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  1. WTS Tyrant with FP set/Queen ant 25 days/2x 100% xp rune for 2 hours few xp scrolls/xp transforms/xp cakes and so on + pp 50 level +bd 50 level Tyrant has no weapon all chars with emails. for detailed info contact me in Discord: 023xc#4247
  2. wts tyrant(lvl43) PP(lvl42) BD (lvl42) Tyr and Bd has 2nd class but pp is 1st class Tyrant has Top D set ( brigandine) Top Luxury shop fists with othell 1 (Fisted Blade) all 3 chars still have level 5 reward xp rune 100% available all chars with xp rune 10%(1 week) ALL 3 CHARS HAVE SEPARATE EMAILS pm me here or add me in discord for further info (discord: ecHeLon#4247 ) UP
  3. WTS elemental master lvl 80 with 2 weeks premium account Items: Blue wolf leather set (High Priest Suit) Pa'agrio Axe +5 Baium lvl3 (13 days) Queen ant lvl3 (13 days) Core lvl3 (13 days) Orfen lvl3(13 days) zaken lvl3 (13 days) Braclet of duty lvl4 Talisman of aden +5 Talisman of authority lvl5 Talisman of insolence Lvl 3 Warriors Talisman - attack 5 days Brooch lvl3 Hero's XP amulet (20% xp/sp) 5 days left Attribute attack 115 Loads of B-A grade weapon/armor desings/pieces AND 120KK Adena few other chars on same account for adena farm and so on.. PM me in discord for offers ( ecHeLon#4247 ) up
  4. can someone tell me which file should i edit to display mana potion use above characters head? i already know how to do that with skill (enlightment,arcane barrier etc)
  5. will you share it to everyone or only him? can you please share it to me aswell :)
  6. Looking for interlude enter chat option like hi5 [ to use second skill bar skills with 1-2-3-4-5-6 and so on
  7. hello guys i'd like to know dagger mastery activation chance on crit rate accordint to official servers if u guys know anything about it or where can i check it please share information
  8. hello guys i'm looking for gracia final textures to add 4th shortcut bar like high five client