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  1. still those lags in pvp are awesome, idk where server get so much ppl, but your files + lags are shit.
  2. ya funny serber :D using sguard since its frands of mouse, so ez ddos
  3. so another trash server by saga admins?
  4. Antibot or active gms? also baium pvp and there max 70 ppl, seems you are gm frand or your dick asslicking gm so hard
  5. Stop asslicking him lol, 2k19 and working all free bots, sad storka
  6. i rly dont care about ban, i still have 6 full geared chars though bot w/e i just saying, geodata trash u can hit mobs though wall.. gm announce looks like from 15y kid , ban for paid adr, meanwhile all free bots work too.. another story, first 5 days was karma per pk 1k, after gm boosted karma 10k per pk, rly good for mid rate where is 90% ppl at bots
  7. Ya rates and online is good, but admin seems retarded just by writing to anounce and trying make his trash bot protection
  8. stop multiposts , zeus is unprofesional admin and his antibot protection trash , np idk how this server got so much ppl
  9. they failed bcs mouse and brazonka gave free items to every frands and mucho pay to win donate and remorse admin is kiddo trash
  10. he is, he got greek comunity of interlude low rates, they play for 2-3 months
  11. dafuq? why u opening h5 since u dont know basic things
  12. there 2 type of ppl ppl who better spend money for party, car, shits at real life and ppl who better spend money to game, so yea paying 20-30$ (at highter lvl) daily for exp at dead game is fail