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  1. When I finish it will be for sale, the models must be useful in the game.
  2. Hello. I have an unusual situation regarding SmartGuard blocking (H5 client). Sometimes players get a block via SmartGuard called event code: 72. SmartGuard support says it's a client problem. As what some know, I deal with modding the client and I make various additions, but with such something I met for the first time. Maybe someone has already met this? The problem appeared when I added new weapons and leviatan sets to the server. I introduced new recipes (icons and .dat files). Of course, all new items have a different ID than the original ID in H5 (new ID recipes 1950-1970, new ID items 25000-26200). Interestingly there are no client error and server error. I am looking for clues about what can cause a smartguard to block. Thanks for any tips
  4. Yes this set Leviathan, as I adapted it, I did not know the original name of the set. The name can be changed without any obstacles
  5. Boxes is allowed as on all l2 servers even on official, this is normal. Server does not use phantoms. Check yourself