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  1. Achy get a life mate why u even care. Also tell me how can be 200 ON when on epics they fight 80 vs 80?
  2. Finally something who is worth trying. Good job @GLO keep the good work and good luck ;)
  3. Hello MxC community. I would like to speak about this topic as i have been part of this "Project" as Community Manager. kMr - Fabio as well known as Remorse is a Lineage 2 Toxic player who 1 year ago started the Remorse Project as will change the Lineage 2 Community. First server he had something like 150 real players online where he and hes friends "ICARUS" were playing he was even streaming while playing hes own server. . After he realized that hes server was dead he decided to close and started playing Classic Client on Mouse & Sorin servers which you might know as L2Lionna , L2Zaken etc etc : . He decided to go and open a Classic server starting from zero , 0 community 0 knowledge , 0 organization just ideas on hes mind that he will make money. Let's go to the point. I contacted Remorse on hes first project (Interlude x3) asking him if he needed advertise where he told me no because he was already planning to invest 2k Dollars on advertisement. When he planned to go for Classic he contacted me and asked about advertise. I explained to him the way i work prices etc. He made me an offer which plenty of servers usually make which is make advertise and get a % after server goes live. As i didn't knew him at first i say no and i say i want my money before if u want me to work for you. And he told me that he was going to give me minimum 800 Euros when server goes live if i make the advertise for him. I go to discord and i make a meeting with @SQL Developer and Remorse after 1 hour of call i accepted the offer and started to work. I started from scratch and build him up everything - Facebook - VK -Instagram - Discord etc. I was speaking with people everywhere inviting them to project going to every single clan , cp , player from classic and bringing them to Remorse Discord , where i was making daily meeting with players organizing events etc etc. This was all before first project even going to start. I found hes discord with 300 Members and Made it with 1.500 members. Found clan's which where going to play on the project's because none was even replaying to Remorse messages because he was spamming every single leader begging them to go he's project. Brought him even investors which even gave money on this project because they saw all this people coming into the server , good organized and well advertised. Anyway. I logged once on the Server and i saw it was a total crap Pure L2-Scripts that u buy for 400 euro server didn't even had Geodata , skills were not working everything was a mess and this was all 10 days before opening. I told him if he don't fix he will fail hard. So he found a Russian Developer which to be honest was really good and in 2 weeks fixed over 300 + bugs and more was to fix. 1 Day before server goes live he had in he's paypal account 4k Euros from donation which i saw with my own eyes . The project had Best community beside in-game which was a total mess even after all those fixes. But still had a lot of players online on first hours and first day. I ask Remorse to pay me what he owes to me and hes answer was this: You will get your money after 1 month. That answer made me understand that i was not going to get any single cent from this guy. So i decided to leave the project and move forward but i left him this message. If i don't get my money in 4 days you will have no server. And yes he payed me 200 Euro i didn't asked more coz i knew i was not going to get nothing from this liar , i didn't make drama because i felt bad for all the people who i brought into that project i didn't wanted to let them down and tell them this was a fail so now for the first time i talk about all this story. I am sorry for all this long text but this i had to share and i fell truly sorry for @SQL Developer i support him and all others which i don't wanna mention right now without approval. Fabio is a total liar who was even lying that he owns % on AdvExt , Car Dealership etc This guy is a total retard that he was even sharing photos of hes wife on our Private Staff Group so...... I don't wanna speak about those long nights without sleep where i was watching the server if were getting ddos or no , keeping all the crap together , this is not only for the money but this is for the community of that server which i feel bad for all those people who worked hard for the game not for this piece of shit Fabio. That's all from me folks.
  4. Forum warriors still exist in late 2k19? xDDDD Get some life guys none gives a fck anymore of this stuff. Sorin and Mouse keep opening servers every 3 weeks and all know is same owners does this make a difference why they shouldn't do the same? As long players don't care they will not care as well. Romos even opened a server with name of L2Saga :D L2 IN 2K19 xDD
  5. Interested in Advertising ? Check out my topic or contact me

  6. If you know or if you don't know Innova Eu is opening - Classic Essence at 1st of October . Whats your thoughts ? Worth playing?
  7. Just by looking the way they organize things i can say 100% this server will be a success. Good luck with opening ill check it out for sure!
  8. I left my contacts on the Post you can add me and i can explain you all about it!
  9. Intrested on Advertising your Server? Feel Free to add me on Skype:

    Any question feel free to ask :)

  10. You can get free clan level + clan reputation + clan eggs from NPC in Giran , Before you say something please check better!
  11. Register works fine u need only to login ur Master Account then Create IN-GAME Account. Corrupted? There is none with Vesper in server beside 3-4 CP's who are farming 12hours nonstop. About online i will tell you there is actually 800 to 1000 + / - players online Without Fake online or Bots. But Achylek lets be honest u say this because u cannot use Adrenaline? Yes we had a rough Start with DDOS attack and Problems i would not lie to you , We started with 1.8k real online players and we almost lost half of the community because the problems , Now the server is stable and going on pretty good , no laggs no problems all going fine. There was currently 897 Real players online.
  12. Thinking of ways to prevent it!!
  13. Well we all know there is people opening server every 2 week and u have to cry to use we open server every 3 month? Not true m8 , your friend mouse opened server 2 week after our opening and pming parties and clans one by one and offer money + free items just to leave us and go to them i can give u proofs for it. And there were dogs inside server made big drama and say the admin /kill valakas because valakas got dmg reflected.
  14. The "PTS" stats is not anymore , there was not a problem with Geodata there was a problem with monster AI because we made aura flash working as PTS and it was removing target on monsters sometimes but now is all fixed!