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  1. Hello, I got some items and char for sell in Elixir x3 PP 78 - 60 days subscription Destro 78 ( subclass HE 60 ) - 65 days subscription EE 68 - 5 days subscription SE 58 - 3 days subscription BD 58 - 20 days subscription ITEMS MJ light set 4/3/3/3 Tallum hvy set 4/3/3/3 Shyed Bow +3 Focus Eminence Bow +8 Infernal Master focus +3 Halberd Wide blow +3 Adena stock 850kk - 1 EUR --> 23kk Midleman is possible but you have to cover transaction, if you want to buy char first i can
  2. WTS Fire 3lvl +7 Fire 3lvl +8 Belion Cestus +6 Avadon Robe set Tyrrant 78, Toi 4, VIP4 all skills learned, dyes 3rd profesion, AQ char sorcerer 40 on same account WC 78 , cov, gate chant, VIP4 BD 74 , all dances learned Craft 52 , have recipe shots and blessed spiritshots D,C,B All transaction can supported with Pufa Skype: stronger Discord: String#5729
  3. He lie each day, that i get adena but since i bought adena from him i didnt receive anything, SCAMER. NICK: NikoH Skype: havalsky Nikolaj PayPall: Владимир Сидоренко e-mail: b0ychild699@gmail.com
  4. Like in Topic, I have for sell HE 58 lvl and PR 41 lvl on the same account, chars naked ofc, price 30 euro.
  5. WATCH OUT FOR THAT GUY! I waiting already 2 days for adena, first time he said that will be delivered 1.5 h later but still dont have money. I do not recommend that seller.
  6. Like in topic, 350kk on stock, pm here or skype marcinkaluzny5@gmail.com
  7. Hi For sell BW Heavy SET +6 70 euro SOLD Doom light SET+6 40 euro SOLD Pm here or SKYPE marcinkaluzny5@gmail.com
  8. Hi for sell accounts: - Prophet 58 lvl and on the same account SE 48 with BW Robe set and weapon ISS6 <-- 90 days subscription 65 euro SOLD - Blade Dancer 52 lvl and tons scrool for exp <-- 90 days subscription 40 euro - PR 41 lvl and on the same account HE 57 lvl with a lot of items and mats ( fish stew, mysterious soulshot etc.) <--- 90 days subscription 25 euro I have also 300kk adena for sell 0
  9. Like in the topic, chars on the same account with 20 days subscrption. Pm here or skype
  10. Cleric lvl 40, future PP or BISHOP. Pm me here. Price 25 euro.