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  1. hello, can anyone write requires for server 500+ player, i mean pc requires, but pls be clear, write everything what i need , for example do i need video card for server and stuffs like this, thx in advice.
  2. Well I think I read enough thx for ur support guys. Close
  3. Thx for all your answers but still No1 answer me correctly yet about they will scan me or not , will they actually do the job?
  4. so you are saying that i can trust you? i mean if anyone used their product (if its safe, if its real) can share thier opinion as well?
  5. i also need support to build server he can do this also? (ofc i will pay)
  6. i have 1 question, if anyone know this site is real or just scammers? i want to know is it worth to pay to them to buy product ? does anyone used this ? https://athena-project.eu
  7. hey there, can anyone teach me how to change skills hmmm how to say idk, i want some skill to be able only in olympiad so what i have to add into skill description. <set name="skillAllowed" val="OLYMPIAD" /> <<<< is that correct? pls help me :)
  8. HOW TO: 1) increase weight limit. - 2) use all actives at once. - 3) change enchant system, to all +enchant have its own percent of success. - 4) increase buffs time. - 5) edit or delete drops from mobs. - 6) edit npcs name/title - don't forget it's aCis, and be kind and answer me if you know how to those things.
  9. so first of all i am asking those things bcs of i check configurations and did not find anything, i change frozen with acis so now i need a little help and dont blame me for asking something i dont know unlike you :) 1) can i make custom starting spawn location (all newbies spawn at same location does not matter race). 2) how can i change npc instance , i cant find "edit npc" when i am pressing shift + click 3) and how to give noble status to all newbies, at frozen it has its own script but there is not, so how to make noble everyone? 4) how to increase buffs time, its dont have alternativebuffstime . 5) can i use frozen enchant script for acis? or its wont work?
  10. My questions are stupid for you cus you know them but for me its normal questions cus im a beginner so I am still learning and all your answers was useful for me so thx again.
  11. You are so salty my dude :D not every one is good at building l2 like you , so well okey thx for your support. Close this topic
  12. And can you send me good acis source? And its for free or I gotta pay? :)
  13. So problem is that I rr? About details I will write you in pm , now I am at work so cant give details :) and 1 question its your server so you will know , does ss works on mele weapons or its same as frozen and after 1hit with ss next 100 misses?
  14. Tryskell then can you tell me why server fails to rr when I am changing some configurations ? 2 times already hapen same thing, and I am only changing things like "allow class master, starting adena" so what is the problem, what you can tell about this?