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  1. I believe there are many out there that can't make this work
  2. Some of my clients asked me for this password verify <?php // get user's password $login_password = 'test'; // get database stored password $database_hash = '$2a$10$jt2cDlmJyE3odEBX.AC4LeKlCx.KddbwOBOadXfFRzcj.UKiAJ7TW'; // compare values and proceed if (password_verify($login_password, $database_hash)) { // on success echo 'pass ok, login the user here'; } else { // on failure echo 'pass fail, do another action'; } password hash <?php // password coming from a form $register_password = "test"; // generate hash password $hashed_password = password_hash($register_password, PASSWORD_DEFAULT); // proceed to store into database .. ?> credits @Nightw0lf
  3. one aproach is on character create add an extra query with the quest
  4. θα ήταν καλύτερο να κάνεις γύρω απο το Boss σε 2000 απόσταση κύκλου να γίνονται flag είναι ποιο αποτελεσματικό
  5. this is useless for the 95% of people here, psd format not easy to convert.
  6. WebAuto Donate Panel 150+ pay methods 

    paypal, paysera, paynext, g2apay, stripe, paygol, paymentwall.

  7. V2 Panel Updates 12/02/2020 Supports Old aCis (new files added) ty zemaitis Rework on translation file loading and now use cookie, session and get super globals in order with validation Added background image and changed opacity on body Added new payment methods (stripe, paysera, paymentwall) ty zemaitis Rearranged payment methods and added a custom width/height setting on php for all payment images Fixed redirection URL Fixed Logout button redirection Added pop up message on wrong user message ty zemaitis Fixed XML item name load Each payment IPN will create a new log in his respective directory Payment logs on database starting with name "pay" & hold nessesary info for server statistics Added support.txt with info of how to contact us Experimental java class for H5 ty `Kara More info added on "how to install sql files" Added payment wall guide images DEMO:
  8. if you dont say how much it will be hard to find somebody, and be carefull of scammers use midleman
  9. WebAuto Donate Panel 150+ pay methods 

  10. this is wrong in so many ways :D equivalent to if (true or false && ...) mean is always true to return;
  11. you would have finish the code if you tried till now to make an account to each site and setup a server. note: l2jnetwork is dead, you cant create account.