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  1. w/e maybe its best protection, but its take so much cpu and its imposible play any server with sguard at mass pvp, its huge fps drops bcs of that protection
  2. they using smartguard, so yea working, bot free server > non bot server
  3. ya and after adr dev sell you bypass for 30$ + 20$ key, but working only 1 active window
  4. vote is disabled bro, 1.7 will start , so if you want flame server try again next time 2 months for h5 mid rate is pretty good, so your flame is useless
  5. it was 15k, anyway tales using 3x fake on , so it still big online at h5 mid rate serbers
  6. What u want from server where max 250 ppl? XD no bot, no online, no pvp
  7. a guy with -3 rep still talking there, nobody cares about u, just gtfo if u dont like tales
  8. i like your changelogs, only about donate ;D
  9. u so mad guys, bcs saga / era and others h5 are so dead
  10. its real and ppl abuse that bug still xD atleast yesterday idk if its fixed
  11. we try our best, sure trash talking how saga / tales is corrupted but u scam mouse / sorin files and cant even rename it? destiny you are dog shit nice system
  12. Stop cry, tales now best h5 EU mid rate right now, hate is real
  13. your brain empty ;D last tales had 100vs100vs70 pvp at every epic, at interlude 80vs80 (ya it was low)