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  1. and what is the price? or you are changing price on your will?
  2. can i delete castle guards from anywhere? i mean not 1 by 1. and 1 more question, how can i change enchant skill Sp cost ?
  3. you did not put password and can't install without password? then how did you install? 😄 no mad but you just need password, reinstall mysql and remember password then use this pass on mysql connection.
  4. when you install Mysql it's should have asked password, you have to put that password there 🙂
  5. <set name="lethal1" val="5"/> <set name="lethal2" val="1"/> help me to set up those lethal to take 50% instead of 99%.. I read lethal1 = 50% of hp lethal2 = 99% of hp. but when I am deleting lethal2 then lethal1 don't take 50% of Hp, but if I delete lethal1 and keep just 2 its take 99%, and if I keep both still its hitting 99% to normal mobs but when its spawn champion its hitting about 10% I guess. so can anyone help me to set up it so to hit 50% of hp only?
  6. How to modify items like mana pot or cp pot? In navicate I can't change anything of those items.
  7. ah okey, so i have to increase prices and its will stay? ok thx
  8. hi, can i somehow force server to stop update prices into multisell? its changing my prices ...
  9. Okey, thx. If anyone don't have any other answers can be Closed.
  10. Okey but what about paladins reflect? Can I make it so to when he unequip shield effect worns off? I have not checked those skills also I am at work so can't check , but can I add this what you wrote me zake to stop effect if shield will be disarmed?
  11. #zake If I am not wrong this what you wrote means that I can use those skills on those weapons, but what I meant is that, when I use zealot or frenzy it's have to stop working when I change weapon, except if you change weapons at 30% hp.
  12. But reflect or titans frenzy zealot don't works when changing weapons?
  13. so if i delete lethal2 and keep only lethal1 adventures will be able to take 50% hp from mobs? and to hit often i have to increase rate ye?