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  1. did you build this code? i think you need help to understand how many times this code is printed
  2. υπάρχει πρόβλημα στην κίνηση του παίχτη αλλά ασχολούνται με αυτό.
  3. this affects all chronicles or you had a latest? you had big online?
  4. Do not trust this person atual studio sells cheaper with latest fixes/updates and not some random who can possibly add a language.
  5. sb.append("<tr><td align=center><button value="\" + category.getName() + "\" action=\"bypass -h npc_" + getObjectId() + "_category " + category.getId() + "\" width=204 height=20 back=\"Button.but1\" fore=\"Button.but2\"></td></tr>"); you have value=categoryname" action.... so code sees only closing " without opening " and prints that categoryname"
  6. @AbsolutePower you can report such bugs here :)
  7. hello i think there are shared faction systems
  8. you simply need to make the local ip address to for UDP/TCP but if you have in your computer automatic address and your router restart the router might change your computers IP with DHCP server so you must configure your computer manual ip to be to stay that way, then you forward it as i already told you and then open the server and go in and check for the port if its listening to your game/login servers.
  9. vanganth has shared sources maybe you like them
  10. its bad? if its not allowed remove my post :( you know anyone else? i always send my customers on him and had no complaints so far..
  11. All i need is somebody with skrill account and my developer to make them talk, few hours later it will be ready :) so if anybody has the time to spend for skrill send me a private message (or any other kind of payment)