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  1. Adding some new works... Now I'm offering some animate video/banners works for top server, simple publicity videos and others. Examples: https://i.imgur.com/R47ULmX.mp4
  2. Yes, I sell my works on templstock too. Any of this works here have watermarks of dkarts and coolness on templstock, you saw this wrong. And what's the problem with upload in different days on my social medias?
  3. WTF! You guys are trollin me this is not possible. Please tell me why half of my works are from dkarts and coolness?
  4. I know the price for HTML is 59EUR I'm telling you that I'm selling PSD Projects from $90 '-' And the 300$ is for Unique projects.
  5. This price (from $90) is for PSD Projects not for HTML. I sell my products on this website too, you can send an e-mail for them and confirm if you want. Ty :)
  6. If u mean the backgrounds no, but can be made.
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and I would to offer my services of Graphic Design (WEB, Logo and Others) Please check the services and prices that I'm offering Development of unique designs - Game web design from 300$ - Game logo design from 50$ You can also choice to buy some works from my store by a lower price (Obs: This option is for RESALE works) - Game web design from 90$ - Game logo design from 15$ Payment options - Paypal Contacts - E-mail: dandnl99@hotmail.com - Skype: dandnl99