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  1. Hello guys im selling another char full gear A & S Grade weapon 85lvl pm or reply or add me discord: Barbas93#3979 for more info. new items added!!
  2. Hello guys i have some items for sale, tm heavy set unsealed +3 tm glaive, bw heavy set +3, avadon robe set x2, flaming dragon skull, cloak, fire dragon belt, fire dragon pendant lvl 3 +8, igni's old necklace lvl 2, talisman of authority lvl 5, agathion bracelet lvl 4, talisman bracelet lvl 2, brooch lvl 5, garnet lvl 4, ruby lvl 3, vital stone lvl 3,pearl lvl 3, diamond lvl 3, 40 donate pound. 83lvl dreanought and 82lvl mystic muse. contact me on discord En/Gr: Barbas93#3979
  3. Hi, im selling 1 DC ROBE SET, 1 TTS SET, 1 AM+A, 1 and 3billions adenas. and 1 crafter 70lvl with full parts and materials as gift. For more info add me on discord:MpokolisS#8754
  4. Everything sold, 1 mod lock the topic, thanks.
  5. Hello, so because of my work i cant play anymore so i sell my char or my items. DOMI 79lvl main with sub Warlord 79lvl lvl 3 scavenge and lvl 2 haste 2750 Festival Adenas [FA] worth of 10 euro or 11k adenas. baium+3 aq+6 zaken+3 valakas+5 dc robe set good lvl title.
  6. just bought a key, i vouch for this guy, trusted and helpfull proofs. Key is hidden ofc :)
  7. Hello guys i was searching arround for any way to find protocol version of servers but all the topics are old and the methods are already fixed so im asking if any1 knows any new way cuz im using oog walker and is important. Thanks.
  8. well im using win7 32bit and i try on this srv http://frenzy.su/
  9. i tried that already but always the smart-guard found my bot,all day im searching for 1 app hide program still nothing.
  10. ty for the info adr.bot, can you share any good hide application tool? ty