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  1. all banned sorry :") give the mod info maybe you get other kind of help here
  2. atual studio has bad code and theengo has poor code elfo's actually is the only decend coded acp, for good you have to make your own, as i did.
  3. also missing security checks for payments, a user can create fake payments on this system
  4. i think you need to start from the basics the code goes on eclipse then you need to build the project
  5. i think the error comes from this <set name="item_skill" val="7065-2" />
  6. Updates - aCis officially support JDK11 (since Oracle changed their licence, consider to use OpenJDK), and is now mandatory. Older/different versions aren't supported anymore. - Refresh mysql connector from 5.1.26 to 8.0.15. PS : if you already own a live server, you have to add "?serverTimezone=UTC" as part of database URL. PS2 : you have to refresh your developement board : - OpenJDK 11 can be downloaded here : https://jdk.java.net/ - Eclipse 2018-12 or any IDE accepting JDK11. for more ask @Tryskell or try their forum for a solution
  7. Δεν χρειάζεται να την ανοίξεις γιατί προσπαθείς ποιος σου είπε ότι πρέπει να ανοίξεις την 9014;
  8. problem in this forum with l2off devs is that they never share and only say "i did it", "it can be done", they will never share they will only judge, so maybe they feel unwanted in the forum but with a good reason.
  9. Donate panel Supports Farfurion project of @Mobius - New java file added (adapted to this chronicle)
  10. ah all the guide images are lost too this is also helpful! what about a new rank to give on those who make guides and shares to boost abit the sections of l2j/l2off, i am sure many hard drives have lost files/guides of old users who dont have a reason to share but also dont have value on those files anymore maybe they find a reason to be active again?