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  1. Topic about Fabio scam (https://maxcheaters.com/topic/230804-report-l2remorse-fabio-for-scam/) was deleted so he can now say that its me who actually scamed him. When he did not pay me for last month of work :(
  2. I developed this pack a year ago, retired on l2, so I decided to post these sources. The basis is l2-scripts. Pack was used on l2remorse.com. The systems I have implemented: - stats and skills for retail (datapack was parsed from glory day pts if i remember correctly), info was taken from various sources, so most likely everything was not implemented as it should be, I took a lot from l2junity - automatic systems (auto-exp, auto-skills, auto-macros, auto-items) - log of damage before death - costumes - elementals - daily missions - new craft - netty network (taken
  3. You understand that you have just clean l2scripts source from half year ago ? And all this time i was working on it, added autofarm, costumes, updated protocol to 196, etc. So telling people that you selling pack which l2remorse using today is just a lie.
  4. So you should write that you sell l2scripts pack with your few fixes, not l2remorse source.
  5. Server developer here. I sure he never had access to source. So he just trying to sell l2scripts pack or some shit. I am sorry for you being scammed, but i don't think scamming another person is good thing (even if you try to get money you should receive).
  6. Hello. I'm Vasiliy from Russia. I have knowledge of such programming languages as java, scala, kotlin, python, c#, sql. I am very well versed in the Java Virtual Machine, also I have knowledge of many java frameworks, short list: netty, spring, guice, jpa, akka. I worked on a large number of projects and emulators. I want to offer my services in such areas as: - creation of server applications - creating web applications - creation of desktop applications - modification / revision / rewriting of an existing code - profiling and code optimization You can contact me