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  1. https://www.mostwantedrp.net/ he even used it for an rp server 🤣🤣
  2. Where is you a psycho problem or an abuse behaviour? Is the author your girlfriend and my reply is making you mad? Selling a junk project which never had over 80-150real online players for something unique & well coded which actual is a trash pack with every adapted/leached code people find on maxcheaters(You can understand it from html,because they don’t even bother to change they’re structure atleast 😁) We’re trying to protect some clueless maybe Pride Player which he will think that by giving 1k euro to this guy he will get what he pays for. Before 5-6 years when you tried to sell something in the Development scene,the files would be examined and get valued by moderators & replied by other Developers,you couldn’t sell piece of craps. I don’t understand why this tactic has been ignored and everyone can sell trash for gold. Be blessed to have people like me and xdem spend our 2cent time to even give a reply in here. 🙏
  3. There is no reason you deleted the post we made about his pack & what’s he offers most replies are to protect buyers which have no idea. This is not a project that should be allowed for selling.
  4. LoL,very nice skills dude,what would be the cost of a launcher like that?
  5. I think mxc missed some innovative codes,congrats my friend for sharing your ages of experience to pure human beings🔥🔥
  6. 1k check out here,I own you a coffee baby 🤪
  7. Old time classic Mr.Dimis expect the best when you deal with the KvN King.
  8. We all know Topzone owner is braindead just stop using this topsite.
  9. ♦️ Ο Gango.gr έχει ανοίξει από της 28 φεβρουαριου!♦️ ♦️ Οι αιτήσεις για το Staff μας, το Ε.Κ.Α.Β. και την ΕΛ.ΑΣ. είναι ανοιχτές! ♦️ Top Streamers ! Μεγάλα Giveaways! Διεκδίκησε Μαφίες, Gangs, Αυτοκίνητα και πολλά άλλα! ♦️ Optimized Files! High FPS+ ! Free vMenu. ♦️ Μπορείς να γίνεις το αφεντικό στην καλύτερη πόλη? Μπες στο Discord, για σουπερ δώρα και εργασιες! https://gango.gr/
  10. Buying Eola files from Pigasos and telling that “best devs as katara & anarchy” also... l2eliot is a big populated server? Where on your friends? Selling compiled shared eola pack 250€ damn you boy.