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  1. L2Reef x1000 PVP High Five Server -Website : www.l2reef.com -Facebook page : www.facebook.com/l2reef Grand Opening : 17/09/2017 20:00 GMT+2 Beta Starts 01/09/2017 20:00 GMT+2 Server Rates: Experience (EXP) : 1000x Skill Points (SP) : 1000x Adena : CUSTOM Drop Items : CUSTOM ENCHANTS Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 16 Donator Enchant : 18 Normal Scroll chance : 75% Blessed Scroll chance : 100% Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 Elemental Stone chance : 80% Elemental Crystal chance : 70% BASIC CON
  2. Grand Open 18/10/2016 15:00 Gtm + 2 RATE SERVER Exp: x100 SP: x100 Adena: x50 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 ENCHANT Safe Enchant +4 Maximum Enchant: +20 Maximum Enchant Crystal: +20 Normal Scrolls Rate: 70% Blessed scrolls Rate: 95% AUGUMENT Mid Life Stone Rate: 10% High Life Stone Rate: 15% Top Life Stone Rate: 20% Passive Augment Skill 1-1 GAMEPLAY Interlude Custom Server Vote System Normal Farm Starting Lv* 1 Sub Class Lv* 40 Buff Slot: 36 Max SubClasses 3 Max Clan on alliance 3 Balanced Classes Auto Learn Skills Auto loot Full Working Wedding
  3. Website : www.l2-staris.com Forum : www.l2-staris.com/forum Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lin2staris/ Hello Community ,, i hope people enjoy the playing game.tomorrow we have grand opening, we waiting all to join game, we worked a lot on our server to provite you the best gameplay. Our goal is to give players the best mid rate experience. GRAND OPENİNG TOMORROW ..! AT GMT+2 13:00 WE WİLL BE ONLİNE. Exp : x50 Adena : x100 Drop : x
  4. L2 Legend 50x HI5 is now ONLINE! http://www.L2Legend.ro New administrator team bought the source + site+name + domain name and started a new work, in order to bring a smile on L2 players' faces!!! We are glad to be toghether again! New PREMIUM ACCOUNT SYSTEM HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED: - 7 days PREMIUM ACCOUNT: 2x Drop/Spoil/FullDrop/Adena/Chance for random pickup - 30 days PREMIUM ACCOUNT: 3x Drop/Spoil/FullDrop/Adena/Chance for random pickup + 5% added to ENCHANT RATE RATES: XP 50X SP 50X ADENA 50X ITEMS 10X SPOIL 20X FISH 10X COMMON 7X QUEST REWARD 2X QUEST DRO
  5. Hello, everyone! I would like to presen new mid rate server project. Chronicle: Lineage II Gracia Final (CT2.3) WEB: http://graciafinal.net FORUM: http://graciafinal.net/forum LIVE launch date: 2015.11.27 18:00 CET Exp / Sp - x30 Party Exp / Sp - x2 Adena - x30 Drop / Spoil - x20 RaidBoss drop - x20 GrandBoss drop - x5 GrandBoss jewels drop - x1 Manor - x10 Quest Drop - x10 Quest Reward - x1 Scroll Enchant Chance - 66% Scroll Enchant Safe - +3 Scroll Enchant Max - unlimited Attribute Stone Chance - 50% Attribute Crystal Chance - 50% Augment Skill Chance Life Stone - 15%
  6. Server site: https://www.l2immortals.com/ Features: https://www.l2immortals.com/home/features Forum: http://forum.l2immortals.com Clan Event: https://www.l2immortals.com/pages/bring-your-clan---custom-packages JOIN US!
