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  1. Top-rate seller! Delivery (more than 200eu) was exceptionally speedy, service was high-standard, would use them again!
  2. WTB Col and Items like TT set++, DC robe set+6 etc etc. Please pm. Thanks.
  3. the transaction went smoothly and with a gift, trusted and pleasant seller!
  4. Trusted and friendly seller, decent prices, I had multiple business' trades with him!
  5. Here is the full conversation for your disposal: stinger 1 Started conversation: 22 hours ago Hello there, I’m interested in L2 elixir stuff. What support chars you have? And pricing quotas please. Thanks! Kameramann 0 Replied: 22 hours ago Hi ive got wc 76 bd 76 sws 76 and prp 76 Think 35 euro is good or i can make a discount for all 4 stinger 1 Replied: 22 hours ago I was looking for a cov and a cardinal. Anyhow, how much adena you have in stock please? Kameramann 0 Replied: 22 hours ago My wc has cov and for bp we have one with friends but it is close to 75 I think we can find up to 500kk stinger 1 Replied: 22 hours ago Can you give me a price for the wc, the bp and 200kk please? Thanks Kameramann 0 Replied: 22 hours ago Wc 35 Bp 30 Adena 35 Max 95 euro stinger 1 Replied: 22 hours ago I have some constrains cause I see that you don’t have transaction history here; if we proceed we’ll do it by steps and I must check that you have everything the deal includes before purchasing. Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you soon. But honestly, I could prefer a symbolic discount. Thanks. Kameramann 0 Replied: 21 hours ago as we will do it by step how can i do discount if i dont know whether you buy all i think that we can start with 1 char than 2 char and then i get you discount fir party adena it will cost 25 not 35 ok? stinger 1 Replied: 21 hours ago Sounds okay. We can start with the bp which is the least expensive. But let me get back to you soon. Kameramann 0 Replied: 21 hours ago Ok let me know stinger 1 Replied: 21 hours ago May I ask if I have to change the characters’ names? I mean if you have history in the server it’s a must. Also, we’re talking for the new elixir, right? Kameramann 0 Replied: 21 hours ago No you have not, me nor friends arent amything serious we just play to sell at local markets etc. I mean you will not have hate for them stinger 1 Replied: 19 hours ago okay, lets do the bp transaction now, i have half an hour then i'll be unavailable for around 6h. stinger 1 Replied: 19 hours ago gimme your paypal email please stinger 1 Replied: 19 hours ago btw, the characters are on L2 Elixir x3 the new one, right? Kameramann 0 Replied: 19 hours ago Yes, on it You buy bishop now? stinger 1 Replied: 19 hours ago yes, can we make the transaction now, i don't have much time left, i have to go to work. Kameramann 0 Replied: 19 hours ago I can do in 7-10 minutes or waut you stinger 1 Replied: 19 hours ago ok, no more than 20 pls, and share your paypal email :) Kameramann 0 Replied: 19 hours ago let's move it into 6 hour i think, busy too stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago Sorry, this recipient can’t accept personal payments. stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago what do you mean normalpayment tho? Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago Hmm Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago There are 2 pay types gift family friends and commercial We in latin america cant accept or send friend Try sending normal but before you click send give me screen please stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago ok, resend me your paypal email pls, i cannot find it Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago i can send it as im paying for service, should i send? Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago Give me screen before please stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago how can i upload screen here?! Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago or image from url stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago yes try send see if works stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago it worked! stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago ok just to verify its u whats the paypal mail? (in latam people like paying with non personal paypals) i see mail checking paypal now stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago (i'llkeep that out of public sight) Kameramann 0 Replied: 18 hours ago sec checking stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago just received the email that you accepted the payment, your part now :) stinger 1 Replied: 18 hours ago may i ask why the delay?
  6. Greetings admins et all, I'm starting to believe that I'll clean the forum of scammers these days.... I'd like to report Kameramann with maxcheaters account ,with paypal email and name Federico Henseler. Please check the maxcheaters messages between him and myself and the uploaded photo of the transaction. Thank you!
  7. trusted seller, shop with confidence!
