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  1. ROWEBCA has been providing reliable, secure and fast optimized hosting services for years. For a limited time, Autumn PROMO, use cupon: #Y19RWC40# for 40% off (annual subscriptions only) 4 LIFE !!! Here are our current shared plans: < STANDARD > 5GB of disk space (PURE SSD) Unmetered Bandwidth Instant Activation Free WebSite Builder Free SSL Daily Backups +++++++++++++ $1.99 / Month More Info Order Now < PREMIUM > 10GB of Disk Space (PURE SSD) Unmetered Bandwidth Instant Activation Free WebSite Builder Free SSL Daily Backups +++++++++++++ $3.99 / Month More Info Order Now < ULTIMATE > 20GB Disk Space (PURE SSD) Unmetered Bandwidth Instant Activation Free WebSite Builder Free SSL Daily Backups +++++++++++++ $5.99 / Month More Info Order Now For each shared plan there is a 30 days money back guarantee !!! ROWEBCA is primarily a web hosting company, with registered office in Montreal, Canada. We also offer computer-related services locally, in Montreal and surroundings. Our customers will always come first. They will be able to reach our support team at any time they need assistance with their web hosting account through our Ticketing System. We may also help them by providing website support such as programming troubleshooting or tips for enhancing websites. Our guarantee: no overselling !!! http://rowebca.com/ Regards!
  2. Hello! WTS WTS ITEMS / ADENA ON L2 TALES SCARLET x15 Ant Queen Necklace of Lioness Olf +10 Hero Cloak armors ++ weapons ++ for more info pm or skype. Connact: Skype - xdonalfonso Paypall // Allegro To all scammers: Dont try to trick me on fake statements, im too old for that
  3. https://bit.ly/2REZyqX search your game and buy with 50% 100%Trust site
  4. Hello I've a website where I sell phishing sites for any website, I make the sites with setoolkit and it's pretty simple, SSL Cerificate are included in every package, and with the $10 package you get a domain and a SSL certificate. All packages last for 1 year Your can use ''SonalK'' when checking out to receive %10 off Thanks! Website -> phistore.cf You can message me here also if you are interested
  5. most of images are not working , I will update them ASAP ! Use the facebook link I have provided for images until then ! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.237886732933710.67174.118907648164953&type=3 Hello , i'm here to show you My Freya pack , and few other useful features for your server Like Custom cancel system , advanced anti ks , custom community board and more ! for once more I offer you high quality pack , from trusted member and support for really LONG time.. ( Check my old and new costumers ) Post reupdated based on my old post ! All the info is posted is the new From the latest pack I can offer you So about my Freya pack , check below ! Special Features 1 Custom cancellation system : When you get cancelled, you regain all your lost effects again after 30 seconds. Making cancel worthwhile without it being annoying or overpowered. You will also get notified with an on-screen message when your buffs are restored. Working with all of type cancels, banes, Touch of death, Steal divinity, hero pole. 2 Anti - KS system : Most damage on the Raid Bosses take the drops. 100% safe and you cant just hit the mob run away and take the drops because other player kileld the mob , there are lot of protections 3 Kililng Spree system : You will get publicly broadcasted after you kill 5/10/15/20/25/etc people consecutively without dying. 4 PvP Messages : Another mod very usefull for mass PvP. When you kill or get killed you get a message with big white letters on the screen 5 Spawn protection effect : Anyone getting spawn protected will get a effect so others know he is in spawn protection. Also spawn protection lasts for 10 seconds 6 Ranked pvp system : Wanna stand out? Every time you gain a certain a-beep-t of PvP points, your Rank will raise , You can also trade and buy useful things from pvps! Ranked pvp system installed by masterio ! 