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  1. Awesome Guy. Good job. Fast, Helpful. Make him understand what you need and he is gonna add an extra imagination. Trusted. 9.5/10 .
  2. Hey, As title says, i'm looking for a Dev to fix few things for me, Feel Free to message me. Also if everything goes well we may start a cooperation if both sides are ok :) I mean i will have new things to create such as events e.t.c and so i could give a part time job or something like that to a Dev. :) Languages To contact : Greek/English. Please inbox message. Thanks
  3. Check this out fellas: www.l2gold.us


  4. Hey there, check this out. L2gold.us is opening as x1000, with dungeon gamestyle for solo/party mode. 17.11.2017 Opening 19:00 Gmt + 2 Website : www.l2gold.us www.l2gold.us/main Forum : www.l2gold.us/forum Facebook Main Page : https://www.facebook.com/l2gold.us/ ''Sorry for the name is an older project but facebook won't let me change it.. '' Facebook Private Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/655629177972237/ ''you Can always apply for a membership'' and few Videos on the web : 1st Dungeon Preview/Gamestyle Second Dungeon
  5. as his feedbacks says this guy offers a fast [business] and clean. after 3 days i called him in a good way 'noob' and he explode asking my email to make refund later he asked my paypal because he had a problem with his card and goes on[i paid with skrill]. 1st day reason : Girlfriend hanging out[i was cool] 2nd day reason: 1 bug he never met and he had to call a friend to help him[shit happens,cool again] 3rd day reason : that huge bug is bugging him and he is going to send the files before midnight[cool again :)] 4th reason(before midnight) : i called him noob in a good way, screen
  6. OHHH here comes again :) , first of all this photo was created by a Kid[perhaps was you] on a homemade 5 minutes server to take me 'down', u didnt take into ur consideration that i dont have that dynasty helmet(i never had it) and secondly the stats in this photo of 1 lvl class are wrong, so next time if u try to do such stuff please make sure u copied all from the real server :) *and yes im Avo222, i hope u enjoy ur 5 hours server :))) As about bots all servers got bots it's not x10000 they need supports, if u got some balls log for pvp at nights check the 'fake' 'robot' action in elve
  7. simply tried that many times,if u can help me with some more info let me know please.
  8. I Need some advice or services if needed. trying to convert .l2j geodata to .d if someone can do that fast he will get paid ,also if its an easy way im not seeing right now due to alot of work please reply here best wishes.
  9. please check our new feautures with vote bars + Pc bang points [pc bang points = 300 / 1 HOUR] you can exchange it to the newbiew helper 150pc = 1 blessed 35 votes = armor e.t.c gl
  10. if you can't follow some simple rules, Huh,can't help you..GL
  11. First,i dont think staff in maxcheaters can be paid to act corrupted so watch it out. Secondly rude players gets banned instantly by me like it or NOT,thats my style.Since you were deleted it means you did something bad to me Gstar ^^,and stop spamming my post please,im searching for some decent guys that will respect my job and not influence my behavior. /done.
  12. yeah i've seen this also :) but i would like to see that if thats really me :))) everyone can make 1 server and copy names e.t.c also those who know me they know how i speak, i never use "bro", so this kid can go back to his homemade hater server,btw my community knows stuff like this never happen thats why we still have the support from the community, those photos were published in manyyy forumes social media just to shut me down,good luck and for those who trust any stranger in the internet better reconsider :) Log in my server and later judge about corruption. Good luck haters. A