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  1. Server was down due to Core update. Now we are up again. Thanks
  2. Thank you very much. I hope fore the best.
  3. Welcome to L2 Feronia. We are a small group of friends who used to play Lineage 2 in its golden era. During the quarantine, nostalgia hit us hard and we came up with the idea of our own private L2 server. The last month we tried our best in order to develop and maintain a stable Server without bugs, unbalance classes and stable economy but we can't achieve that without a player base. As a result, we invite you to join us in l2 Feronia open beta. After the beta test all the characters will be deleted but the accounts which joined during the beta will turn into premium accounts for 1 month. Server Info. Rate Xp x100 Rate Sp x100 Rate Adena x100 RatePartyXp x200 RatePartySp x200 RateConsumableCost x1 RateDropItems x1 RateRaidDropItems = x1 Enchant Normal 70% Blessed 80% Vote Scroll 90% Safe Scroll 100% Safe +4 Max +20 Attributes Enchant rate 80% Main Currency Adena Festival Adena Donation Coins Top Armors and Weapons Elegia and Vorpal Top s 84 Wepons Jewls Rb Jewls (Can be obtain only from raidbosses or donation) Top s84 Jewls Some custom Features. Flag PvP Zones and custom Areas Commands for teleport ex .giran Command for Bank system ex .withdraw .deposit Vote System rewards PvP Count Rewards Achievement System Rewards Nobless Manager 20 Types of Custom Events All Instances Working 100% Balance Classes Premium accounts double the farm double the fun No custom items No Unbalance Donators And Many more Note: We are here to stay for a very long time. The l2 java source is powered by l2jsunrise. Please note that we have an ingame bug reporter. Hi5 Clean Client l2 Feronia System We are happy to listen to our users and become better and better by day. Hope to see you ingame
  4. I traded with Simmo 2 days ago and everything went well without any problem and i am forward to trade again. In my opinion some of the ppl here talk to much without any proofs.
  5. how much ? and how this is going to be ?
  6. Επειδή τυχαίνει να έχω εξεταστική και να θέλω να πάρω το παιχνιδάκι μετά τις 13 ιουλίου μήπως υπάρχει κανένας με guest pass key? Δεν ψήνομε να το πάρω χωρίς καν να το έχω δοκιμάσει, γιατί δεν είναι και λίγα τα λεφτά. Ευχαριστώ
  7. 2300 cast speed? Full custom? Balance 70%? Those features are not good.
  8. Me tin idia logiki akoma kai ena custom interlude,c4,c3,.... mporei na theorithei paralagi tou lineage 2. Ala ola ta noobakia psofate gia tetia. Opote parata to genika kai ase ta topic.
  9. Ne re codareis kai etoimo. Gia auto kratane mia vdomada oi server pleon.
  10. re pedia mia erotisi sxetika me to l2jfrozen. Sto timeline vlepo mono 2 updates fix. Pos exei prokiyei apo ta kalitera gia pvp ?
  11. Vlepeis ti marka einai to router, yaxneis sto internet kai anoigeis ports mesa apo to admin panel tou router. I eteria pou eisai den exei kamia sxesi oute to software oute ti server exeis mesa.
  12. Well thats my point. That is not possible even with a lot of donates to recover that amount of money.
  13. So if they are going to get the double, the server need to have in 1-2 months 1500 euro donates so you can keep the server machine and give the double to the ppl. Its hard to do that. So in my opinion no ïnvest" but just "donate".
  14. Den iparxei anti ddos protection kai vlakies teties. Kane sosta setup to firewall kai eisai koble.