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  1. w/e like its hard make 2x sos, 5x ape and kill valakas in 10min at this unbalanced server ;d
  2. yea, hater no idea how e-global should work with u xdddd
  3. and no enchant limit at olly :O so max +10 olly , ez
  4. so you seems forget about its 15x rate with full buff + phantom spawned offline buffs titan will have sos + ape perma, enjoy 100k hit pvp ;D
  5. no hate, but again 1 week server? i played last season and after 4 days there was like 10% ppl
  6. how very good files? u cant auto attack , after 1 attack you stop attack gg 100% all debuffs 600k hits from titan with buffs u can aoe all kariks only with zealot, since they not debuffing ;D bugs since 2k12 after 10min at beta, me closed it .. gosh most trash server
  7. your info outdated, already ferrari ;D
  8. 2k is not hard... even w/o phantoms , but u need old populated name
  9. not even 2 months and u opening next server... gosh, stop do that... there are 89790890 better servers then your trash dex
  10. if you need for h5 destiny / liona files, then yea http://www.mediafire.com/file/w9bs6pcbg1l8znn/Auto_Nobless_dragon.rar