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  1. This is wrong he is using the wrong editor to save it lol
  2. Buying 300-500 fake discord members asap A portion of fake members must remain ONLINE and have PROFILE PICTURES, they do not need to talk etc PM me here
  3. StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(command, " "); st.nextToken(); Clan clan = ClanTable.getInstance().getClanByName(st.nextToken()); PlayerInstance target = admin.getTarget().getActingPlayer(); if (target == null || clan == null || !target.isPlayer()) { admin.sendMessage("Invalid target/clan."); return false; } clan.addClanMember(target); target.broadcastCharInfo();
  4. For https://l2europa.com/ Dreadnought lv85 -------- Tallum glaive +othell 6 Tallum plate set Fire Belt Full element Fire Pendant +8 Cloak of Light Mystic Muse lv85 --------- Daimon Crystal + Anakim 1 Themis Tongue + Yul 8 Dark Crystal Robe Earth Belt TOI 6 Bright Talisman 3 (purple) Tateossian Necklace (s grade) Full element Water Pendant +8 Adventurer lv84 ---------- BW Light set +8 Demon Dagger +8 Hat +1 str +1 int +8 Earth Belt Talisman of Noble Power 4 (red)
  5. for l2mars classic 2.9 Lv 84 dreadnought tallum h set halberd odal lv8 land belt fire +10 garnet 4 400 col attri - fire 21, water 30, wind 30, earth 30 Lv 82 soultaker dcr set daimon land belt water pendant +10 attri - fire 21, water 19, wind 22, earth 30 Lv 84 Mystic Muse dcr +6 +7 +8 set daimon land belt water pendant +10 garnet 4 bracelet 6 agathion bracelet 5 (virgo +7, tauras +6, etc) blessed talisman of border toi 6 attri - fire 21, water 11, wind 21, earth 30 PM with offers will take anything reasonable
  6. Hell knight level 80 (prem) HERO Dreadnought level 81 (prem) Mystic Muse level 80 (prem) Elemental Summoner level 80 Lance +7 +odal 8 Lance +0 + odal6 SOES +3 Blue wolf heavy set x2 Blue wolf robe set TOI 6 78 79 80 epics not taken on all low price pm me (; UPDATE - HELL KNIGHT HERO CHAR GET IT ASAP
  7. I would assume this is some kind of adrenaline script lol not interface or macro
  8. In adrenaline make a script with something like begin print(engine.dlgText); end.
  9. use this uses sysutils,classes; var p1,p2:pointer; begin while true do begin if engine.waitaction([ladlg], p1, p2) = ladlg then begin if pos(lowercase('bot'), lowercase(engine.dlgtext)) <> 0 then begin delay(555); engine.bypasstoserver('antibot_correct'); end; end; end; Guys i need your help here, so im playing on a server that it uses this anti bot captcha but the admin changed it a bit and the script does not work, when the anti bot moves you to town it says '' you failed clicking on the bog, '' it doesnt even make sense, do u know what can i change on the script or at least try something to see if it will work. Thank you in advance Have you tried print(engine.dlgText) to see if there are any patterns in the captcha window?
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