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  1. Dont mind him,ignore him as i do. Thank you for trying to defend. This panel is not working for L2J it's only for L2Off. You can post a share link so you can convince people about your replies Nightw0lf if not,get off my topic.
  2. Price is 70€ with all Functions for limited time. Thank you!
  3. I can send you ucp for L2j for free. Contact me on Skype : Liamxroy1

  4. Hello,i wish to sell or to exchange an ACP i bought before some time ago,because i will go to L2J & not L2Off. I have bought full system of the ACP with Donation Features and things like that. It comes with a bg.psd so you can change it to your desires. Im giving you a preview of another server,cause i have not something online. It's a quick shot so you can look how the interface is. And there are some servers,you can register and try the ACP Features. https://www.l2alendria.com/ucp/ https://ultimal2.com/ucp/ Price is : 70€ Im interested into a trade with an L2J ACP also. You can contact me through message.