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  1. After 1 day u will not play this trash server. First buy lameguard or something. Auto AoE/anti bs/ and tones of other buggs like hit walls.There are maybe 20-30 players which are playing pk with 2 icons, soulhounds with 5 seconds reuse steal divinity, summoners which got same power of damage like mages. They are trying to make ofifficial futures on java server xD. They are rly funny. Waste of Time better play mario than this LAGGY shit. After server reach 50 players its impossible to play bcoz of mass laggs. It's rly bad and boring.
  2. WTT items from l2 axel to l2 ertheia High Rate. For more info pm me :) both servers are crowded with active gm stuff.
  3. Anyway R.I.P for axel :) he started with wrong people.
  4. He dont respect players, Minister (aka l2 axel admin) just care for money, he also recruted gm to take care of his server while hes staying afk and waiting for donations. His time expired. He is the worst GM in "High Rate" community. I took perma ban when i wrote name with a server which is not even online. Don't waste your time for this bullshit. Server is full of bots, no one play pvp. Solo zone is 24/7 imagine how many people botting... He is using fake votes on topzone to be on TOP. Soon will be reported and his career will be end. Here is prove from skype. Dont waste your money for this k
  5. You fail once again.... It's waste of time for you seriously. You think that Karasu let you open server and bring his players? Don't expect more than 80 real players. Change chronicle better.... Make freya, buy lameguard. Make something new, original. You will cry like before. He's smarter than you can think. I don't tell you site of his project but soon you will find. You have to suprise him... Open server in sunday. Dunno. Real execuse for you :D rly sad xD Dear Players this is how lineage 2 became cat and & Guides game. From money to real execuse. No more future. Bye !
  6. It's Reunion pack so geodata in olympiad will be same as on eva.... No point to even log on this server. You selected a bad time to open server. Everyone choosed l2 gang :).
  7. This guy have obssesion about Majo/StayAlive he banned me for nothing. Before u join this server guys please check this screen. This guy is not normal. I joined this server yesterday. I never wrote anything about this server. He gave me ban for nothing. It's waste of time for everyone. He dont respect players. There are many things which are wrong. I am just telling the truth.