  8. Greetings admins et all, As the title says, I want to report a scam. I've made an "one-way" transaction with the guy with maxcheaters account, skype account: malyksiaze82, paypal email: and his name is Gabrielė Keršytė. I paid him in full and I never received neither the items nor the character. I know that I had to make my research about this guy first, but next to me I had my little cousin who was way too happy about this gift (that never happened) and I've done it. Please check my maxcheaters messages and below you can find our skype conversation. I've already requested from my bank and paypal not a refund but to freeze the money and now I'm requesting you to ban this guy from our community here. We do NOT need thieves here! Here is our Skype conversation (all times are on EST, now is 11:25PM): Chrys, 4:17 PM (wave) DD., 4:19 PM hi DD., 4:20 PM :) Chrys, 4:21 PM do you also have any jewel set above C, like B or A ? DD., 4:22 PM nope, the only item i can get now is dc robe set for sale DD., 4:22 PM chars only Chrys, 4:23 PM ok Chrys, 4:24 PM can you throw some adena to the char? lets say 20m? DD., 4:25 PM 5 EUR = 30 M works? Chrys, 4:25 PM cool Chrys, 4:25 PM so all together 55 EUR, right? DD., 4:27 PM yes DD., 4:27 PM sure Chrys, 4:29 PM gimme your paypal email DD., 4:30 PM share me like 0 to 15 min DD., 4:30 PM 10 to 15 DD., 4:30 PM bcuz ill need my mate to deliver a set DD., 4:30 PM im at a job place atm Chrys, 4:30 PM sure, let me know when you're ready Chrys, 4:35 PM do you have by any chance elixir plus on the cardinal ? DD., 4:36 PM Yes, but its expiring soonish Chrys, 4:37 PM ok, ill take care of it. Chrys, 4:38 PM btw whats the name of the char? its a good one? do you have history in the server? Im asking to see if i have to change it. DD., 4:39 PM No history, we are ( were ) randoms :)) The name is 6 Latin letters starting with capital, no digits, no ethnic stuff like latin, greek and so on DD., 4:39 PM Ok, we're ready as that DD., 4:41 PM - 55 EUR f/f please and once it's sent, share me a screenie please Chrys, 4:41 PM sure, doing that now DD., 4:44 PM gotcha Chrys, 4:44 PM :) Chrys, 4:44 PM do you still want the screenshot ? Chrys, 4:45 PM To view this shared photo, check attachments DD., 4:46 PM aight DD., 4:46 PM checking it now Chrys, 4:56 PM everything cool ? Chrys, 5:13 PM something is wrong? paypal says everything is done.
  9. As the title says, I'm looking to buy col on La2Dream MAIN server. Thanks!
  10. trusted with good personality!
  11. Hello, I can do that but in a private conversation, because I'm giving character's name, personal email, etc. Does this work for you?
  12. Hello Admins et all, After so many transactions that I made through this community, it was my 2nd time to come across a scammer; unfortunately. I'm giving his information below together with our mxc and Skype conversations. I can say that he mistook my kindness as stupidity and he commit the theft. I've already filled the case through my attorney, but I don't know if I can succeed telling him that this was wrong; that theft is a crime; don't do it again. Please protect the community from "them". Thank you. PS: If you need anything else for supporting my case, please let me know so I can provide them. Thank you! mxc name: fuers skype name: andrejkarlovic Real name: Andrej Karlovič PayPal email: mxc conversation: [me] Hey, I'm interested in AM+7 acumen and the 772gc. Can I have a bundle price for them? Thanks! [fuers] I am coming home now. Add me on skype. andrejkarlovic Btw i accept only paypal [me] Yeap, I'm doing gaming trades only with PayPal. Go home and give me a "good" price for them :) Also, put the beret of USSR in the