  7. L2 Immortals is a brand new High Five server, and it’s here to change the definition of the established Lineage. With very high GM activity alongside with an experienced Development Team, many custom features that cannot be found elsewhere, as well as a lot of forthcoming innovating ideas to be implemented, we are here to provide you with a new gaming experience and a lot of fun! FEATURES Basics Start level: 84 Auto learn skills Subclass without quest & exp Max subclass level: 80 Become noblesse with adena Unique server economy setup Server Time UTC/GMT Buffs Npc Scheme Buffer B
  8. I was unsure wether to post this in the General Discussion or PServer Request Subforum. I figured its more of a discussion where you might drop in a server suggestion. Sup everyone, I am at a loss. I have played this game quite intesively in my past. Offical, Pserver, everyting from C1 to Interlude. I've been gone for a while, 4 years maybe. I want to return. For a few weeks now I've been checking out servers left and right. Every lowrate server I could find that runs Interlude, while wasting some time on a highrate. There is not a single decent project - none. Why? I honestly d
  9. L2Dragon team wishes you a pleasant game. The server is online. Enjoy the game First hour 900+ online L2-Dragon.net is a brand new L2 server that simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II. Server version High Five , our files are private & better in every aspect than most private projects, And we claim this not by arrogance but by knowledge & experience in last 8 years . This is a fact, and all are challenged to join and fight like old times!! Server will be based of mid-rate server with some custom features Player online time in beta increase pre
  10. GRAND OPENING: 02/05/2015 16:00 UTC-3 ES-L2.ORG ES-L2.ORG/BOARD Server Hardware Technology Sandy Bridge E - 12 threads Intel Xeon E5-1650 Six-Core Hard disks 2x SSD 160 GB RAM 64 GB DDR3 Connection at 1 GB Server Rate EXP: 100x SP: 100x DropItems: 1x RaidDropItems: 1x RaidDropJewely: 1x Spoil: 20x Adena: 100x Protection AntiBot protection Lameguard DDoS protection - Hyperfilter Grand Bosses Stats of Grand Bosses are regulated Valakas Respawn:264+2H Antharas Respawn:264+2H Baium Respawn:168+2H Zaken Respawn:60+2H Queen Ant Respawn:36+2H Core
  11. First of all i want to say hi to everyone here, I am new on this forum and i planned to open an l2 server interlud since 2007, I've been working on l2 projects since 2004 , I am 31 years old and i would like to present all of you my work and my skills. I finished my project called l2elite running on java platform.This project is made from 0 (zero) ,all quests working 100%,all skills working 100%,and i can assure you is better then frozen , acis and all other servers you played. Generally everything was made like L2OFF in proportion of 90% This server running on Java Platform Webs
  12. Equip your armor,Sharpen your weapons! Grand Opening: 20/2 21:00 GMT+2 Video Promo: http://youtu.be/LGyQqNkoZG0 JOIN AND CHECK THE SERVER WITH US! Website: http://l2apollon.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/l2apollon Forum: http://forum.l2apollon.com/ L2 Apollon team proudly present you a unique low rate server check also what unique features L2Apollon has to offer to players like the unique ALT+B that low rate server lack off ! What we offer in L2Apollon is an experienced Team that , knows how to secure a server and knows Lineage2 from player's poi
  13. Hello Everyone, After a long break from L2 , we really missed you guys and decided to come back and create one of the best L2 server out there. Thanks to everyone who welcomed us again and whom also supported us for the past years in our L2 projects. Even though we left L2 for some time we always loved and missed the game while playing various other games. Thanks for welcoming us back. We choose to run an Interlude client because we believe its one of the best chronicles in the series of L2. This thought was supported by most of our friends. The features will be like our previous mid-rate ser
  14. http://massivenetwork.eu Server features: Massive Network Rates: 8x Exp 8x SP 10x Adena 68% Enchant Rates 1.2x Party Exp/SP Multiplier ________________________________________ Massive Network Features First 3 clan with 40 online will receive 10 clan level and 500kk into clan warehouse (dual-boxes won't be counted) Scheme Buffer with 2h Buff Duration GM Shop – All staff available (up to S Grade with Adena and over S Grade with custom drop items) Global Gatekeeper Global Chat New Geodata system A lot of events (not only TvT, bleh...) Automated Remote Backups Daily, so t
