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  1. Beta is over. During Beta 147 accounts created and more than 312 characters. Thank you for your support hope to see you at Grand Opening
  2. Hi again, I am looking for someone to buy an account manager+ some help for setup. Thank you
  3. I smth else out there private or open to use ?
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently setting up account manager for my server. My project is running l2jsunrise source. ACM im trying to install is l2jweb manager which is free. I am into my dedicated and try to setting up mysql to listen to remote users. I am currenytly with root@localhost user. I am trying to give priviliges to this user. I dont use navicat but i use workbench. So with cmd i entered GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'USERNAME'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD'; For Some reason cant accept specific ip ( my webhosting ip) so in this case % to listen to all ips
  5. Hi guys. I am looking for Hi5 client mod. I want to look like lineage 2 classic. Thank you
  6. Can someone transfer this topc on live private server ? Thankyou
  7. Server was down due to Core update. Now we are up again. Thanks
  8. Thank you very much. I hope fore the best.
  9. SERVER IS LIVE Discord: Website: About L2 Aeon L2 Aeon is a new project made by Lineage 2 Players. The last 3 months we did our best to develop a java pack with great stability, many custom features (no custom items), balance classes and stable economy. Rates Exp x100 Adena x100 Sp x100 Enchant Safe +3 / Max +12 Normal Scrolls 50 % / Blessed Scrolls 55 % Attributes 50% / Crystals 30% Enchant
  10. I traded with Simmo 2 days ago and everything went well without any problem and i am forward to trade again. In my opinion some of the ppl here talk to much without any proofs.
  11. Seamless

    Gold EU serv

    how much ? and how this is going to be ?
  12. 2300 cast speed? Full custom? Balance 70%? Those features are not good.
  13. Me tin idia logiki akoma kai ena custom interlude,c4,c3,.... mporei na theorithei paralagi tou lineage 2. Ala ola ta noobakia psofate gia tetia. Opote parata to genika kai ase ta topic.
  14. Ne re codareis kai etoimo. Gia auto kratane mia vdomada oi server pleon.