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  1. you would have finish the code if you tried till now to make an account to each site and setup a server. note: l2jnetwork is dead, you cant create account.
  2. fill a report in report section with proofs, you cant say such thing without proofs.
  3. ξανα δοκίμασε αν δεν δουλέψει διέγραψε αυτό το φάκελο L2Jbmxac-Build
  4. you can build it your self if you know, otherwise pay a developer to make it for you
  5. I even have this files but i've been told its bugged, and eola still selling the files 300euro or so, not worth a cent for investing a live server, only if you want some customs maybe.. its an old version of acis without the newest fixes apparently.
  6. you can search in google there are so many free templates in internet specially in russian forums... .. for free.
  7. l2jhellas απο όσο ξέρω έχει αυτό που θέλεις και είναι και active, @AbsolutePower
  8. live test on (recent customer)
  9. removing my Authorship from my donate panel shows how not trusted server is.
  10. The topic can be locked, reasons I will give him as seller bad rep, he has bugged version of 2018 so he is selling a non workable panel that is missing 1 year+ of fixes, I know he is trying to redesign it best for me is not to be connected with this version since what he makes is bad market (still advertisement for DenArt) but this person is rotten to the core, I recommend nobody to trust him or work with him since after this topic many people contacted me and one of them told me that he was asking first to buy a donate panel from me and then he will install the website or it will not work, while this is not true at all he just wanted my newer version. Now he cannot have it since my new model is a licensed based installation locked on website name. More info here: Side note: Best that it happen by this loser, I am coming out of this stronger. PS: My terms and conditions has been changed and i would like to be removed from the quote since they are different now (not important but it might be confusing for somebody) PS 2: Not care if you ban him at this point (he is still scammer) but he cannot hurt me anymore at least in near future.
  11. Updates Since someone wanted to re-sell my donate panel (one of the very first bugged versions of second panel dated back on 2018). I am forced to some of this changes, old customers wont have to do anything, new customers will require an extra step after installing the panel, activation through email. Some of the code is obfuscated and encrypted with multiple layers, with alot of effort it can be decrypted from specialists if they want to search hidden stuff, I have nothing to hide and I am open since day 1 of DenArt Designs in 2014, again thank you all for your support and a happy new year! 03/01/2020 New model requires Serial-Activation Fixed translations Typo in item image when parsed from items.xml Session stores less data Panel folder is automatically detected SSL Mode for panel is automatically detected Addition of EULA.txt Activation text file Guide Fixed critical stuck bug on all java project files
  12. This user is a scammer and he is re-selling my donate panel, he is scamming people with other peoples work, i will go 100% through this legally since he is from Greece and his name (only this i will share) is Marios you should know that my donate panels are created and supported only by my developer, anybody else is fraud and probably will have no idea how to support them at all. @Pigasos-Dev shame on you asking me to co-operate and do this behind my back, i have emails, chats that prove that you have and illegally re-selling my donate panel, friday i will ask my lawyer how to move on court with this, you will not get away from this scam. website before removal of images of my donate panel.
  13. many packs are shared to test if you have problems you can search or post in help section, a good start would be acis and frozen