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  1. It was long time since the last update, also Beta Stage 2 was delayed, why? Because we are working hard whenever we have free time to make this server as great as it possibly can be. We don't want any dissapointments, blames or something working not like it should be working. In a couple of days we will announce the Beta Stage 2 starting time so stay tuned, in the meantime we have some news here: Registration for the Beta is now closed. We will send emails for the participants with some details today. Beta testers will receive Beta Tester rank on our Forums to get access to the Beta Section. Also, active testers will get the rank permanently and will get some small but cool rewards in game for their effort. Website has been updated with more features, Season System, Achievement System and Hall of Fame. What is Hall of Fame? It is table with Top Players and Clans with achievements in Seasons. We have some polls in our forum, it would be great if anyone interested could vote, so we can make the server as the players want it to be.
  2. The counter is on the website. Also, you can read about present and future content in THIS topic on our Forums. Soon we will close the registration for the Beta because we already have much much more requests than we expected.
  3. We have. All beta participants will get early access to our Discord.
  4. Topic edited with: more info in description social media links a few screens
  5. There is no limit, but because of high number of registered people, we will divide them for groups.
  6. You have to register separately, because we are sending back invitations by email system.
  7. I'm proud to announce after almost 2 years of preparation: Website: https://project-chimera.com Forums: https://project-chimera.com/forums Social media: Facebook Twitter YouTube - soon Twitch - soon Beta for Registered players is starting soon, don't miss it! Register for Beta HERE The most active testers will receive Premium Account for their effort. Some Screens: Buffer, Shop, GK Tattoos: .exp, Anti Buff Shield