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  1. what do u expect from mouse and brazonka or sorin :D
  2. first time cardinal means spam heal when your party have full cp and hp? seems like next braindead reason ,... as i said, rpg club is dead since 2k17 , now there max 300 ppl even at new 30x lul , gratz u get hero at dead serber i remember rpg club when there was pvp at valakas 300vs300vs200 not 60vs50 like at your video lul
  3. ya sure lags thats why u fraps how u are handless, stop frapsing when you have trash pc
  4. again you show your "skillz" waste 2k mana at low rate meanwhile your pt still full cp. and rpg is dead since 2k17 lul,
  5. 2k19 and u still trash, thats why u left H5 and playing f1 client
  6. stop franpsing when you cant even target , after 1 rush u hit like 2 times lul
  7. me already posted it to sanctus at discord before few hours lul
  8. i dont have l2 in pc anymore, i deleted all... but i was there 4h to check if its better or same trash but some random stream
  9. stop asslicking, he coming also to tales topic flame :D ya genius, 1 side making big clan , second side full afk ppl in town = unbalance and ppl leaving
  10. its fun for first 4 h, after its unbalanced shit server , after 1546740897 opening i though it will be better
  11. or you will find ppl who using final secret for mobs like this guys and after they cry "me hev no damage in pivipi" l2 balance is about ppl brain, not ingame balance 2:48
  12. just do it like every admin, open server with different name, fix bugs + balance and after reopen with advert + different name