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  1. Hi, I want to buy adena on the new x5 Ignis from lineage2es PM here or in Discord - LiquIDMeow#3073 Thanks
  2. already dead, says 'can't connect to gateway server'
  3. Being punished for asking for help in the HACKING section? Have you noticed the forum's name?
  4. How did you came to the conclusion that tales lasts longer than 3 months? All I see in the top sites every month is a new tales, new era, new lionna and so on.
  5. 12 online including me and the admin :/
  6. 120 online the first 2 days, then he banned over ~100 bots, so now it's him and his 2 characters and the 2 clan leaders ;d
  7. Hello, I wanted to buy L2Adrenaline, but I'm not sure which is the official page. Googling it I found l2soft.eu and adrenalinebot.com - both claiming to be the official adrenaline site and both looking kind of legit.. Thanks!
  8. again? 3 in a row with the same name?
  9. GG, dead within the opening. The exp rate is no more than 20x.. I bought premium (supposedly 70-75x) and the rate is not more than 30x with it :D Last night there were 600 online, today they're no more than 250.
  10. Yet another 25-50x with the same enchant/attribute rate, bots and olly feed allowances and gear under the table :/ Did you really have to make the biggest button in your home page the "Donate" one?
  11. "Unique features" - 50x rate, olly max enchant 6 and olly feed allowed :D FFS, make it max B grade in olly and watch how the whole clan feed their heroes only, without giving any slight of a chance for normal players..
  12. when? I see players already in the top lists in the site