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  1. use l2jsunrise forum , admin are here for response
  2. Hello all , Have a great day ? I am looking for a valid pack, a website with a donation system, compatible with L2jSunrise .. I use StressWeb13 and I modify for L2JSunrise. But I find that the end result does not please me and is not enough. I need this to accept paypal. Thank you all
  3. error in navicat that one DELETE FROM `npc` WHERE `id` >= '36600' AND `id` <= '36606'; I work with l2jsunrise XML Need Gatekeeper and GM Shop better than based l2jsunrise..
  4. I have add on network file pass and user and same error...
  5. Gain Cash or Free Files for Help Hello all I cant add server.. And i cant start server, I have this for registergameserver : [06.07.18 02:45:14] ERROR:GameServerTable: Error loading registered game servers! [06.07.18 02:45:19] ERROR:GameServerTable: Error while saving gameserver! [06.07.18 02:46:49] ERROR:GameServerTable: Error loading registered game servers! [06.07.18 02:46:51] ERROR:GameServerTable: Error while saving gameserver! And i Start GameServer and have : Starting L2J Game Server. [02:59:24] INFO: Network Config: ip
  6. Hello I search poeple for test me server For fix bug rates,... Contact me on skype : l2surion
  7. its possibl help me for install : VPS HQS XL Processeur Intel® Xeon® 5600 4 vCore @ 2.4GHz 6144 Mo de RAM DDR3 ECC 30 Go en disque SSD 1 adresse IPv4 Connexion : 120Mbps Distribution : Panel SolusVM / Manager web Localisation : Paris Disponibilité : 72H SLA : 99,9% CONFIG FOR FREE POSSIBLE ? THX (i give pack or admin on me server (%donation) ;))