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  1. Hello, we are 2 friends looking for a L2J H5 dev to make a full project. Contact me for more info.
  2. I think he means: If a sws songs Hunter , Earth, Wind, the next song will always cost more, but if you restart even if you have 4 songs on, if you keep singing the skills will start again from mp base 60, at least i abused this on many servers and worked liks this.
  3. The dominator debuff range is wrong, just tried it and the circle must be a little bit closer.
  4. Yep i know, but maybe the Dominator and the Mages who spell force him are behind all the mass but enough in range to get the skill over the head (Already happened with Titans) , specially to start hitting just when FoI ends.
  5. Isnt about the reuse, is about to know when it ends to start fighting and when a enemy comes with it because you didnt saw them casting it.