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  1. Bought 8kk everything went well. recommended
  2. Go to work instead of saying crap P.S. show everyone the evidence
  3. GerItems, I'm scammer? so tell me, i donate to you like 50euro's or more, i add positive reccommend and you never report me, so, stop bullshit, i buy from 2012 and never i had problem. Ofc for the transaction we use a middleman from maxcheater to be sure.
  4. Hello, I'm interested the ADENA, add me on skype: Alex92 alexhs
  5. Hello guy, WTB 400kk for 25 euro's in L2 RPG 7x skype: Alex92 alexhs
  6. Hello i'm interesting, Add me on skype: Alex92 alexhs
  7. Atm i found 1eu - 1b, how much it's you'r price? Thanks
  8. price vesper found robe +6 lv 7 and hero cloak?
  9. CAUTION!!! SCAMMER!! I TOLD HIM TO USE A MIDDLEMAN "MeVsYou" and they continue to tell me, i dont trust middleman, i want money first DONT GIVE MONEY TO HIM GUYS IT'S SCAMMER 100%