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  1. I didnt said we are the best, we try our best. And i can talk how i want in this topic who just try to break everything. like you right now.
  2. Beta is beta dude we wont have donation on live. Today Grand oppening 22:00-(GMT+3) Join US!!!
  3. I give you big respect btw We do everything so everyone can get happy in this game, We want bring something new in this game We want change alot of things so it can be fair for everyone. Im not telling stories here, If the server runs good we are going to organize events for solo player and olympiad player where they can also earn something Trust me we wont open server every 2week to obtain money and bye bye troll the people. We are going to give our best you will see it on live. Grand oppening 19jun. https://l2elysian.com/
  4. Just ppl of them are replying my topic, So i can talk about them too why not its forbidden? I didnt say we the best But we try the best to make everyone happy thats what i have to say if you dont like it leave this topic I want make everyone happy and you trying to destroy it. :)
  5. I dont try anything iam just saying the truth. We dont give a fuck about saga/tales/mouse servers We have Our project we are doing our things Ofc we pay clans Why not? we will make great events for solo player too So they can get something like the clans do. We try do the best But the truth is the truth is They just destroyed all lineage 2 :)) mouse/Saga/tales Thats the truth and everyone know it.
  6. Youre dog of tales/saga thats all. you try to destroy something but youre just a guy who protect ppl who destroyed l2 slowly slowly.
  7. Skills are working very good, We dont help anyone you can reply this lies to Saga/Tales topic not here. I dont need liers and haters in this Topic. You see how the world is? we want make something good for the world and ppl like you try to destroy but isnt working.
  8. You know english or what? We give something to the world l2 didnt died couse of that l2 die couse of tales/Sorin/Saga when saga started give before 2years ready chars for 50e what happened everyone forgot it? Why no one talk about it this days? what about sorin? 2nd day Vesper donations giving to cp leader free adrenaline keys with script to farm 24/7 ppl report it he doing nothing hes answer is everyone is botting theese days pff. now tales biggest corrupted and donator server l2 never had in history. dont tell me bullshit dude really. most corrupted servers l2 ever had tales/saga/e
  9. Its not only about clans we organizing much more. Well i dont want to say what you gonna see it when server goes live. Also for solo players too ofc. We wont be like other servers, I promise. You can join Saga ask for epic jewel set they gonna answer you 1.5k euro L2tales the same but with them prices gonna be 500e for epic set We have our project our ways we wont be corrupt we will bypass bots we work on our server 24/7 and do the best ppl get happy. Nothing more to say!
  10. Hello to everyone. Our project is L2Elysian We got 3-4Sides We recruit clans with atleast 7packs pm me on MXC for more infos
  11. Clans not player! dude we give something the world, as we know they waste alot of time in Lineage 2 Why not? Everyone can make a big clan. And beginn something with it. Other server Give free items to close friends of the server or payed Epic jewel. We will never do that Rule 1!!!
  12. Yes we pay clans that our community gets biggers what´s so bad? Atleast give something to the world not like other servers just obtaining money and bye bye We work on our project 24/7 so everyone is happy on oppening. As you can see on screenshots We dont give "ITEMS" If server runs good we also make GvG events for real money. And much more. You guys just haters nothing more. We are not like other server L2Tales/Era/dragon/lionna that give Epic jewel sets for 500e We dont give to anyone free items or payable items.
  13. Classic is not our project dude. 4 Hours left for Beta!!!
  14. A lot has changed, we do not have the same Gms we have brought in a new structure. No corruption no bots no free items, not even free Premium account like other servers do. Our team is now on a different level.
  15. We wait for everyone to play on the high-quality server! The best stability and balance from our project. The most famous will be here to support this great venture. We expecting +3000 players and we are ready for that!!! Professional Gms will help you anytime. https://l2elysian.com/ https://www.facebook.com/l2Elysian/ Beta