7 Geodata and pathnods : We can ensure you will not encounter wallshoots, wallwalkers or any kind of similar troubles with our geodata (Its closed source , high modded geodata and pathnods stazis ) 8 Automated vote reward systems : for hopzone and topzone . protection is enabled for 1 reward per IP / no dual boxes and costum announce texts , not the bored old ;) 9 Completely NEW Community Board : You can see there server info about our server, Top PvP and PK, Castle info, Account info and Server Statistics. You can also repair your character in case if you have got critical error on login using "repair character". ( make another character on the same account and then use community board to repair your char ) Server info ( 2nd tab ) Raid Info ( 3rd tab ) 10 Crystal scrols fully working : We have Made 2 different Max enchant's + 17 for normal scrols and +20 For crystal scrols 11 Custom PK-hunters : Pk hunters kill ONLY players with karma , even if you hit the guard or use mass skills near him guard wont kill you ! 12 custom balance : Adjusted several skills to maintain the best PvP-Experience 13 Buff shield protection : Each character has a skill to block the in-comming buffs from the other players ( overbuff usage ) 14 14 New Custom cloaks : We have 14 new cloaks , with added stats HP and CP, disabled from olympiad games ofc :) 15 Custom Olympiad place designed to avoid "Feed" 16 Custom Wedding place 17 Custom farm place for clan eggs (a small instance) you Need party of 5 ppl , and also you can do the instance only one every 24 hours ! 18 Hero debuffs and weapons are litle boosted so hero worth to fight ! 19 Custom damage window with different colors 20 Smart Craft system You have to choose either buy Foul item by shop, or Try and Craft it , Each char has Craft skills and also Recipes and mats can be found as "set" on the AIO Masterwork is also possible, so wanna stand out? You need Masterwork to own ;) 21 Offline Petition system In order to give the maximum support , We made offline petition system.. The staff is able to assist players even if they are offline by using the In game email system , you can also connect website and reply from there really easy since messages are stored on database ! 22 One cool GateKeeper You can make NPC to count how many players are inside each zone ! You can also edit it a little to show flagged players on each zone , or partys ! 23 One special mob each time you hit the mob , you turn flagged! also This mob using fakepc system to look like player , You can make any mob to flag players by configs or to make npcs look like players with fakepc system , you can add any armor race or what ever you like 24 Solo and party places Files got Solo Instance + rejoin time limit + reward you wish And party Place , They can see how many players and partys are there before they go. They will need X players on each party and to pay each one of them X item Id. Only party leader can use the Tp option , You can use it as donate players place or hard party zone ( Soa is the place ) (X = number and item You choose , default is 5 party members and 300 event adena each member for tp ) 25 .reward vote system + .votebuff players can use .reward command and Vote on network and topzone and get rewards and vote buff ! the vote buff gives few extra stats for 12 hours RATES : XP/SP : X50 ( With level Zone For Fast xp ) Safe Enchant +3 Max Enchant +17 ( +20 With crystal scrols ) Enchant Rate 72% For normal Blessed 75% Enchant rate Enchant rate For crystal Scrols 100% Other features Non-store Zones on main town , flags to show borders of Store zones Dance / Songs 13 Subclass No need Quest Vitality System Subclass 85 Level Certification skills are disabled ( You can enable ) Attributes on items are disabled( Buff element ressist will stay ) ( You can enable ) Augmentations are retail like Sub classes max level is 85 5 Sub classes Scheme Buffer with protections for pvp players Raid boss Respawn Info NPC and on Community Board! Auto pickup items (except Herbs) Increased Weight Limit (20x) Extended buff-slots - 24 (+4 from divine books) and retail dance/song slots - 12 Adjusted several skills to maintain the best PvP-Experience Geodata and pathnods PvP-Anti-Feed-Protection HERO EVERY x days ( You can edit it on l2jmods ) Shop currencies: Adena, Event Adena, Vote Adena, Support adena Auto