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  1. thats why there is 0 servers grand crusade, since its trash ;D not even 1 week server
  2. dex is trash since 2k13 now u joined e-global to get atleast more then 200 ppl like last 10 servers in 1 year ...
  3. ya toxic with 20 online and 1000k bots ;D
  4. your brain should be wiped every year also for new season... say me any server alive more then 2 months (not offi)
  5. ya it was reported since beta but admin said "i dont have retail info i will keep it like that" after 1 week he fixed it... anyway it was good files for mid rate solo playing, we had fun there and it was pvp style made.. no % down when u died, no drop when u died.. , it was like you join eu mid rate, there mobs are weak also.. but ru mid rate everything is strong and boosted dmg
  6. i was playing at warage and it was good files, just bad admins so thats why ppl left... every pack need lot of fixes and modify, u cant just buy files and open server... liona did smart thing, they opened server with different name, fixed all bugs what was reported and after they opened with main server name..
  7. so me no join _:( if ye, can i botky?
  8. isnt it zoomhack from deadz patch ? ;D its disable all textures also with click wheel on mouse
  9. just one question, how work your att system? its like freya or h5 ? or custom one? how much will increase dmg 150 weap vs 0 att enemy set ?
  10. finally something special , not everything same like all servers!
  11. wut that server files ;d just dont understand why at inventory you have 10 dbs +10 but at trade you see only 1 db +10 ;d