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  1. PM me on skype , u have my contact details on private
  2. U cannot receive PM`s dude , ur inbox is full. Leave a pm with the price pls. Thx
  3. +++++++++ I got a great disccount , keep it up mate. I`ll need more soon
  4. I know but it doesnt downgrade to older versions , i could downgrade it `till max , and still the .recstart not working. Any ideea why? Can some1 test it on another server with the curent version of tower? Thx for reply Szaka
  5. Hi guys , as title say , i need an older version of L2Tower than the one that i can download from the official forum. Aparently in , .RecStart is not working , i can see a message only at .RecStop. I need to make some scripts but its impossible to get without this functions. I think the version is the problem , and i dont know how to downgrade it even if i read some tutorials for it. If any of u have a solution pls let me know. Thx in advance
  6. www.l2tower.eu and register on forum. Then put user and password in your L2Tower and press "create free licence"
  7. Download .Netframework 4.0 , if still not works try 4.5 , instal it and then run as administrator. Should work
  8. I got another injector , i managet to log but i get disconnected after some seconds. If any1 have a solution for this pls let us know (tryed with 3 different version of tower , same sh1t)
  9. L2Aeron have like 1k5 players constantly in day time ... and was opened 1,5 monts ago so i think will last a bit longer than others. So i think its worth to buy it ... thank u guys for feedback.
  10. payed adrenaline can bypass smartguard?
  11. As the title say , if any1 knows a working bot for L2Aeron H5 , pls send me a PM. Thx in advance.