learn skills Auto loot items (except Herbs) Increased Weight Limit (20x) 2 hours buffs/songs/dances (except some self-, kamael- & hero-buffs) Easy Clan-leveling. Clans don't need more than 10 chars to increase all the levels We have also unique clan egg farming system and also a NPC where you can buy clan reputation points Hero-Weapons are boosted to compare +20 top s80 Hero-skills boosted 7 Custom Raid Bosses inside Farmzone Olympiad retail like ( Anti Feed protections added ) Offline private shops Alt+Click removes a buff/song/dance Mana potions 85 Level Fortress guards S84 Items Removed to give on server old looking style , top armor dynasty and morai ( You can enable any time ) Anti bot systems , one of them is captcha advanced anti auto enchant system ( scripts from auto enchant are useless ) Custom npcs *Scheme Buffer with protections *COOL AIO npc *Event manager ( for 14 events ) or use .event command *VIP buffer with enchanted skill if you like (You need the special item in order to make it work ) *clan points trader NPC *Title color Npc *Boss respawn NPC with new advanced script. working for any l2eos Rb and have more details about next refresh for respawn time etc etc. Other Custom npcs (enable /disable really easy ) *Auto enchanter NPC *COOL AIO npc ( very nice coded script , and htmls , You can have as many categorys you want really easy , script supports many many things.. ) *VIP buffer with enchanted skill if you like *clan points trader NPC *Title color Npc *Pk guard ( This guard hit only Pked players ,and shadow not working on him) Warning :Players cannot drain from NPCs located on farmzones! Event Engine features Event Manager : a NPC or using our custom community board where you can handle both voting and registrating for players and also shows informations about the currently running events or use .events Scorebar : Every event shows a text scorebar to all the players inside, with the time left, score and more! Scheme Buffer : Players can set up their buff schemes for all their characters/subclasses and on the event respawn/teleport, those buffs will be automatically applied on them. Statistics You can check all the players overall event statistics and also statistics for individual event types. Automatic party creation In team events (like TvT) the engine create parties automaticly. Schedulable events There are also few Schedulable events events :) ( no vote from players required, just every day on X time ) Events List of 1st engine (pheonix ) + Nexus , check at the end of the list Capture the Flag: Standard Capture the Flag with 2 teams. Domination: One zone. 2 teams. If the count of team 1 players inside the zone is greater than the count of team 2 players, then team 1 gets one point per sec. Bomb Fight: 2 teams. Every player gets a new skill. When they use it it spawns a bomb which explodes after 1-2 seconds and kills everyone in a certain radius. Team vs Team: Standard Team vs Team fight with 2 teams. DeatMatch: Free for all. The one with the most kills wins. Last Man Standing: Free for all. The last survivor wins. VIP Team vs Team: Standard Team vs Team with a random VIP player in both teams. Killing the VIP = +1 score for the team. The VIP is different at each respawn. Lucky Chests: On start a lot of chests spawns. On click they opens. Theres a chance that the chest explodes and the player dies, and get resurrected a few secs later. The player with the most opened chests wins. Zombie: One random zombie player chasing the others. If he hits someone he become a zombie. The last non*zombie wins. Simon Says: In each round Simon the NPC says a random text. The players have to say it too. The last one who says and everyone who says a wrong word lose. The winner of the last round wins. Double Domination: 2 team, 2 zone. The team gets a score if they hold both of the zones for 10 seconds. Russian Roulette: The event spawns 6 "russian". In each round every player choose one. One of the russian, and everyone who choosed him dies. The survivors of the last round wins. Mutant: One player become a mutant. The others have to kill him. The mutant have increased stats. If someone kills him, the killer will be the next