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  1. Your image is broken and the link as well.
  2. Dude are you blind? I'm showing that the post was made by the same IP, therefore same person and you keep bullshiting me.
  3. Some of these features were custom, such as [ hide ] for example, maybe it needs to be added. but it's also theme's settings as well the things that are missing from the editor.
  4. It has tons of new things and some things that have been removed and we're trying to configure. For example as you can see on quote you quote signatures as well, there is no option to disable this nor a code (that i could find at least) inside the htmls to remove this.
  5. IPS upgraded, we had no option to upgrade to this version mate.
  6. Title updated. Keep your title short and informative. And don't use multiple character it brakes the sidebar's title width. This time is just a simple warning, next time will be account warning. Same goes for your other topic(s)!
  7. Title updated. Next time follow rules or your topic will get junked.
  8. @L2Olympic You seriously post from your alt account to say good things about your server? You know i can see your ips right?
  9. Title updated. Follow forum rules next time!
  10. Use bump button. Next bump post will be chat ban for 2 days. Read the forum rules!
  11. Πες τα. WTS Ad Drama, Vercetti pm me