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  1. Death Knight Sword H5 and IL Download:
  2. I recommend the server especially that it will be developed.
  3. check emitter files from efect -> LineageEffect.a_u008_a, LineageEffect.e_u093_a there will be a reference to textures and mesh. You can edit texture, mesh, color using l2PE
  4. When I finish it will be for sale, the models must be useful in the game.
  5. Hello. I have an unusual situation regarding SmartGuard blocking (H5 client). Sometimes players get a block via SmartGuard called event code: 72. SmartGuard support says it's a client problem. As what some know, I deal with modding the client and I make various additions, but with such something I met for the first time. Maybe someone has already met this? The problem appeared when I added new weapons and leviatan sets to the server. I introduced new recipes (icons and .dat files). Of course, all new items have a different ID than the original ID in H5 (new ID recipes 1950-1970, new ID items 25000-26200). Interestingly there are no client error and server error. I am looking for clues about what can cause a smartguard to block. Thanks for any tips