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  1. back in 2k12 was there file help.html it was bypass to buffer get buffs what u cant get, for ex that file gave u all resists, horse/cat buff etc, but i think right now its at 99% server files fixed
  2. 1 month and still online with huge online, gg its only start
  3. ah i forget i using diff client :D anyway maybe try ctrl + click idk now :D i will upload clear deadz later
  4. u can make toogle macro alt + r put there skills and after right click there wont be interface with target mobs
  6. actually stalonka made h5 alive again, atleast its 4 week almost online with huge online not like 1-2 weeks server like was lionka / destiny / saga
  7. Asterios is 7x exp and drop faster than any h5 EU mid rate, since there zaken or any instance drop like 10 items, at EU mid rate max 1-2 items. Also asterios full Rusk8
  8. Tell me any h5 mid rate server with more online, i can confirm only scryde
  9. 20 days still most alive h5 ever, fuck saga or lionka