trade. Thanks! [fuers] I shall be home in about 40 mins [fuers] I am home now add. Me on skype: andrejkarlovic [me] I just added you. Skype conversation: [8/18/2015 4:25:38 PM] Andrej Karlovič: Hi [8/18/2015 4:26:14 PM] Andrej Karlovič: Are u stinger from mxc? [8/18/2015 4:26:23 PM] me: yes. Hello [8/18/2015 4:26:57 PM] Andrej Karlovič: So tell me again which itens u would like to buy [8/18/2015 4:27:02 PM] Andrej Karlovič: Items [8/18/2015 4:27:15 PM] me: can you please give me a few seconds [8/18/2015 4:27:37 PM] Andrej Karlovič: Yeah. We can do this in 20 too if is np for u. [8/18/2015 4:27:51 PM] Andrej Karlovič: I need to take a shower. Just came from work [8/18/2015 4:28:19 PM] me: do your stuff, I'm finishing a meeting and we'll talk [8/18/2015 4:28:44 PM] Andrej Karlovič: Ok then [8/18/2015 4:45:16 PM] me: Well, I'm interested in AM+7 acumen, 772gc, the beret of USSR and Zaken. Give me an awesome price for them please! I want them for a birthday gift to my best friend :) [8/18/2015 4:59:26 PM] Andrej Karlovič: do u maybe want to buy everything? [8/18/2015 4:59:36 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i can give u a special price [8/18/2015 5:02:01 PM] me: It's not for me and it's for gift so the budget it's a bit limited [8/18/2015 5:02:35 PM] Andrej Karlovič: tell me ur whole budget [8/18/2015 5:04:26 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i can do u a nice offer. [8/18/2015 5:06:43 PM] me: I can go up to $40 [8/18/2015 5:06:54 PM] me: do your best!!! [8/18/2015 5:07:14 PM] Andrej Karlovič: for 40 euros i can give what u asked for [8/18/2015 5:07:40 PM] Andrej Karlovič: so am+7 acu, beret, zaken, gc [8/18/2015 5:08:15 PM] me: that's great [8/18/2015 5:08:27 PM] me: please share your PayPal email [8/18/2015 5:08:34 PM] Andrej Karlovič: euros please [8/18/2015 5:08:41 PM] Andrej Karlovič: and family and friends [8/18/2015 5:08:53 PM] Andrej Karlovič: [8/18/2015 5:09:17 PM] me: okay! are we gonna split the extra charges or not? [8/18/2015 5:09:20 PM] Andrej Karlovič: let me calculate how much is in dollars [8/18/2015 5:09:28 PM] Andrej Karlovič: nop u pay the charges. [8/18/2015 5:09:36 PM] me: haha, okay! [8/18/2015 5:10:16 PM] Andrej Karlovič: 44,20 dollars is 40 euros [8/18/2015 5:10:25 PM] Andrej Karlovič: usd dollars [8/18/2015 5:10:52 PM] Andrej Karlovič: tell me when u send money so i can check [8/18/2015 5:11:10 PM] me: okay [8/18/2015 5:12:59 PM] me: money sent, please check [8/18/2015 5:14:19 PM] me: character name: P*** and I'm at Goddard next to gk [8/18/2015 5:17:24 PM] Andrej Karlovič: ok i got money [8/18/2015 5:18:21 PM] Andrej Karlovič: give me a sec. i have problems loging my char. [8/18/2015 5:18:24 PM] Andrej Karlovič: please dont panic [8/18/2015 5:18:28 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i wont scam [8/18/2015 5:18:44 PM] me: okay, I had the same problems today. [8/18/2015 5:18:49 PM] me: I understand [8/18/2015 5:19:02 PM] me: just pm me here when you're at Goddard, thnx [8/18/2015 5:19:03 PM] Andrej Karlovič: dint log in 1 weeks [8/18/2015 5:42:20 PM] Andrej Karlovič: it appers i wont be able to log untill i get a response from a gm [8/18/2015 5:42:26 PM] Andrej Karlovič: which could take days :/ [8/18/2015 5:42:35 PM] Andrej Karlovič: a submited a ticket [8/18/2015 5:42:38 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i [8/18/2015 5:42:44 PM] me: why is that tho? [8/18/2015 5:42:48 PM] Andrej Karlovič: no idea [8/18/2015 5:42:57 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i didnt log in 1 week coz i didnt have the time [8/18/2015 5:43:04 PM] me: what is the issue? [8/18/2015 5:43:04 PM] Andrej Karlovič: and my account got banned [8/18/2015 