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  1. real life, since playing interlude at 2k21 is cringe
  2. just clear cookie from your browser, youtube advert are based at your cookies
  3. h5 is laging as fuck, even l2off , old engine with more effectx
  4. Damn u 2k21 l2 warior when l2 already ded. But i believe u will be finally good player, dog when H5 was alive u was asking from my friends how to run lizardmans script 😪
  5. Damn u t-shirtless br dog who follow dead saga, fabio made that what didnt even made innova,, his essence have most online ppl then 3 inova servers, u first time played server where u cant sell adenka and got banned so you start drama, go back to saga u piece of shit from br
  6. nice for tru, he kicked me from discord, thats mean he totally most useless guy in l2 xd
  7. Hes from br, so for him 10e is like for me 100 e, i understand him
  8. Enchantress is not even decent players he join server where he can sell adenka and 9vs9, since he trash also if he dont get pay he dont join that serber, Most funny first time he got banned for rmt and now he start drama 😅
  9. Thats why enchantress posting about he join saga again, allo he top playa eune
  10. I believe, u good https://clips.twitch.tv/TallScaryAxeTheRinger
  11. 9vs9 rune bridge vs same 3 cps last 4 years is mucho fun l2 game play
  12. enchantress go back to your saga ded 9vs9 daily with random 2 cps , u god of ded h5, not even join some decent servers like scryde, since u there useless