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  1. Works like a charm both on acis public source 382(easy to adapt) and at latest 398. This right here is pure gold. Thank you for your contribution.
  2. My both vps is linux. Any hint how do i run those 3 files of the app there ? thanks for the answer.
  3. Hi, first i need to get something clear, in java side (l2 proxy patch diff ) do i need to setup something else rather than apply the patch to source ? if not, then when i try to load login server i get this error https://ibb.co/HN3vn7J Setup in my xml is like the one in post. (ofc changed accordingly) Second, do i need to run both java patch and the app in order for this to work ? or the app can work by connecting from my dedi to the app of my proxy ? if thats the case how do i connect the API from l2jpack to this ? Thank you in advance and its great to
  4. Hi, again i want to buy proxy slider for aCis 382. Something similar to lucera. It will be better to track real source ip and not proxy server ip. Thank you
  5. Imagine if all this effort was implemented in a project. TBH the solution for ("admins" moslty) who wants to know which pack to choose from a variety of private and free sources, MY answer is it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is your budget. So in order to have a successful server - project you need to have the will to spent and by spent i mean a lot. At least from the basic monthly income perspective. Every free and private pack needs extra work and extra fixes. If you don't have the knowledge how to develop every aspect of l2j you need to pay. Even if you spent a lot to you
  6. If it's from your local computer just login to your router via Insert your login information (usually you can find the info under the router) and find setup for port forwarding. Then just open the ports 7777 and 2106. There are countless guides in this forum on how to execute this task.
  7. I am new to L2j business and i can say that i have found the guy who can deliver fast, reliable and with great support afterwards. Totally recomend. A bit pricy but thats subjective.
  8. Hi guys i am looking for someone in order to purchase files that will work to my server. My current project is running live but i need to make a fresh client. Send me pm for more info.
  9. Beta is over. During Beta 147 accounts created and more than 312 characters. Thank you for your support hope to see you at Grand Opening
  10. Hi again, I am looking for someone to buy an account manager+ some help for setup. Thank you
  11. I smth else out there private or open to use ?
  12. Hi Guys, I am currently setting up account manager for my server. My project is running l2jsunrise source. ACM im trying to install is l2jweb manager which is free. I am into my dedicated and try to setting up mysql to listen to remote users. I am currenytly with root@localhost user. I am trying to give priviliges to this user. I dont use navicat but i use workbench. So with cmd i entered GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'USERNAME'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD'; For Some reason cant accept specific ip ( my webhosting ip) so in this case % to listen to all ips
  13. Hi guys. I am looking for Hi5 client mod. I want to look like lineage 2 classic. Thank you
  14. Can someone transfer this topc on live private server ? Thankyou
  15. Server was down due to Core update. Now we are up again. Thanks