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  1. Top-rate seller! Delivery (more than 200eu) was exceptionally speedy, service was high-standard, would use them again!
  2. the transaction went smoothly and with a gift, trusted and pleasant seller!
  3. Trusted and friendly seller, decent prices, I had multiple business' trades with him!
  4. Here is the full conversation for your disposal: stinger 1 Started conversation: 22 hours ago Hello there, I’m interested in L2 elixir stuff. What support chars you have? And pricing quotas please. Thanks! Kameramann 0 Replied: 22 hours ago Hi ive got wc 76 bd 76 sws 76 and prp 76 Think 35 euro is good or i
  5. Greetings admins et all, I'm starting to believe that I'll clean the forum of scammers these days.... I'd like to report Kameramann with maxcheaters account https://maxcheaters.com/profile/221471-kameramann/ ,with paypal email fhenseler3@gmail.com and name Federico Henseler. Please check the maxcheaters messages between him and myself and the uploaded photo of the transaction. Thank you!
  6. trusted seller, shop with confidence!
  7. Greetings admins et all, As the title says, I want to report a scam. I've made an "one-way" transaction with the guy with maxcheaters account https://maxcheaters.com/profile/221428-imladris/, skype account: malyksiaze82, paypal email: gabrielekersyte03@gmail.com and his name is Gabrielė Keršytė. I paid him in full and I never received neither the items nor the character. I know that I had to make my research about this guy first, but next to me I had my little cousin who was way too happy about this gift (that never happened) and I've done it. Please check my maxcheaters messages a
  8. As the title says, I'm looking to buy col on La2Dream MAIN server. Thanks!
  9. trusted with good personality!
  10. Hello, I can do that but in a private conversation, because I'm giving character's name, personal email, etc. Does this work for you?
  11. Hello Admins et all, After so many transactions that I made through this community, it was my 2nd time to come across a scammer; unfortunately. I'm giving his information below together with our mxc and Skype conversations. I can say that he mistook my kindness as stupidity and he commit the theft. I've already filled the case through my attorney, but I don't know if I can succeed telling him that this was wrong; that theft is a crime; don't do it again. Please protect the community from "them". Thank you. PS: If you need anything else for supporting my case, please let me know