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  1. its 2.2? working here that auto macro ?
  2. when i see this, i already know it will be trash server with lot of bugs.
  3. [L2J] L2Ancient

    brazonka, why u opening h5 and intelrude at same week :(
  4. no idea, maybe ? :D
  5. Arcane power in debuff this was working for acumen at l2mid
  6. WTB [WTB]Client Developer

    :D :D :D ... sorry but for this topic i cant write better reaction
  7. [L2J] L2Warage Classic 2.0 [x15] Classic 2.0 ah l2neo admin ;D
  8. [L2J]Koofs vs Noobs

    so why u saying his nick every posts?
  9. [L2J]Koofs vs Noobs

    stap talk bout skylord, your servers are not better
  10. someone was selling that at this forum , but dont remember name :D
  11. ok you are new at this forum so lets say you this, if you are old member, so you will see every day how someone want opening pride servers, so yea old members will be mad bcs of another random pride server and why sweet is mad bcs you created topic Posted Sunday at 12:37 AM and after some hours Posted Sunday at 08:56 PM u wrote "Still nothing? For real now... none has pride clear client patch?"
  12. true, even offi is dead , worth is just classic
  13. [L2j] Order VS Chaos

    nice i want also items for years but i will be there alone :(