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  1. this looks very promising , we will join with my old clan
  2. this server is like opened with a clean pack ,you never made a beta right? SO many bugs.. and bugs that are critical and is MUST (like buffs on summons , buffer working good only with few tricks , even auto pickup looks broken , on mos few items instead of inventory they are dropped down xD also the whole server look very very unprofessional , why the hell you enabled offline shops AFTER LIVE and not before? why the hell you never tested summoners and that you cannot buff summons ?and once you fixed it you forgot to add dances on the pets? 2 of my friends leave server because of that.. and Im
  3. use my skype to find me ! not the post ! already pmed you 4 times till now !
  4. probably got older rev? i have no idea , since he didn't report me , i cannot know if he got old rev or not , anyway , as you said nothing important , and very easy to fix .
  5. SOLD , sorry for the mistake i did. You can LOCK the post !
  6. You are not totally right! First of all My signature is there more than 4 years? Same as the post here ..most of the problems you said on the newer rev are fixed and yea very easy to fix these small problems.. about vote rewards.. its normal to dont work since hopzone and voting sites change their sites , so the getvotes method need small edits every time..the bug you said with items on chars its 100% on you only ,. so far noone report something like this , not even when i had this pack on for 2 years on my own servers .. maybe is your client or the system folder corrupted. dont know for sure
  7. WTS vesper heavy +4 ,with 4 lvl attri x3 , full foundation all parts + noble vesper duals foundation +8 lvl 7 attri vesper and vorpal jewels 13+ bilion adena , 60 FA few attri stones S grade cp shirt S grade bracelet s84 cloack price under 15-20 euro max for ALL ! pm me ! I can also give char Gladi 85 lvl with skills +10 and clan lvl 11 clan hall and castle and almost all clan skills ! http://www.l2dragon.net/
  8. just "2" words , we didn't even asked your opinion. also you must be really stupid , ofc and features are like on other servers since the pack is made 5-6 years ago.. LOL i provide the full setup of one complete and bug free server , i don't provide unique or updated features and new styles/codes of l2 and i never said i did too, so keep your opinion for your self "smart" boy.
  9. You are welcome :) Np i try help each one of you as much as i can..
  10. Thank you guys ! For few days I will sell my sources with discount 30 % ! PM me for more info on skype (Cursingqq ) or here on forum !
  11. private int getVotes() { URL url = null; InputStreamReader isr = null; BufferedReader in = null; try { url = new URL(http); URLConnection con = url.openConnection(); con.addRequestProperty("User-Agent", "Mozilla/4.76"); isr = new InputStreamReader(con.getInputStream()); in = new BufferedReader(isr); String inputLine; while ((inputLine = in.readLine()) != null) { // for top-zone if (inputLine.contains("Votes:")) { r