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  1. Hi Folks, We're looking for specific types of testers for our new PvP server. Our newest installment code-named 'Bloodlust' is going to shake up the PvP genre - these types of servers have not received a lot of attention from serious teams. Bloodlust is building off our previous work from revamped (circa 2017-2018) and shall be the highest budget PvP server to ever be released. We've restructured the conceptual framework from the ground up and added some pretty ground-breaking / innovative content that really separates us from the current wave of PvP servers. For those that don't know how INERA operates, we are pretty selective for our closed beta phase. Today (26APR2020) we are officially inviting CB testers. Submit your application if you're familiar with PvP worlds and want to give it a test run, otherwise see you around. Best Regards, Vice
  2. Our designer, Sindelia, is referring to the fact that we created the terms 'blood pool' and 'blood stone' with our revamped series which is currently being transformed into 'BLOODLUST'. You've effectively taken our foundation and butchered it. Anywho, we created this system back in 2017/2018 and it is currently being expanded in our new series which I will not advertise in this thread. All of these features were developed by INERA and you can see a more elaborate and professional version in our upcoming server. Good luck though.
  3. Can you change what is programmed by it's nature to be or to happen ? That's the puzzle you have to solve rather than concentrating to just botting or balance and unbalance retard stories and such kind of dilemmas that we hear for almost more than a decade since from brainless players and their fellow admins. Everything in life has an expiration. Your goal should not be to make an eternal server; it should be to accommodate the play style of 2020 but retain its old ways simultaneously. Botting is not a trivial topic. It becomes complex as you realize any punishment will merely affect your bottom line: the population count. Any action you take will result in negative hit unless you define better standards. I think if admins want my advice, focus on the theme of complaints from your seasons and address those. For three seasons we have tried to address bots unsuccessfully; it is clearly a difficult issue. But as admins you also need to stick to your own moral codes. For example, I hate botting, I never did, never will, but people love it, so find a balance between honest and dishonest. Every season at INERA we listen to the majority voice and address those issues followed up by some pretty serious patch work and goodies. How do you retard or cheat the death of a server? Well now, that's why we make these seasons. We ponder the same question. For now all you can do is take the lessons learned from worlds and apply them accordingly. Regards, Vice
  4. The concept requires a lot of work to pull off, fortunately we've done 90% of it already. The premise only works if you have systems or tools to police the world. We developed over 30 distinct markers that track automated play and inform us of suspicious activity in real time. For us, banning bots has never been the issue; it was always the admins conundrum that made it so confusing. Every time we ban bots you would think players would be happy and join or promote the server but in actuality the opposite happens, the population drops rapidly because you're cleaving the world. I made a whole post about it on our forums: TLDR: To apply global nerfs you need to develop a system of tools that can police the world effectively and catch any sort of botting in real time, i.e. not an antibot software but backend tools to physically catch and cycle through players quickly. This we've already completed at INERA, we coined it F-MENU. You use F-MENU to apply marks to bots on a daily basis, 3 admins cycling through hundreds of players within minutes and, should you catch a bot or a train, you simply mark them through a function. Any marked player will have all configs reduced by a percentage, this includes drops, quest drops, quest rewards, xp, sp, raids, etc. If your server is 4X, the marked player would have 1X. If the drop rate for stones is 1X, he or she would have 0.25X. Honest players can see marked players visually, if they want to kill the bot train and take over the spot they're welcome to do so, and due to the mark, any time lost greatly affects the botter because his or her time is 4X more worthless than the honest player. So you equalize the time invested between the honest player and the player botting. In other words, we do not condone botting, but our penalty will not be destruction; it will simply be equalization. Play as freely as you'd like. The mark will not last forever. They can cleanse themselves with a scroll should they wish to become honest and play the game with morals. If a player uses a cleanse, he or she will automatically trigger into a separate window in our F-MENU. This is the high risk section which informs us of players that have cleansed and are likely to start botting again. We will cycle through those every few hours; it will let us know of their activity at all times and their status (marked / unmarked). They basically are on our FBI radar 24/7. Each time they cleanse they are supporting the server in terms of donations. It also gives our admins incentives to hunt and police the world actively through the use of F-MENU. It's a game of cat and mouse with rewards on all sides. Botters get equalized on a global scale with active police work utilizing F-MENU / Triggers. Honest players do not have to suffer from the unfair time advantage that botters receive. Admins receive donations in the form of cleanses incentivizing the police work like commission. This is all conceptual. But we will likely follow this route. Instead of alienating the bots, we will simply close the gap that ultimately causes botting to inflate economies and destroy the incentive for honest players to grind: - The time invested difference. Botting time should not equal to honest time. So we're not looking to destroy accounts or issue mass bans, just equalize the rates. If bots can run 24/7, then botting time is 0.25*honest time, so if you hunt 4 hours on average daily (grinding), the bot needs to carry out 16 hours of straight grind to acquire the same items, xp, sp, etc.
