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  1. Vanilla x4 is online for over 10 days! Latest news: -Halloween event is active! -We completely blocked Fishing 3rd party programs! -Fixed for Cata/necro swimming issue that moved players above layers. -INERA Calypso & INERA Bot are back online! A lot of Retail Events, such Christmas Event, Letters Collection, Gift of Vitality, April Fools Day, Master of Enchanting will be enabled per periods! Download: http://vanilla.playinera.com/connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/WD8fWf5
  2. At PlayINERA, we strive to provide a pleasant and comfortable gameplay experience to all players. Hence, we have implemented various interface modifications to make your life on PlayINERA a bit easier! INERA Hub Shift & Click Droplist Right-click Context Menu Party Matching Room Advertisement Vanilla x4 launches in 4 hours, get ready -> http://vanilla.playinera.com/connect/
  3. 1-Hour left for Open Beta, Client: http://vanilla.playinera.com/connect/ Old Accounts are available, check via your Forum Master Account. https://account.playinera.com/
  4. Top 10 PvP so far (2 days) on Bloodlust x1000! Join Bloodlust x1000: http://bloodlust.playinera.com/connect/ https://discord.com/invite/TnkeBkm
  5. 1-hour left -> Bloodlust x1000 join our Discord - > https://discord.com/invite/TnkeBkm -> http://bloodlust.playinera.com/connect/
  6. Bloodlust x1000 launches tomorrow, a new thread will be posted soon with new features! Join our Discord an be a part of PlayINERA's community :) https://discord.com/invite/TnkeBkm
  7. Our launch setup was not perfect but it's only day 6, we currently re-adjusting everything to maximize PvP. Latest changelog: General – The penalty for withdrawing from a clan has been reduced to 1 hour – The announcement for the activation of Epic PvP zones will include the exact time until activation – The Adena and Blood Stone cost of buffs available on the Scheme Buffer has been reduced by 40% – Addition of a new teleport location on the Teleporter: ‘Epic PvP: Queen Ant’. This will teleport players inside the Ant’s Nest – The percentage of Blood Stones stolen via the Blood
  8. Bloodlust had a good launch. Over the weekend our online was 500 real players! We experienced a few issues with Venustia (GM-Shop) high prices for a PvP server but we managed to re-work everything in less that 24 hours! Bloodlust now offers a more PvP-friendly environment! REWORK CHANGES: - NEW teleport locations for all Epic & Shifting zones, reducing the probability of a spawn-kill - NEW, reduced prices for Venustia (around -40%) - Mana Potions boosted by 500 MP. NO more PK limitations! - Addition of the Clan Hall Exclusive NPC: Combine Talismans,
  9. We managed to hit 500+ online on 1st day. We're quite happy with these numbers for a PVP-centric server. If you're curious, come check out our great features. Have a bit of summer fun with your buddies in a PvP bloodbath! @Celestine Please move our thread into Live servers, thanks. Server updated/upgraded! A more PvP friendly environment applied with new Prices on Venustia! BIG CHANGES: -NEW Teleport locations for all EPIC/SHIFTING zones, Hard to spawn kill. -NEW Prices for Venustia, lowered almost 40%.
  10. Open Beta is Now Live, 'The Drifter' will remain spawned for around 1 hour.
  11. We are almost there, Bloodlust PvP server Running on Unique Gracia Final INERA's files adjusted for Ultimate PvP! -ALL Epics including Barakiel are using PvP Zones that are enabled Automatically 1-hour before Respawn following by a Global announcement. -Static Respawns for the above to maximize PvP. -GeoEngine adjusted by using L2OFF algorithms and have been tested over the seasons with amazing results. -Retail Epilogue Olympiad system & Arenas, ALL customs such Ability tree, costumes stats etc are disabled inside Olympiad! And much more, Join our Open Beta at 24 JUNE 18:00 G
  12. Event 'Master of Enchanting' is now active! More info: https://forum.playinera.com/topic/4509-master-of-enchanting/ Have fun enchanting!
  13. This is not a valid proof, try to use Adrenaline on monsters etc :)
  14. Clean Registry too with CCleaner. Also try -> cmd -> sc delete SmrtService Reboot and try again. Running Malwarebytes after this point is recommended.
  15. Did you disable DEP? Also try: -Use some cleaner for your PC (CCleaner etc) -Right click on L2.exe -> Set compatibility Window XP & Run as Admin. -Disable your Anti-Virus/firewall. -Update your graphics card drivers.
  16. Seems like computer issue, try to Disable DEP (google) for l2.exe.
  17. As Tryskell said it's a lot of work, especially when the sources you gonna use never tested on Live server(by you), the amount of bugs will slow down any downgrade/upgrade. We are currently downgrading our Gracia epilogue files to Gracia final into one Pack so we can have the ability to update with just one config after some time on the new Vanilla x4, one chronicle difference sounds easy but is actually a lot of work & time especially when you are trying to do everything by the l2off data.
  18. Now then, the month of November is going to be quite a hectic one for servers. A lot of them are opening up and so the ultimate question is which server to choose and why. We cannot answer this for you; after all, it is perspective. One thing I will say is that there will exist a handful of players that are stubborn to try new things and no matter how elegant or improved something is, they will refrain. We can only show you the way to a better world, but cannot force you to enter. If there is one thing we know as a community it is this: Players that are resistant to
  19. Uninstall Lineage 2 Client from Control Panel Add/Remove programs, reboot and try to delete it. (Do not forget to save any Lineage 2 files you may want to keep)
  20. Hello Everyone, My name is Ray one of the developers on INERA, I develop a lot of the server features and keep the code clean and friendly. I will guide you from time to time to our big list of unique features! So today we are going to explore the new tutorial system. Often when it comes to new servers, especially those that have a lot of new features; it becomes difficult for the community to grasp all the concepts. We attempted to do remedy this issue in season 1 in the form of a simple UI that would briefly explain some core mechanics of the server. Unfortunately we were not satis