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  1. this, ... your project is good, but with better chronicle will be better... or make different skills , those interlude skills are so tired already
  2. idk why still in 2k18 ppl talking just about interlude shit servers, wtf, if you have little brain, you will find decent server with decent ppl, and not trash servers with lot of bugs and low online thats why l2 comunity dying every day, since ppl chose every day trash servers and not decent ( yea decent servers are corrupted, but atleast they got better files then homemade servers)
  3. This idea looks like h5 "One hit dead" (or how it was called) event, but diffecence is that there is more classes, not only 1 and its not 1 shot xd
  4. 115 members in forum, 163 ingame, so what? if forum dead , ingame also.
  5. still waiting for new tales :(
  6. im sure location files reading -r , if you change your eng files to -r, you will get eng client.
  7. my option : dont waste your time for this stupid 2k18 comunity, they play just for free items and they leave after 1 week of server
  8. wait for brazonka server, for sure they opening new
  9. isnt slimdx error of wrong version of direct x? if me good remember...
  10. open l2.ini and change it there WindowedViewportX=1024 WindowedViewportY=768 FullscreenViewportX=1024 FullscreenViewportY=768