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  1. As a tytle, WTS Elemental summoner lv 79.15% with AM +3 acumen, DC set +4/3/3/3/, BW light set +4/3/3/3, Tateossain Jewl set unsealed +3/3/3/0/0 Quest subclass in progress, (need only give 1 top b weapon, and u get back an a low weapon A at you'r choice.) in inventory item for worth 100kk+, (Themi's Tongue top A, 3 jewel's phoenix A, 3 gc, 1gcm, 1 jewB, 1 DC gaiter, Bsss/CryC/B/A/S and much other Skype: live:simone.olivieroo
  2. As a title, WTB adena in lineage2 Dex+Global new interlude 7x pm me here, or in skype: live:simone.olivieroo *I send money first, only trusted people on a reputable maxcheater, for the poor scammer who are adding me wanting the money first, not even having a post on mxc, you know the answer. :)
  3. UPDATE NEW PRICE: 6eu/1kk - Stock Avaible 11kk+
  4. UPDATE NEW PRICE: 6eu/1kk Stock Avaible 11kk