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  1. classic.ws is not russian project so cannot be the same as this server. classic.ws will open new x15 server on 2.5 zaken platform.
  2. cuz he is a greedy guy and he wants your money :) nice fail l2mid :) again and again and and again, better quit l2 :)
  3. very good server easy hack full elegia for ancient and tos clan from me :D
  4. you shouldnt copy l2tales website in the first place. thats the first mistake you made :) more to come
  5. i dont understand why saga sh1t server copy l2tales sh1t website, good job.
  6. he changed it now to Kamil.
  7. he is even using MAXTOR name in l2mxc forum to answer players :)
  8. lol u o ndrugs? what clans? server is empty, max 50 players online. jesus christ, most fail ever from vercetti, i didnt expect so low.
  9. again fail :) well played vercetti, good luck next time :D
  10. last l2tales was online for how long? 2 weeks? and after he added donations for all kind of items even if he said no donations for items ? :D
  11. new servet from Vercetti, lets see how he fails again :P
  12. it was a list from beta you cunt
  13. did you log to see the items in donation store? no? then stfu
  14. dream more about ur shit server where vercetti selling even his mother :D