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  2. no idea but still mouse/sorin servers > random servers > saga second day +16 weap, now u keep those enchants at donate with 10-15% chance, what a scammers
  3. w/e im banned at that trash discord with spam bot for download system every 1h anyway, how dead it is :O
  4. @iOllie tell me more about block interface
  5. Or just change L2.bin to L2.exe from saga system and u will log to luna
  6. Look at l2lionna classic, its running at l2script files and its decent
  7. ya he gave back money and still keep at donate those scrolls, so he can make again +16 weap, gg admins ;d
  8. what mad? it cost 500kk ingame, 1dp = 10kk also u can buy it for vote/events anyway max 300 on, dead serbidor even mouse still got more
  9. its possible, since they so greedy with donate ;D
  10. Idk if u trolling or no but...
  11. Sure legit bugs at betka, its time to use at live start
  12. 897 users = 100 real 100 bots and 100 phantoms , so? trust me u will die faster then before saga name = paid clans and 2 weeks and dead (last saga) now those clans wont join anymore since they was bored before i was scam all ppl and noone care