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  1. 1. MANOR SELLING/BUYING FOR INTERLUDE SERVER 2. AUTOFARM/ANY QUEST DOING/USEFULL SCRIPT FOR CLASSIC CHRONICLES 3. Autolvling 1-xlvl (with .txt or interface where I can modify spots to farm etc) Skype: topadenaa / priv here
  2. I'm on this forum since 2015, many ppl bought from me in contrast to you(joined in Friday). Few guys with the same advertisement(selling adena from Reborn) with no reputation and few days account scammed me and my clients too, so no1 will trust you, I hope you will not find any1 who will send you money first. I offered you deal, you didn't agree, so it's enough for me.
  3. If wanna trade with me (you give adena first, then I pay) - contact me
  4. I'm glad I could made business with you, thank you and see you again;)
  5. time out, please punish him and delete this comment
  6. Hello, we're looking for guys mainly for power lvling our chars on lineage2 servers, mostly Interlude/classic. We need guys to permament cooperation with good benefits to both sides. NO BOTS!!!! We don't wanna to be banned on server we wanna play. Contact with us: SKYPE: topadenaa email: Facebook (like our page and get -10% to every transaction)
  7. great server, for sure the best low rate IL in 2019