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  1. Hello guys, i'm going to open a new project and in order to do it i will need a good and experienced developer, that will be able to create some features. Chronicle : High FIve (Server based on russian source) For more info regarding code's needed and payments leave me a PM. Thanks!
  2. Where is your problem, are 2 different section.. since i didn't find what i asked for on the other section i tried here because have more views then the other one.
  3. Hello guys, i'm searching for website based donation system. It may ask for char name, donation amount and payment system, and after once the payment will be done the player can obtain donation coins on game. (just serius guys, not reseller... i need someone that know what he is going to do)
  4. bro u answer to other guy... i dont ask u why reply.. xD
  5. I just searching a guy that can adapt it to l2j.. already have it.
  6. Searching for a guy that are able to convert this donation shop from l2ro to l2j... Pm here with prices and contact way..
  7. Someone can help me to adapt l2ava/l2mythras donation shop to l2j? Or create something like it that will be able to sell enchanted items ? Thanks!! or there is any donation shop for l2j look like this??
  8. Very good support from owner... trusted at all... support is really top!!
  9. yes sure if u dont have hands to play,btw.. i never see a better balance... that guys trying all day for our fun.. server is good in all ways.. P.S L2p
  10. Aeron doggy number 2..
  11. Hello Aeron doggy, you are banned cause you try to use bot as all we know,next "the ADMINS rules" you think they let free players who flame and destroy them project? did your ever try to open server?they give a lot of money,cant 1 kid like you destroy them with spam on shout etc,so go to your "AERON" and let that guys with us that we like to play free... gl
  12. Cant like to all ppl :p
  13. just classic pvp server,not bad..
  14. There is big differences from your fail pack (apocalyps) from this files.. trust me.. i test both... that files is full playable and player can exp/farm with happy feelings... not boring like apocalyps shit... so,trust me... isnt your "files"