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  1. did he ask you for your youtube channel from interlude? no, seems you have ego problem did he asked you 1vs1 at olly? no, again you have interlude shit olly ego problem i just answered go olly h5 (since you said him go olly interlude) and u started that all flame, what who have problem? seems you.
  2. the same thing i can say about you, he didnt asked you about some trash videos from random Nasiferus, who clicking only f1 at interlude olly
  3. elixir was online 4 month lol, how he failed?:O you had 500 ppl at start
  4. oh , so big ego about interlude olly where is good only 5 chars at olly lets go at h5 and u will see how all class will rekt all chars
  5. ye duo with me, adidas found lt cp :( so im alone, but summoner so fun char
  6. actually its seems only decent server now, but full of ruskie , h5 is dead now mid rate classic now is fun ;d
  7. troll topic, we playing now l2europa last time they had 100 online..
  8. check this https://maxcheaters.com/profile/160662-jefrakos/?do=content&type=forums_topic&change_section=1 even when celestine was there gm, it was dead.,..
  9. Ya sure l2off with those features
  10. this have different ip, its some random server with copy / paste also lionka now started copy / paste features from redmoon.,..
  11. its not stalonka features are little bit same like stalonka servers, but web is not made by strain, so it not stalonka 100% xd