mutant. If the mutant kills someone he gets a point. The player with the most points wins at the end of the event Battlefield: 2 teams. There are a few points which the teams can capture. In every second the teams score increased by the count of the points captured by the team. The team with the most poins wins Premade Zones of the pack *Main Town - Parnassus *Farm zone - drops adena, event adena . PK Guards only on spawn (mid farm) *Custom rbs located Inside FarmZone , Anti Lure system is active *Party zone - drops Life Stones , Giant's Codex, Event Adena, Adena. PK Guards only on spawn (high farm) (Players have to pay event adena in order to go party zone , each party member seperated ) *Custom Olympiad place designed to avoid "Feed" *Custom Wedding place *Custom farm place for clan eggs (a small instance) Other installed updates / codes on files 1 Siege reward system , The winners of the siege will get reward ( you can change it on configs ) 2 Clan point manager ( players can buy rep points for their clan ) all bugs fixed and npc is fully working 3 Vote systems are improved with new msg style ( kinda cool and not the shity announce ment color ^^ ) 4 Announce Hero Login 5 Announce castle lord Login 6 New htmls style ( really unique 100% mine ) 7 More improve html ( cleanup ) faster npcs 8 40% faster core ( Server load really fast , even if all options are enabled ) 9 Dressme system ( players will look to wear w/e armor they wish , no matter if they use other on invetory ) 10 custom starting title for new players ( you can set the title for new players ) 11 change sex npc 12 Automatic Hide and Seek 13 Automatic Quiz Event 14 Last hero event ( Like FFA and winner will get reward hero status untill restart ) 15 New custom clan halls 16 you need X pvps to use Trade and shout. ( you can choose how many pvps or even disable this ) 17 The mob of your chooise will turn players into flag if they cast a skill or if they touch it ( flag mob system ) 18 New msgs style , more unique 19 New unique ender world msgs , you can write anything you like there 20 change sex npc ( players can change sex of their chars , ofc they have to pay :P ) 21 New noobles managers 22 Fame +reward for each pvp (You can change it ) Thats all , sure there are MORE features that i havent add here, So its better to Pm me On msn or here and i can provide you TEST SERVER Payment and prices and Contract! > > Paypal Price : Pm me for price for Freya pack / sourse code /Sourse from event engine / my support for any problem with the pack! Contact : Email : makias-@hotmail.com or Pm me on forum Skype :Cursingqq! Possible separated features for sale : YES! Features can work on H5 : YES ( always with little edit ) Price : 10 -15 euro each feature , depens Warning : Every feature can be easy disable / redit if you dont like it ! Pictures : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.237886732933710.67174.118907648164953&type=3 Price for pack is LOW ! PM me for more info or add me on my SKYPE : Cursingqq
  6. League of legends Password Changer | Ver 2.0 | Only Unverified accounts Features Fast work with Proxy - Up to 25 accounts per minute Can for witout proxy - 1 Thread only No Passes No Crash Captcha Bypass Anti-Captcha RuCaptcha Will add more - send me anti captcha services what you need. Support ALL Regions Supported proxy Http/S Socks4 Socks5 Version 2.0 Update Added English version Added Captcha Bypass Increase timeouts https://i.imgur.com/CgYeeoM.png https://www.sendspace.com/file/hjilf3
  7. Hello, I'm selling the following accounts on L2 Classic Club server: Swordsinger lvl 55 + Name Change ready (10 Euro loaded on account) + can be with items (Doom Heavy+ Eminence+6 +B Jewels) (70 Eur) or no items (40 Eur) - No Email Access! Bladedancer lvl 54 + can be with items (BW Heavy+ Dual*SLS + B Jewels)(80 Eur) or no items (40 Eur) - Has Email Access! Prophet lvl 53 + Full C Karmian (basically buff bot) (30 Eur) - No Email Access! Shillien Elder lvl 52 + no items (25 Eur) - No Email Access! All accounts are in great standing. No longer used for a good while. And all on different accounts. Full package for 100 Eur (SWS and BD plus items). PM me with offers or if interested.
