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  1. its only l2cadmus? i remeber i had this problem also, only at 1 server, after i nocited its something wrong at server, not your pc
  2. Stop asslicking them, for sure u geting free items too
  3. when new season? its dead already
  4. 150 servers and still trash
  5. Ncsoft failed after 6 months, so say me any server with decent online after 2-3 months
  6. 100 servers per year and still max 3-4 days online
  7. Open better 50x or more, those rates are only pay to win, anyway its 2.9 not 3.0 and rates wrong too, u say 15x at Title but features 10x
  8. not pay to win classic at all ;D using full buff + potions at olly https://www.lineage2.com/news/shadow-of-the-kamael-update-preview
  9. making video of farming rb at 2k19 w/o pvp lol like someone will watch 1h of trash video ,i saw 30sec and get bored since there nothing to watch
  10. stop tryhard lol, everyone know how brazonka is corrupted, top parties got dp + premium acc for free, every clan get premium + dp also
  11. server got 600+- on but admins retards like everytime
  12. delete eula-eu.dat from system