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  1. well i want 1 event but i guess this topic is dead already :/
  2. # Min and max lvl allowed for a mob to be champion. << what does it mean? my guess is that mobs get lvl when killing them, i am i right or its something else?
  3. how to give all players nobbless blessing can any1 tell pls? (dont ask pay for this little help ..)
  4. hi, do anyone build servers here? with pay ofc but he have to build exactly what kind of server i want, i tried to build by my own but i met some problems (cant reg oly, no buffer, cant manage augment system i want, and some more) i want interlude, so if anyone interested write
  5. how to fix "you are either not on a quest that involves this npc, or you don't meet this npc's minimum quest requirements" I tried to find answer around the internet but no solution, i am using frozen pack, pls any1 help me to fix this , i cant use any buffer bcs of all quests write this :/ pls any useful answer :/ i am hopeless
  6. Hi I am newbie and I hope I get help there, I cant reg in oly what do I have to do? Its need any configuration in system or I just missing some fails and have to download?
  7. I checked all possible buffers but none of them worked, I want random buffer w/o images or anything like this, just buffer that works for frozen
  8. Hi there, iam new and its first time iam looking for help, ihope I get some help, My question is how to delete chances and some stupid actives/passives from system? I tried to write down all actives and passives I wanted but system crushed augmentation, can anyone help and write me how to make it success? Sry for bad eng I hope I was clear