  8. WTS Necro 61.52lvl ANCHOR, CDL. x114 30% XP scrolls, Giran free teleport stone, Dragon valley free teleport stone 65eur paypal! selling it with mail, no negotiations
  9. Hello Guys, I want to sell my char on L2Sublimity. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Main class : Spectral Dancer. Subclass : Titan , Phantom Ranger. Noblesse Q : Need only Barakiel. Sets : Phoenix Light +4, Phoenix Heavy +4, Phoenix Light +6, Phoenix Robe +6 Weapons : HD+F+9 , Phoenix Bow +10 , Phoenix Bow +8 , Phoenix Bow +5 , Phoenix Mace +10 , Phoenix Duals +7 Jewels : Tateossian Set +6 Epic Jewels : Ring of Baium , Ring of Queen Ant _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Price : 60€ PaySafeCard or Paypal
  10. Hello guys, i am selling adena in thebattle.club x55 I accept only paypal. The price for adena goes like this: (1 Billion) - 1.5 Euro(s) Add me on skype for further discussions: Skype: mr_ionutz
  11. (1 Billion) Adena - Price: 2 Euro(s) Skype: mr_ionutz
  12. List will be updated added stuff/removed stuff: ALL CHARS ARE MANUALLY LEVELED & ALL ADENA/EQUIP LEGIT! Warcryer lvl 56+ (full skills researched) It comes with Divine Robe set C grade Jewlery It have many xp scrolls 30% 100 € SOLD FOR 90 EUROS Blade Dancer lvl 58+ (Full skill researched) It comes with Zubei Heavy set C grade jewlery Dual C grade with Iss lvl 7 It have also some xp scrolls 30% 130 € Phantom Ranger lvl 60+ (Full skills researched) Can come with equip or without Equip. 100 € Equip & Items for sale: Doom Light Set Plated Leather set Bow of Peril (othell lvl 6) Payment methods via Skrill, Western Union (Fee we can talk about it), Bank transfer (Fee is being covered by buyer) Messages inbox, serious buyers I will add myself to Skype and we can talk about it. Edit: Prices updated and lowered!
  13. I wts items on destiny cheap i dont want to go in detail in this topic on what i exactly have to pm me in mxc we can talk it out but im giving them cheap since for me they are complete useless.
  14. WTS adena l2evoke Also can sell pp 65+ , created on fake mail, you can create this mail so youll be 1st owner without problems Since im new here rdy to use guarantor of transactions PM :) here or add me in skype by clickin this icon Or directly in skype: gimpogimpo (without live, dots etc, zimbabwe)
  15. Why You Should Buy From Us ? 1. Best Prices Available 2. Many Stocks On Many Servers 3. Fast Delivery / Instant 4. Online Most Time On Skype For Taking Demands Talk Me On Skype To Ask About Prices & Stocks Available & What Payment Methods We Accept At The Moment ADD MY SKYPE BY CLICKING HERE live:LargeSells
  16. BD (Bladedancer) 58 # Dance of fury # Briga armor set (D grade) # +8 CON dyes # C grade jewel set # 15+ XP scrolls 30% # subs 60+ days = 132€ or 140$ I can accept MiddleMan service --> http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/187276-middle-man-services/ I'm not "profi seller" like some guys here, but i stopped to play L2, that's why i want to sell it. PayPal payment in $ or €
  17. Hello guys, i'm selling items and adena in l2dragon (the guys that will buy stuffs will receive a gift) If you are intrested to buy something leave me a PM with the offer Accepted payments : PayPal. -- General -- Adena in stock : 65kkk (65B) // SOLD : 30KKK (30B) Festival Adena : 2.200 SOLD Blue Soul cry 17 Donation Pounds in stock : 1180 // SOLD : 1180 -- Armor -- Top-Grade belt +6 (PVP DEF) Striped Mithril shirt +9 (CP) Vesper Shield Found. +8 Elegia sigil +8 SOLD Cloak Of Hero Black Cloak Of Hero White SOLD Elegia Leather Helmet +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Breastplate +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Legging +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Gloves +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Boots +6 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Helmet +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Breastplate +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Legging +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Gloves +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Boots +8 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Circlet +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Tunic +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Stockings +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Gloves +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Shoes +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Circlet +6 Full Attri lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Tunic +6 Full Attri . lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Stocking +6 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Gloves +6 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Shoes +6 Full attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Leather set +6 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Set +4 Attri. lvl 4 -- Jewels -- Earring of zaken +5 Blessed erring of zaken +8 SOLD Blessed Necklace of freya +8 RIng Of Queen Ant +8 SOLD Elegia Earring +8 Necklace of Frintezza +4 Vorpal Earring +5 SOLD Vesper ring +8 x2 SOLD -- Weapon -- Mardil's Fan - Holy Spirit (ACUMEN) SOLD Feather eye blade (FOCUS) +5 Vesper dual dagger - Gale +7 Vesper Shooter +7 - Clayrvoiance (Focus) AND MUCH MORE.. If you are intrested to buy something leave me a PM with the offer. Accepted payments : PayPal.
