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  1. Next time make sure you read our rules before posting! Tittle Fixed.
  2. Tittle edited make sure next time you make a proper introduction of what you are looking for. Thanks
  3. Well what this have to do with me i don't understand!
  4. Sorry why i am getting Mentioned on this post about this crap servers? L2dragon l2era l2pandora l2arion l2lionna This look like a copy/paste from somewhere id like to know from where. or open discord with broswer to understand that this =Rean= is @iOllie you dont need to go school to find this out And what this have to do with me
  5. They are even sharing the link for this interface on their Discord. The allowed deadz 2.4 since server opened!
  6. Use Bump button and not post same thing again thanks!
  7. Well if you check that photo is google analytics. is not in-game and this have nothing to do with bots or phantoms. Is users clicking on website daily. About that yeah people still keep saying 2 week , payed clans etc etc but this is up to players to belive and check how in-game gonna be. I do trust their words this time when they say no pay clan no bot and no donation.
  8. this is a funny topics because there is half community who say "server suck full bot bla bla bla" and quit and there is other half of community who say "server no bot suck i don't play" and don't join .
  9. Well it should not be allowed at all coz is ruining this dead game more. So i please everyone who want to open a h5 server open it without bot. Community will get used to a game without bot anyway.
  10. well me tbh idc for bot coz h5 is the most ez chronicle to get equipped u get geared in 3 days max on any mid-rate what i don't like in bot is people abuse the pvp scripts. anyway this is not the topic to talk about it.
  11. Well soon there might be a in-game bot for h5 from l2saga simlar to the essence one.
  12. Well ofcourse there is bot and interface protection , but most of servers don't do it because they know that people play with bot and without bot means less people thats why they allow it. Well there is people who still like the game and enjoy playing it the way it should be played. This is funny tho because everyone cry " server full bot full bot " and when it comes to a server which don't allow bot people don't play it xDDD