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  1. isnt working thing like at smartguard file protection? open client, put to system zoomhack file, log ingame? ;D
  2. ya but 3x with 300 max online is pointless play , i saw kmz stream and giran 10 ppl, all locations empty
  3. 3k euro advert for 300 active ppl max? ;D
  4. posting 2k17 videos very very profesional proff
  5. 2k19 and u nocited how delete "0" and make screenshot?
  6. mouse failed again with hide identity :( http://l2zaken.net/ = l2enjoy.com new h5 from this corrupted team
  7. Like i said all paid clans left, i didnt said reason
  8. Server failed after 2 weeks bcs all paid clans left
  9. So biggest fail 2k19 l2dex >L2 mid?, sad storka :(
  10. nice 998 playing and at gathering event is 150 ppl ;D , seems u forget pay to clan leaders