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  1. GG, dead within the opening. The exp rate is no more than 20x.. I bought premium (supposedly 70-75x) and the rate is not more than 30x with it :D Last night there were 600 online, today they're no more than 250.
  2. Yet another 25-50x with the same enchant/attribute rate, bots and olly feed allowances and gear under the table :/ Did you really have to make the biggest button in your home page the "Donate" one?
  3. "Unique features" - 50x rate, olly max enchant 6 and olly feed allowed :D FFS, make it max B grade in olly and watch how the whole clan feed their heroes only, without giving any slight of a chance for normal players..
  4. when? I see players already in the top lists in the site
  5. they just killed destiny and re-opened by a new name - l2 dragon :D
  6. I'm quite interested in all those "unique" stuffs I see in every single copy/paste server.. I mean, when I log-in into either topzone/hopzone I see a bunch of 20-50x servers (really, like 5 H5 and 3-4 Interlude) with the same exact looking pages, stats, customizations, etc.. What's the point of having 3 servers, which are 50x, when we can have 1 with all the people inside? I don't seems to assimilate the greedy server style, which broke this game long ago by opening 1 week servers for the donations, then re-open it at least 15 times (fuck you, Vercetti) for the same purpose..
  7. Server population is like 80% archers, 5% sph, 5% sps, 5% cardi and 5% nerco :D There's not a single mele fighter, nor another type of summoner/caster.....
  8. Decided to come back to it, since I had some good gear.. Well, guess the online count :D