  5. It's a little more complicated than that. There are lessons learned from every adventure. Here's a brief run down for everyone to understand how the world of botting works from the perspective of a team that's been together for over 5 years. Feel free to read or skip it, it's up to you: SEASON 1 SEASON 2 SEASON 3 LESSONS LEARNED: CONCLUSION: Our team is currently working on finding a balance. We will be taking our projects in a different direction away from hard or soft antibots with strict penalties. INERA will focus on balancing the two opposing forces rather than choosing one or the other. For botters or cheaters, we will apply global nerfs and visual marks using our custom and fine-tuned F menu; simply put, it is the closest thing to an antibot that actually works. There will be a distinction between the two types of players and an equalizer that maintains balance. We're not particularly fond of giving players tools to bot like Warland did but I do agree with @mr zero that balance is the key to solving this problem. There are simply not enough players to mass-ban everyone at once, lessons learned #1, and doing nothing is not fair to those that play honestly, lessons learned #2. The equation to a successful and long term server is not mass bans. It is much more complicated than that. Most servers no longer care though, they gave up on you a long time ago; it's why the same admin has chosen to recycle 3-4 different names and launch one every 3 months. You have become a dollar value to them because satisfying the community is hard. But that's why we do these projects. INERA likes the challenge; it's really not about money with us. One day we hope to find that magic formula where everyone is happy. Perhaps its a lost cause but it certainly keeps us busy and brainstorming. Feedback is what gives us the drive to push further into this beautiful world. And we will do what we always do: asses the situation and innovate forward. Bigger, better, stronger. Every year we grow and improve our systems and every year we attract more players. Our philosophy is what separates us from others.If botting is the major issue in Vanilla; it will become the main issue to fix. And that is exactly what we are doing behind the scenes. We'll go the extra mile to assess our lessons learned and stand behind our projects at INERA. Thank you for the feedback. Regards, Vice
  6. The Gracia Epilogue patch is now live. We will be starting some new campaigns to attract prospective players to our Epilogue update. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and events should resume now that all the major milestones are out of the way. See you in game. Patch notes can we found here:
  7. PlayINERA will upgrade into Gracia Epilogue on December 16, 2019. Returning players welcome. New players encouraged. See you there.
  8. Check our thread in private servers. I'll keep everyone updated on the big bad INNOVA :)
  9. INNOVA COPYRIGHT STRIKE The new year is fast approaching and we need to set some resolutions. Some of may know that PlayINERA has been served with a copyright strike by INNOVA on the grounds that our website is responsible for distributing the client and copyrighted content to users for entrepreneurial activities. INNOVA is concerned that we have stripped them from profits that would otherwise be theirs, and this is certainly the case for many servers. But PlayINERA is different; this is not an enterprise for us, this is a hobby. Despite INNOVA’s speculation, the owner of PlayINERA – Vice – has in no way made a profit from your donations, they have been set aside for infrastructure and maintenance. It would be our pleasure to cooperate with INNOVA as we have nothing to fear. It has been a rocky road and we have been accused of many things by content creators and MMO shills, but one thing that remains true is that we stand our ground as we always have done, regardless of the adversary. The world is a tumultuous place but know one thing, there are many ways to skin a cat, whether we are faced with a DMCA take down or otherwise, we will survive. Our resolution this year is to keep the smiles on your face and we will do just that. When giants come knocking, we greet them. And should anyone accuse us of being money-driven mongrels, I believe it becomes quite obvious that our love for our community extends past that. Only those with dedication and fervor dance with giants. When others would run and close their gates, we see no reason to do so. And if they are shut forcibly, we shall persevere forward and reignite the flame. We wish everyone a blessed holiday and we hope you stand by us. EPILOGUE IS DAWNING Gracia Epilogue is right around the corner. The transition will not be instant. There will be a delay period to enable the transition and ensure a smooth migration. Rest assured the update will be processed in a timely fashion and we will follow up the transition with several campaigns to encourage growth. Happy hunting! – Vice will address the community on the copyright strike in the form of a video relatively soon.
  10. As many are aware, INERA is in it for the long haul, for you to play the chronicles that you love without having a concern for frequent wipes or issues. This means we will focus our attention to areas that need work and do our best to implement features that will work with the dynamics of hosting a Lineage II server. For starters we have now implemented a Newbie Bonus pack for players that may decide to join PlayINERA and make it their home to play. The Newbie Bonus pack includes: -Newbies will receive Rune of EXP 7 days. -Newbies will receive Rune of SP 7 days. -Newbies will receive 5 Revita-Pop. -Newbies will receive 5 Potion of Energy Maintenance. -Newbies will receive One Random Costume – 48h Expiration. This will help jump start the new players and allow them to catch up to the more veteran players. The Newbie Pack will be given to any new players that creates an account. Currently we are working on a geoengine overhaul to improve some of the geoissues that have been reported across the world. We'll announce any improvements as they develop.
  11. We will revisit the revamped system one day when we can find the energy to actually recode some of the mechanisms.
  12. Hmmm, harsh words. We'll take your criticism and build on it. Thank you for the feedback :)