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  1. 2k18 changelog ;D no idea but this killed me I will explain here how our .dressme works. Type .dressme in game You can have up to 8 different Dress Me. Choose the Dressme 1 Choose Chest for example and you have the option to Try it and to Buy it by clicking on the Icon. After you ourchase the Dressme click on Use button to use this dressme.
  2. admin who stole all custom items from another servers and he didnt even rename those files, is just newbie admin who will fail so hard at start, already he failed with cosmos , so no point waiting for this server
  3. i think best one right now is https://l2e-global.com/promo
  4. Lionna = http://l2redmoon.com/ now l2zaken = https://l2pandora.net/ not worth, its same owner and reopening server every 1 month
  5. ;D and every 2 months new server since he get max 200 online at start
  6. Why you should preffer L2 100ka Interlude server: - Official L2PTS files without bugs - with full support from lucera2 team. - International English based community - Long term project - we plan to keep this server for years! - Instant support and troubleshooting - Instant permanent ban on botters - Smart Guard + active GMs Team - Donations which do not influnce game life - Zero lag from any place in the world - Secure Anti-DDoS protection @ sites + servers - Epic bosses from 17:00 - 23:00 GMT+1! Grand Opening: 11.08.2018! Informations: Server Platform: L2PTS files Interlude craft/pvp server Server Timezone: Time (GMT +1) Server OBT: 28.07.2018. RATES: Experience (XP): x70 Skill Points (SP): x70 Drop (Adena): x30 (all price is balanced) Drop (Items): x50 Spoil: x50 Drop (Raidboss): x20 Drop (GrandBoss): x2 Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 Quest drop: x15 (dynamic) Quest reward XP/SP: x5 Quest reward adena: x3 Basic Features: Augmen system: full activ in buff slot!! active buff time 60 min. Autopickup and autolearn skill. Respawn Announce for RB it's 20 min before spawn. All RBs 70+ level. NO GM shop only luxury. (npc spawn main town) Trader holly has added D/C shots,mana potion and Q items. Mana potions - reus 5 sec Antibot system - Smart Guard & also antibot policy Start pack No grade armor/weapon and 21 lvl (spawn main town) Olympiad Period - 1 week/ Olympiad duration period - 20:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +1). Maximum enchant +6. Free teleport to 40 lvl Global chat ON 40+ lvl Working Fortresses, Clan Halls and Castles Balanced all Raid/Epic boss, mobs and all class! 4 custom farm zone for Enchants! Stackable Life stones / Enchants / BOGs Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks. Full Working Geodata exp on/off + other commands providing comfortable gaming Seven Signs retail - MoM and BoM added in Warehouse keeper Taurin Offline Shops - min. level for shop: 40, command: .offline Premium : Exp/SP +50% NPC Buffer - YES (helper buffer) The buffer has only PP / SE / EE buffs Buff time 60 min. from players and NPC buffers Classes transferring: 1st profession - Free 2nd profession - 500 000 Adena 3rd profession - 500 Halisha Mark (drops without a quest, drops from mobs in wall of argos tunnel) Enchant: Enchant chance Normal scroll: 70% Enchant chance Blessed scroll: 80% Enchant chance Crystal scroll: 100% (only from vote) Safe Enchant amount: +4 Max. Enchant amount: +50 Sub-class: Mini Quest Max. sub: 5+ main Items for Sub Quest: Noblesse: Carradine letter lvl 3 in GM shop for 500 MSS and 50kk or Quest Raid Bosses: Valakas: 4 days from 21:00 to 22:00 Antharas: 3 days from 21:00 to 22:00 Baium: 2 days from 20:00 to 21:00 Frintezza: 2 days from 22:00 to 23:00 Queen Ant: everyday from 19:00 to 20:00 - max. level 48 to enter zone Zaken: everyday from 18:00 to 20:00 - max. level 68 to enter zone Core: everyday from 17:00 to 18:00 Added drop Top LS 76 and S BoG Orfen: everyday from 18:00 to 19:00 Added drop Top LS 76 and S BoG To view information about respawning bosses in the game, .epic command is available (displays the spawn date) Barakiel: 5hours / Random + - 1h All Normall Bosses - ( 12-24 ) The limitation on amount of players inside of the Valakas lair was removed. Farm zone: GM 1 farm/pvp zone: Drop Enchants A/S increased chance of drop as on GM 2/3/4 GM 2 normal farm zone: Drop Enchants A/S GM 3 normal farm zone: Drop Enchants grade B GM 4 peace zone: Drop Enchants B/A/S
  7. 500mb system, wp bois enjoy massive ddos at live , since u cant make yourself system.
  8. Im not hate u accessdenied, but if you get 10 bans why u want unban new acc ? Try act as guy and not like Kid