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  1. server is very good.Low population but is growing slowly.I ll give a try
  2. hello guys.I m wondering what kind of server do you want... first of all you dont have a forum... people will try to read something about server (reports/clan recruitment/announcements) and without a forum we cant check or report anything.Second major thing is that your features are not convinsing anyone to join... with 5 lines we cant understand your project.To be honest i ll join to your server but you have to create a forum.Without advertisment server will have 100 ppl max. Thx
  3. hello my friend. Im selling 100kk for 6 euros and i have almost a billion. Barakiels axe-- 15 euro tiphon spear --20 euro bw set heavy--10 euro nm heavy set --15 euro Tallum heavy set ---25 euro spoiler 68 lvl-- 20 euro pp 68 lvl --20 euro gladi 70 lvl --20 euro and much more... Pm me for infos thx
  4. Hello guys.I want to sell adena,gold, arcana mace+3+acu , tallum heavy set ,tallum robe set,dc robe set and many more. Send me private message here thank you
  5. Very good work.How many clients per pc????
  6. Σταματησα απο τον linezeus και πουλαω gia 50 euro 1.5κκκ adena, tallum glaive /bw heavy set ee 68 lvl kai spoiler 68. Skype name iceman gary I quit from linezeus server and im selling for 50 euro 1.5kkk adena, tallum glaive /bw heavy set ee 68 lvl kai spoiler 68. Skype name iceman gary Thanks
  7. καλησπερα παιδια.Σταματησα απο τον linezeus και πουλαω σε πολυ καλη τιμη adena. δωρο χαρακτηρες και materials με καθε αγορα. Ευχαριστω
  8. Hello guys.I want to sell coins,adena,armors to lineazeus x5. If you are interested leave a message ty
  9. this is a joke mate.I m waiting for about 15 months for your server.I saw that you are trying to fix things and etc.When a new update comes you are trying to add it in your client and the result is 0.We are waiting for ages.I have a dauther 9 months and still server is down.Perhaps when she grows up and become 10 we can play together.... just quit i dont know what else should i suggest... I know you want everything to be perfect on live but always you ll have problems.Even ncsoft had problems on official.I admire you passion but still you have to open your server... GL
  10. I love this cunt AchYlek. In every server he has something to say or post. Ban this mofo we are tired...
  11. website is down the last 24 hours...server is online or?Where can we download server's system?
  12. Hi guys.im lf classic server beta or not.if you know anything plz give me some info.i dont care if is pay to play.ty
  13. Djvogans this guy-gay achylek is playing l2 only in mid rates.everyone knows that this guy is spammer.da fuq you answer him?he used to suck stalone's @@ so rip this guy ffs...
  14. ok.good luck m8 with your server.hope you go well
  15. I was waiting for this server more than 1 month :)! What is my first impression??? clearly home made server,tones of freeze and bad online community... what can I say?cant even move some times...that's a shame
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