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  1. The server is with fresh start im in the game , we are waiting for players more. Recruiting ppl "Rise" +1 ,farm is good(medium,hard), pvp zone, i want to test rbs and etc Come and play vs us or with us . We see you, enjoy :P
  2. Make your ip real, this is the way because if you dont , you need to change everyday ports with news local ips.
  3. Interlude without custom items but with hard farm,enchant,augment it will be good and donate which is not impossible for guys who play 1,2 month.
  4. Hello, i have some questions about lineage 2 players: 1.Are there still people who want clan+cp's for low or mid rate servers, 4-25x High five chronicle? 2.What most people like now, farm,rbs or fun like sieges and pvps? 3.Which clans are liked more (internationals,russians,polands,bulgarians)? 3.1) Why you prefer it? 4.Which communication programs you prefer? Please answer on these 4 questions like investigation. This survey will help to many players and clan leaders, thanks in advance Example-1.0) 1. I like the big clans+cp and i prefer low rate servers (4-10x) 2. I'
  5. Everyone know Rise of Abyss from cadmus "l2.ru.offi". I dont know where are they now, anyone play with them? I want to know some information about them , where they play now, where are GoodTimes, Керрад etc..
  6. mr wongerlt and mrs Achlekr i didnt answer it cuz i repair it . And if you mean that im didnt see in google your soo stupid . In Google have many 10-20 topics with GAMEGUARD problems but every of these topics are stupid and dont working . Really problem was from the system cuz i tried with own clean system shared in google free of course ...
  7. Hello im searching for interface high five platform . What i need, simple skill bars who are WORKING with macros,augments skills,items. I dont like big skill bars, I like simple and easy for working interface. I want every class from enemy to be under my target and for last if only ..IF can be cracked enemy skills . What i mean with "enemy skills?" -> https://postimg.org/image/5zlrtlyqn/ and is + else have more incredible setting but simple. I have some interface files which are shared here or in another site/s but i dont like them cuz is very difficult ,hard for using and b
  8. we are 2017 but still some ppl are as.H$le!
  9. This gameguard make me angry. Error after error how i can delete gameguard from my system?? I tried to delete gameguard folder but is automatically updated. I tried to delete gameguard.des then i get automatically error on acount section.If i dont make anything i get error inside the game error like 660/620 or 1002. Only errors please how i can delete this Sh*t. Thanks in advance i USE l2j High five Master project.I really dont want to use gameguard!
  10. Errors are 620-660-1002 . 1)How i can fix it?? # localhost # ::1 localhost L2authd.lineage2.com My Ip L2authd.lineage2.com etc... My friend cant log in inside game like me same error. How i can delete gameguard? ????? without another error http://imgur.com/a/Tid77 Im inside l2 for 3 second while gameguard send me message that cant run.