5:43:09 PM] Andrej Karlovič: when i try to log [8/18/2015 5:43:10 PM] me: aouch! [8/18/2015 5:43:13 PM] Andrej Karlovič: it says [8/18/2015 5:43:24 PM] Andrej Karlovič: that my account got banned and that i should contact support [8/18/2015 5:43:45 PM] me: I see [8/18/2015 5:44:14 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i am sending u the money back [8/18/2015 5:44:54 PM] Andrej Karlovič: give ur paypal [8/18/2015 5:46:04 PM] me: c****@i***.org [8/18/2015 5:46:28 PM] me: But you can take 1-2 days if you get the account unbanned [8/18/2015 5:46:45 PM] me: we'll proceed with the trade, if not then you can send me the money back [8/18/2015 5:46:54 PM] Andrej Karlovič: are u sure> [8/18/2015 5:46:55 PM] Andrej Karlovič: ? [8/18/2015 5:47:05 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i mean i wont scam u. [8/18/2015 5:47:16 PM] me: yes, I understand the situation [8/18/2015 5:47:31 PM] me: if you send me the money back you'll pay the fees [8/18/2015 5:47:47 PM] me: and then if I send you the money again back i'll pay again [8/18/2015 5:48:03 PM] Andrej Karlovič: in both casses u are loosing money [8/18/2015 5:48:10 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i get it now [8/18/2015 5:48:16 PM] Andrej Karlovič: ok then [8/18/2015 5:48:22 PM] Andrej Karlovič: give me up to 3 days. [8/18/2015 5:48:29 PM] Andrej Karlovič: if not the i send u money back. [8/18/2015 5:50:29 PM] me: okay, but not more than 3 days [8/18/2015 5:50:39 PM] me: cause I don't want to miss my firnds birthday [8/18/2015 5:50:43 PM] me: friend's [8/18/2015 5:51:03 PM] Andrej Karlovič: when is ur friends birthday? [8/18/2015 5:51:11 PM] Andrej Karlovič: just so i know how much time i have [8/18/2015 5:52:15 PM] me: in 3 days :P [8/18/2015 5:52:31 PM] Andrej Karlovič: ok. we can in touch [8/18/2015 5:52:41 PM] Andrej Karlovič: tnx for understanding my situation [8/18/2015 5:52:54 PM] me: no worries, being in touch! [8/18/2015 5:53:47 PM] Andrej Karlovič: keep. [8/18/2015 5:54:00 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i writing like a 3 year old lol [8/18/2015 5:54:02 PM] Andrej Karlovič: am [8/18/2015 5:54:03 PM] Andrej Karlovič: omg [8/18/2015 5:54:13 PM] Andrej Karlovič: multitasking and shit [8/18/2015 5:54:30 PM] me: hahaha! [8/19/2015 4:20:58 PM] me: hey, any news today? [8/20/2015 1:19:36 PM] me: Hello, I'm expecting the good news by the end of today (my time), else please contact me for sending my money back. As I told you before, I don't want to miss my friends birthday. Thank you! [8/21/2015 11:15:36 AM] me: Hello, I kind of find you irresponsible trader.... It's been several days now and I have nothing from your end; neither the expected items nor my money back. I remind you what you said to me: [8/18/2015 5:17:24 PM] Andrej Karlovič: ok i got money [8/18/2015 5:18:21 PM] Andrej Karlovič: give me a sec. i have problems loging my char. [8/18/2015 5:18:24 PM] Andrej Karlovič: please dont panic [8/18/2015 5:18:28 PM] Andrej Karlovič: i wont scam [8/21/2015 11:17:05 AM] me: Now I'm concerned regarding our business.... Please do respond ASAP. [8/22/2015 12:38:42 PM] me: Still nothing from your end.... So you are a scammer, right? And today is my friend's birthday. Now, I'm in a awkward position thus I'm informing you that first thing on Monday is to enable my lawyer, the Financial Protection Bureau, the New York State Department of Financial Services, PayPal Services and mxc forum of your theft. And all these it's for the money itself, it's for protecting my rights. After all these years doing transactions across several games, I came across you, a thief. Please delete me from your Skype and be ready of what will follow.