  18. WTS on Skelth Account / 120€ (both chars are on same account) Prophet 55 - naked all buffs learned! WIT dyes SE 40 Adena 2.4€/kk - 34kk on stock-----------buy all for 70€ Paypall / friends and family option only!!!! Add me on skype: replix-l2 Am a trusted member, just check my other topic:http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197328-wts-adena-on-core/
  19. Hello. Want to sell adena on L2 Dragon. Prices will be really cheap i just want to get anything out of all the grinding i did. Accepting payments only throught PAYPAL. If u are interested about anything, just leave me a PM. ADENA : 1B for 0.13 EU (actual cheapest price) STOCK - 190B PM ! :)
  20. Hello all, I am selling adena in Innova core official server. Price per bil: 9 eu Stock: Medium I accept only paypal friends & family option, please don't ask for adena first. In case you live in Greece I also accept bank transfer. Please send me a private message in forum, I normally respond very fast. In the past I made successful trades with the following people: aydeeli, SuperSale2015, Sobieski, luki133, marek29, ioakeimtar, LangGrenis ​looking for more successful trades O0
  21. WTS vesper heavy +4 ,with 4 lvl attri x3 , full foundation all parts + noble vesper duals foundation +8 lvl 7 attri vesper and vorpal jewels 13+ bilion adena , 60 FA few attri stones S grade cp shirt S grade bracelet s84 cloack price under 15-20 euro max for ALL ! pm me ! I can also give char Gladi 85 lvl with skills +10 and clan lvl 11 clan hall and castle and almost all clan skills ! http://www.l2dragon.net/
  22. Hello, i'm selling adena/chars at rpg x3: 100kk=7e chars: Grand Khavatari: 84/75/75/75 nobl SE: 84/75/72 nobl WC: 83.90/65 (+great fury) SWS: 85 (sub q done) BD: 84 DOD: 80 only paypal and i don't go first skype: eligijus.siupynas
  23. Character Name: Aryathing Class: Othell Rogue(95LVL) Dualclass: Iss Enchanter(85LVL) Subclass: Phantom Ranger(64LVL) Status: Noblesse Talismán: Anihilation(yellow talismán) Ítems On INV: Set Twilight+3(Boots and Gaunts+5)Zaken Earring And Frintezza's Necklace Ítems On Warehouse: 180kk Adenas,Amount of EXP Runes,Assasin Suit Set and parts,Stones for Spawn RB'S with drop(85 and 93 lvl)Enchants,Immortal Scrolls and Much more Skype And Mail to Contact with me: GoodInterludeLineage2@outlook.es Price: 75Euros ,Payment Paypal
  24. New cool module- up to 300 lobbies - Price 50$ for 10 pieces. Main features: -All chronicles are supported and each chronicle has different lobbies that you can choose for you. -All lobbies are loaded in random. Each client launch will show a different lobby. -No lobby limits, you can insert any amount of them. -Integrated into our guard - so every patch approved by us will work. -Most lobbies are animated. -NO PATCH ADD-ON, even if you choose 200 of them all your patch weight will remain the same. -Cheap & cool thing to make your server more private. We can make custom lobbies that aren't posted in our collection for additional price, we can add NPCs as well for additional price by custom order. Helios examples: Video ; Screens Some screens for lazy people (I advice you watch the video since it has animation unlike screens) Interlude Preview Full Screens Pack Some screens for easy preview. p.s. the pack will include the char select fix As always, we try to provide an interesting and cheap service for our clients, join us today to enjoy the upcoming grand guard update module! For more information add us in skype: (live:sguard.soft) *Works with sguard module only. Standalone modules may be sold if a convincing explanation provided, price may vary for those servers.
  25. Im selling DB+6 FOCUS. Server: L2eu.com x7 Lionna Price: 40€ Skype: kyvany_69 PM here or Skype.
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