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  1. He says about a warn i gave him. What i told him was that if he can help or do the request he can simply do it, writing i have it isn't helpful at all, itr looks as spam and it makes the guy asking help that he wants money for it so he won't even ask for his help.
  2. Title updated. Read rules next time if you want to keep your topic.
  3. check my activity xD i barely visit mxc these days. now about who's losing i know and i've told Maxtor several times about that but if he doesn't want to listen what can i do more?
  4. You're so damn right. I'm covering him all the time. I banned him once and Maxtor told me to unban him, after that he was banned from other mods and then asked again to be unbanned or to let him be with the new accounts, after some point i just got bored banning and then asking to unban him so i didn't do anything. I don't have personaly something with Kara, he's been nothing but good with me, however i know to seperate my personal likings from what i have to do in the forum to protect other members. Also one more thing, if members are dumb enough to get scammed by someone already banned it's their personal choice, we've said several times how to avoid being scammed and almost 95% of scammed members always sees the signs but just ignore them. Now regarding Kara i know that he made a lot of successful deals since i even have done some works with the same clients as him and most of reports against him are reports because he (for the guys report him) didn't provide full functionality of the codes or was late to deliver the product and maybe that's why people still trust him.
  5. It's everywhere this way and yes it should be changed
  6. Title updated. Read rules next time!
  7. I'm interested to know how you changed the lobby image if you could tell me, i wanted to make a lot of changes on my client and this thing is one of them.
  8. @CloudAfterlife You're only allowed to have one topic per server. Your other topic got deleted, keep updating this one if you want to change anything.
  9. Niice, i like your design! Good job mate, i'm glad this guide helped you
  10. Cmn AchY, you should have know by now, in order to edit these you need skills