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  1. Αυτά τα lyrics του σε κάνουν να έχεις τάσεις αυτοκτονίας...(/GR)
  2. Very nice guide Trance. Bravisimo!
  3. InTheEndॐ


    He should get banned.
  4. Send me a message with your skype,so i can help you
  5. One of the best Dev in this community,vouch for him!
  6. First time i reply on a stranger's server,but bro i really like your Features,well designed GL
  7. Anyone found a decent solution about this problem? No one of the current solution stated is working.
  8. [GR]Έχεις γράψει έκθεση αλλά κανένα σχόλιο για τα 100ευρώ που έχεις φάει από τον τύπο bro...[/GR]
  9. Just a garbage re-seller with overpriced Items,not worth a penny.
  10. Hey dude!  how are you?


  11. Dont mind him,ignore him as i do. Thank you for trying to defend. This panel is not working for L2J it's only for L2Off. You can post a share link so you can convince people about your replies Nightw0lf if not,get off my topic.