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  1. Adrenaline Bot for Lineage 2 | Official website
  2. Adrenaline Bot for Lineage 2 | Official website - https://l2soft.eu

  3. begin while delay(2000) do begin if user.dead then begin Engine.SendToServer('7D 1600000045590000'); delay(1111); end; end; end.
  4. Use WaitAction instead. var id , p : integer; begin while (true) do begin Engine.WaitAction([laSysMsg],id,p); print(id); end; end.
  5. var PURCHASE_DIALOGS: array of string = ['1st Dialog name','2nd Dialog name']; StaffID : integer = 189; StaffCount : int64 = 1; StaffPrice : int64 = 1800000; function ItemCounting(id: integer): int64; var i: integer; begin result:= 0; for i:= 0 to Inventory.User.Count-1 do begin if (Inventory.User.Items(i).ID = id) then Inc(result, Inventory.User.Items(i).Count); end; end; procedure OpenStore(); var i: integer; begin for i:= Low(PURCHASE_DIALOGS) to High(PURCHASE_DIALOGS) do if Engine.DlgSel(PURCHASE_DIALOGS[i]) then delay(500); end; procedure PurchaseCrystallize(); var i: integer; begin while delay(100) do begin if (Engine.Status = lsOnline) and (ItemCounting(57) > (StaffPrice*StaffCount)) then begin OpenStore(); Engine.NpcExchange(StaffID, StaffCount); for i:= 1 to StaffCount do begin if Engine.CrystalItem(StaffID) then delay(200); end; end else begin Print('Havent enough adena for purchase!'); Engine.BlinkWindow(true); Script.Stop; end; end; end; begin PurchaseCrystallize; end.
  6. https://l2.zhumarin.ru/? will work for interlude as well
  7. Firstly you have to check html dialog begin print(Engine.DlgText); end. Let's say you have <html><body><a action="bypass -h npc_268477783_Quest Q362_BardsMandolin">[Bard's Mandolin (In Progress)]</a><br> correct code will be this begin Engine.BypassToServer('npc_268477783_Quest Q362_BardsMandolin'); end.
  8. .teach me master, how did u do that ps. later such monkeys spaming why my bot not working
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