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  1. Clean Registry too with CCleaner. Also try -> cmd -> sc delete SmrtService Reboot and try again. Running Malwarebytes after this point is recommended.
  2. Did you disable DEP? Also try: -Use some cleaner for your PC (CCleaner etc) -Right click on L2.exe -> Set compatibility Window XP & Run as Admin. -Disable your Anti-Virus/firewall. -Update your graphics card drivers.
  3. Seems like computer issue, try to Disable DEP (google) for l2.exe.
  4. As Tryskell said it's a lot of work, especially when the sources you gonna use never tested on Live server(by you), the amount of bugs will slow down any downgrade/upgrade. We are currently downgrading our Gracia epilogue files to Gracia final into one Pack so we can have the ability to update with just one config after some time on the new Vanilla x4, one chronicle difference sounds easy but is actually a lot of work & time especially when you are trying to do everything by the l2off data.