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  1. Hello, I am trusted seller for Lineage 2 stuff with 3 years experience of RMT. Now I am more than happy to provide best RMT service not just for Lineage 2 but also Classic WOW. ALL PRICES ON PM Note: If you buy higher amount price is discounted, if you find somewhere cheaper we make better price for you! skype: pacan4iks999 discord: Deniss C.#3157 Skype might not send message/invitation instanly, if I am not responding, please try to call.
  2. For some reason verification email is not going to my email, huh
  3. I asked for that, but because of my inattention though he sent as friends and family. Have a good lesson, do not make deals while driving car.
  4. I do not have that, I wrote this post so sellers evade this skype, email. And maybe give some tips how to not lose in situation like this. I understand that probably I have already lost when I didnt refund money myself after he made payment for goods and services, but still.
  5. So yesterday I got skype message from some guy, he was about to buy adena on gamecoast.net for 100 euro. After some conversation he asked for my paypal, made 2 payments for 50 euro. In like 10 minutes I sent him 2 mail (200 +280) 480kk total, as we made deal for this amount. Now I wake up and this peace of poop has made refund issue, like he didn't receive an items. https://ibb.co/mYZTvp https://ibb.co/cef1Fp Scammer skype: olga.suropoulou
  6. Looking for known/trusted l2j dev for high five mid rate
  7. Check before you post something like this.
  8. This is some next level, steal name to not edit files :D
  9. Hello, I bought Bless Online founder pack worth 70 euro with 2 months premium, want to resell it for 20,00, account also has rust. 40 lvl archer on Bless eu server. Contact here or skype: pacan4iks999
  10. It was just a guess, since I cant imagine someone doing stuff for 2 years without any charging. Why to spend so much time if you can just buy ready files, spend couple days on editing and get same money from donations.
  11. I am pretty sure that supreme is not actually going to open server, this post is made for advertising files, not server. There is no way someone work for 2 years on a server which is going to die in a month. How much file packs have to sold so far?