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  1. anything in plan to add it if u can in near future?
  2. Im speaking in the name of Enchantress: Well in first place I joined the server because I wanted to know more about the Chronichle. I'm coming from h5 ,this guy was spamming me for 2-3 years trying to bring me to his server cuz he knows I have a clan in h5, after I donated 60 eur and he knew that I brought him 3-4 pts that donated over 2-3k eur on his server he just decided to give me 1k Eur... in my balance I can't proove the valor at this momnent cuz he banned my master acc.... Everyone knows for example this > kwcptr_ is getting endless Coins we are talking about 15-20k Eur in his balance only to play Random running into places... Also About the Evilhero Fake ban only to win reputation into server to earn Respect from the community in the same day Evilhero got ban ,Evilhero was already starting a char with all the items from his acc banned and exping... and ADM from Innadril, Fabio gave him many lvls then you wonder How Evilhero Reached lv 82 in 1 day and 5h?after getting ban this is all a marketing and also many others proove how he scammed money of CLS and things like this that i'm not going to put here cuz this is up to the ppl that got scamm to come here and say what kind of GUY HE IS... I had to defend myself after he tries to use my name to defame others server by using my name ,how you can see in picture UP.... I hope y'all understand my indignation.
  3. l2 and lol
  4. 1. onscreendmg for transfer pain dont work (same happens in shield of faith aswell) 2. restore auto toggles dont work 3. + enchant on items (the +6 or more with white on the item icon from inventory) dont show on trade/shortcut bar/warehouse and private shops 4. lock target if u change target it will always return to the one u locked is buggy should be able to lock and change target and only if u press X or something return.
  5. Hello everyone, i'm selling Items on server bellow: L2SAGA X10 Dominion On sale: - Adena (Stock of 20 Bil + ) - Donation Pounds (Stock of 5000 + ) For various items ask me in private Contact me on Private.
  6. Mystic Muse SOLD - Lv. 80 close to 81 Archmage SOLD - Lv. 80 close to 81 Dominator SOLD - Lv. 81
  7. Mystic Muse SOLD - Lv. 80 close to 81 Mystic Muse SOLD - Lv. 80 close to 81 Archmage SOLD - Lv. 80 close to 81 Spectral Dancer - Lv. 80 close to 81 Sword Singer - Lv. 80 Dominator SOLD - Lv. 81 Cardinal - Lv. 79 close to 80 - 1 Subclass - Noblesse Status Cardinal SOLD - Lv. 80 - 1 Subclass Eva's Saint - Lv. 80 close to 81 All characters has Premium Account (1 Week +/- Left) PM ON FORUM OR SKYPE: live:je.fer.son2006
  8. Community board is bugged, basically is the same patch l2 dragon is using... anyways good share waiting for 2.0
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