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  1. As many are aware, INERA is in it for the long haul, for you to play the chronicles that you love without having a concern for frequent wipes or issues. This means we will focus our attention to areas that need work and do our best to implement features that will work with the dynamics of hosting a Lineage II server. For starters we have now implemented a Newbie Bonus pack for players that may decide to join PlayINERA and make it their home to play. The Newbie Bonus pack includes: -Newbies will receive Rune of EXP 7 days. -Newbies will receive Rune of SP 7 days. -Newbies will receive 5 Revita-Pop. -Newbies will receive 5 Potion of Energy Maintenance. -Newbies will receive One Random Costume – 48h Expiration. This will help jump start the new players and allow them to catch up to the more veteran players. The Newbie Pack will be given to any new players that creates an account. Currently we are working on a geoengine overhaul to improve some of the geoissues that have been reported across the world. We'll announce any improvements as they develop.
  2. We will revisit the revamped system one day when we can find the energy to actually recode some of the mechanisms.
  3. Hmmm, harsh words. We'll take your criticism and build on it. Thank you for the feedback :)
  4. We will be releasing our squash event for Halloween with an exclusive witch costume only available for a limited time through this event. It will never be on sale, very rare, so don't miss the chance to grab such a cool costume in celebration of Halloween. In the meantime, come join the fun!
  5. Wasn't sure what to title this one. "Pick a damn server already? Lol"
  6. You know in this world there are many options. Just like any server, players can go anywhere to play this game, whether it’s Interlude, Gracia Final, or High Five, at the end of the day what matters most is that the admins of a server are moving forward and not stagnate. Too many options, but very few of quality, and those of quality, very few with good admins that try to improve the world with time. Here’s our agenda for the upcoming weeks. We will continue to move forward with the following developments: 1. We are working tirelessly on fixing all issues reports and quality of life fixes. We hear you loud and clear, we know certain things can be frustrating but try to understand that we are a small team fixing a very big world. Rest assured every report will be assessed and fixed by our talented admins. 2. We are working on releasing 2 new events, Chancho and Catch The Bomb. These require some work, especially CTB which will have a fully custom UI developed by Sindelia. We will be assessing all of our events and working with Demev to implement 5 new maps to accommodate the influx of events and fine tune some older ones. We hear you loud and clear, too many buffs and some events need some increased death timers (CTF). We’re working on those fixes. 3. We will be releasing a new event called SavetheKing prior to Chancho and CatchtheBomb. This will be a team vs team type of event focused on protecting your chosen King. 4. We will be releasing two new crates. One is a “TECH CRATE” which will feature the final tier 4 costume. There will only be 1 costume in this crate with a chance to obtain it like any other loot crate but since there is only 1 of its kind, the chance will be reduced. The other item is “PANDORA’S BOX” and it will be a crate that, once opened, rewards the entire world at once with a bonus. Consider it a blessing by association type of crate. The reward of one will be the reward of many. 5. Hellbound has been opened by MJs CP. Congratulations on killing Baylor. It has also reached Stage 2, congratulations on that too! Now, we know some of you are concerned that Hellbound is leveling too fast. We want to address those concerns and inform you that, HELLBOUND’s formula for stages is not a linear equation. It’s kind of like when you’re leveling and it’s super easy in the beginning and then you realize the hardship at 79. That’s a similar equation to Hellbound; it will be VERY hard and take months to open Hellbound to 7. Rest assured we will not speed through content and the path in front of you is long and arduous. 6. We will be unleashing an October Event relatively soon that will give you some farming rewards for those that miss the retail events. This is our version of what we think is a fun Halloween event and you will have a chance to unlock a permanent WITCH Halloween costume. But it will not be easy. TRICK OR TREAT my little adventurers! 7. Our team will be reassessing sieges in the future. What we know is that the current state is okay but not great. We’ve heard your voices and we are working on finding a good solution that will provide a competitive equilibrium. But we also do not want to make castles a right or priv to those that feel they deserve one but have NOT earned one. We’re brainstorming with several clan leaders as to what will be fair and competitive among the major clans. The state of sieges is not where we want them. But it is not an easy task and hopefully at some point we will all come to a consensus. Until then, sieges will remain as they are. We want to thank you for your support. And we wish you the best of luck!
  7. A long time ago we coded our event engine called PIE, it allows you to control any event worldwide, rewards for winning team, losing team, individuals, etc. The engine gives the GM full control over the context of each event, to choose any area worldwide, or run it from pre-configured areas. We did this with the help of Synerge and Ray, to fine tune these events for a period of 3 years to get them in this state. And we're very happy with the outcome. Players have also been very happy with our events. They are held only on weekends, and participants have been nothing short of positive. Here is an example of a classic: CTF: INERA is a different level of quality.
  8. If you're worried about population, don't be. If you're worried about service, don't be, we have the least pay to win system out there. And if you're worried about those that claim otherwise, check us out before listening to others. Lineage 2 is a very competitive market, don't let the fanboys of other worlds give you a false impression of what we're about. Here is an example of how we code and continue to push the boundaries of Lineage 2's beautiful world! Below is our exclusive event Bomberman! It's quite fun and run by the admins on weekends to give the world a little break from the difficult farm.
  9. So I had a lot of great footage from the sieges but was on the wrong channel on OBS and saved none of it! Luckily some players sent me a bit of footage from different vantage points. Come Check us Out!
  10. Here's a fun promo: Tired of Retail?
  11. Today we release another big update. We're going to actively combat Adrenaline with our new generator thanks to EMCA, each patch will cycle through different combinations to disable any botting. Sieges begin this weekend and we're looking forward to watching the spectacle. Events will resume on the weekends. And we present to you, TIER 3 COSTUMES:
  12. Thank Vince. As a quick reminder, this weekend we have sieges. Clans are always looking to recruit players for the siege so check us out if you're interested in seeing the nostalgia of a proper siege. On another note, one thing about INERA, as Vince outlined, is our sense of quality. Not only do we provide 2 developers to fix bugs and create new content, but we also have a really talented designer that does a lot of our UI work client side. One thing we are very proud of is our attempt to build a retail dashboard, not to be mistaken with a community board, but an integrated dashboard that reflects an idea that NCSoft should have done long ago. Below is an example of the INERA HUB, our own reverse engineered client dashboard, which allows players to setup their system settings, including the system message editor, search for items, obtain server news and status updates like info on olympiad cycle or territory wars, and obtain various services. All of this is client side, not to be confused with HTML. Credit goes out to Sindelia for the fine work! Join a server that prioritizes quality as the number one value.
  13. Berserker Event, Exclusive to PlayINERA