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  1. https://l2off.biz/en/ if you want top files. If you want java try Mythras files. (Lionna use Russian Fandc files)
  2. Well i think it will be a success in time
  3. Appreciate your good words mate. Thanks you Don't forget our Advertising Services Hello as you are reading this topic i am sure you are looking for someone to help you grow up your server. Someone that offer good services and good prices. I am here to present to everyone what i offer! Contact me: Skype: omerioligert@gmail.com Facebook: Gerti Cami Facebook Advertisement services. a): Owner of Lineage 2 Facebook groups with over 5k+ Members and pretty much active. b): Facebook sponsored advertise included in our services. c): Beside our groups we will post your server everywhere people speak about Lineage 2. (English, Brasilian , Russian) d):Your server will be everywhere on Facebook. (Pages , Groups , Comments , Inbox) Lineage 2 Forums. a): We will post your server on every possible Lineage 2 Forum that is knowed. (10+ L2 Forums) b): We will maintain your topics and will bump them daily. Skype/Facebook/E-mail Contacts. a): Based on what chronicle your server is we will provide you with contacts of Clan Leaders , Party leaders and Factor players. b): Spam groups for Skype and Facebook. c): If you are looking to create your server logo or different desing you can allways ask and we will provide you with contacts. Promo/Trailer videos for your server. (New) a): Our newest service is creating , designing Trailer's/Promo's on any length and format you prefer. Some of our creations. P.S: This are just for preview text and images will be chosen as you want.
  4. This looking cool gonna test beta tomorrow!
  5. Worth to play this server for sure. Long time online i remember this server and always had success this time aswell it will have! +1
  6. Tested it on beta and is really unique experience for Lineage 2. For sure will be on opening good luck :)
  7. Trusted 100% and really fast delivery up for this guy!
  8. Looks pretty amazing. Good job!
  9. It is not about Russian Logic or any other country. In general it works like this. There is people that play the game for like 14+H per day and ofcourse they take it seriously. Why you dont think otherwise? Like you think they might scam you they think the same for you. Thats why they asking you to have the Account theirself. I played with Russians and i never got scammed.