  15. hello all..since i've used to only playing on IL/H5 high rate servers..few days ago i started playing on a h5 midrate server (x15) and i need some help...before starting my main class..which class should i lvl up first?sph?soultaker?and then when i reach lvl 84-85..which places should i go to farm adena/attributes etc?is it easy for me to gear up if i make accounts of a single class and going on instances every day? as it seems i like the idea of the midrate server...im bored of having it all ready from a GM shop..so any advices will help me very much ^^ ty for your time folks
  16. BETA TEST : 15. January. 2015 Royal x20 Server Status: Maintenance Rates • Exp: x20 • Sp:x20 • Adena: x15 • Drop: x10 • Spoil: x10 • Quest items: 4x ( may some quests will have different rates - list will be posted soon ) • Knight Epaulette: 3x Server Features • Max-subclasses: 3 - Max level 85 • 24 buff slots,12 dances/songs • Totally classic and retail gameplay. • Anti-DDoS ant anti-bot systems. • Autoloot adenas/herbs • Offline trade enabled • Offline sell buffs • Auto learn skills • Vitality system - improved rates • Olympiad: 2 week • Masterwork items work • Glo
  17. Hello. My friend is going to build new PC. What do you think about this PC build? Could you offer another build with nVidia? Total price: 850 eur Case: Cooler Master Force 500 Graphic card: MSI AMD R9 280 GAMING 3G CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 CPU cooler: SilentiumPC Spartan PRO HE924 Motherboard: MSI Z97 PC Mate Source: Seasonic SSP-450 RT 450W Gold RAM: Kingston HyperX Savage 8GB (2x4GB) 1866MHz DDR3 Fan: ARCTIC F12 PWM Here is URL for basket in our czech website
  18. http://L2HellGate.com (Site is Under Construtction) Rates Exp/SP: 1000x (Instante lv85) Adena: 1000x Server Will be Re-open With new Features, Easly Farm . 11.12.2014 18:00 Gmt + 1 -Enchanting scrolls will be safe, in a way that if they fail your item will not break nor lose its enchant. While your item's enchant level goes higher, its chance to get to the next level will become lower, so you will need to spend more scrolls. Crystal Scrols with 50% chance to enchant +17 (drop only form RaidBoss) -Enchant Safe: +6 (Enchant Max: +16 ) -General Chronicle: Lineage ][ The Chaotic
  19. Introduction: Emerald Network includes lineage 2 private servers. It is based on L2J and simulates official gameplay and formulas. L2 Order VS Chaos: Gameplay is based on PvP fights and Teamwork. In order to become top player you will need to co-oparate and win battles! If you like killing other players and become top PVP player this is the place for you! L2 Rival: Gameplay is based on hunting monsters, killing bosses and some PvP just like the old days. you can get gear by killing monsters and crafting, you can buy up to C-grade items at GM-shop, use the assistance of the NPC
  20. FIRST 300 PLAYERS GET VIP STATUS http://L2LIVE.LT Dear L2Live players, after many suggestions from our players we decide to wipe server. All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero. This wipe will bring important fixs and updates for server and players, all updates players will see in update list and game. It`s great chance for new players to start and for old, who got bored. We promise you a good and stable game! You have great chance be a server leader, so get ready and be the one of the first clans since first moment! Server Start 2014-07-12 16:00 (GMT+3) WHATS NE
  21. Hello there. I am currently planning for the creativity of a hellbound OFF server and i wanted to ask you - players what you'd prefer and what would attract you. Would you be interested in playing in a low rate hellbound server ( x1-10) or in a mid hb server? (x20 - 70) ? How a hellbound server would be enjoyable for you ? Would you generally play a hellbound server these days? I'll be waiting for your opinions,every opinion is welcome . Thanks
  22. WTS ADENA ON PlusOne x1 interlude server. Contact: - pm forum - skype: theone22401
  23. Legenday 8 year old Community Starting a new Low rate Substack Server(1+1) http://www.dragon-network.net/ http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php/topic,278354.0.html Features: Stack-Sub System *This is unique trademark originally made by Dragon-Network , I don't have to spend words about it. This is what it is, old c4 style.There will be no mutants anymore, you will be able to cross sub only with your own race, because we want to avoid overpowered combos impossible to balance too. Multi Language Gameplay *One of the unique futures never seen yet in history of private Lineage 2 servers.
  24. Hello Maxcheaters users! I'm going to announce that L][insight is in beta for a weeks, grand opening it's going to be very soon! i'll give you some info about this project We are going to give you the best interlude experience possible! You'll realise this as we'll have updates every day so you will never get bored of it. All the classes are balanced , any signs of skills,class being unbalanced will be fixed immediately! Full Working Geodata & Pathnode. Our Team is everyday active so if you'll have a question you'll just have to drop a petition or a pm :D W