; 24 buff slots (+4 divine insipration) and 12 dance and songs slots. EQUIPMENT GM Shop up to C-grade OLYMPIADS. Weekly Olympiad period. New heroes every Sunday. Matches will be from Thursday to Saturday (3 days every week) . Matches will start from 18:00 and will end 00:00 server time. (GMT+2). Olympiad minimum participants in able to start matches is : 6. Olympiad class based matches are disabled. SIEGES Sieges every weekend for those who love to PvP be able to have fun!. TIME ZONES For have the most balanced timezones between EU , EEUU and SA we will adjust the re-spawn of ; Lilith / Anakim to 22.30 GMT+2 EU // 23:30 GMT+3 RU // 16:30 GMT-5 NA Sieges to 19:00 GMT+2 EU // 20:00 GMT+3 RU // 13:00 GMT-5 NA INSTANCE EPIC'S To promote PvP we have disabled all Instance Epic bosses and removed following NPC's from the game server; Npc Paulia (Zaken Instance) Npc Ateld (Baium Instance) Npc Fellow (Antharas Instance) In order to enter in normal Raid Bosses you will need following quest item ; To enter to Baium - Blood-stained Cloth is requiered wich will be obtained by quest or at our donation shop To enter Antharas you will need Portal Stone wich can be obtained for 10.000.000 adena on the in-game shop. To enter Frintezza/Queen Ant/Core/Orfen will no item requiered. To enter Zaken you will no item requiered. Door opens retail like. 00:00 in-game time.
  14. Hello @Xiyizas I told you on discord we dont like players of our community to talk bad about other projects like we dont like when they do it to us. We dont need to Shine shadowing others, we need to shine by our own work and effort. So I would appreciate if you remove at least my name from the screenshot. I dont wan't to get involved in this kind of trash. I'm allredy aware of this "administrator" intentions. Thank you.