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  1. I m player here and server seems nice but he need some populations if you want come. Stable server!\ SERVER PLATFORM: L2OFF - PTS SERVER DEVELOPMENT - ADVEXT TEAM SERVER CORE : GRACIA FINAL NO LAG'S NO BUG'S SERVER PROTECTION - SMARTGUARD INTERLUDE LOW RATE SERVER LONG TERM PROJECT SERVER TIMEZONE: TIME (GMT +1) RATES Experience (XP): x5 Skill Points (SP): x5 Drop (Adena): x4 Drop (Items): x4 chance, 1x amount Spoil: x4 chance, 1x amount Seal Stones: x3 Drop (Raidboss): x2 Drop (GrandBoss): x1 Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 Quest reward XP/SP: x4 Quest reward adena: x3 GAMEPLAY Autolearn Skills Autoot Items Offline Shops Free teleport 40 LvL Buff Slot 20 + 4 Divine Buff Time Retail Client limit per PC 3 Full Working Geodata 1st profession - Mark in shop 2nd profession - Mark in shop 3rd profession - Full Quest Noblesse - Full Quest Subclass - Full Quest MANA SYSTEM Mana potions - disabled EVENTS Actually running events : Firework COMMANDS .menu user menu system .offline create offline shop ENCHANTS Safe Enchant 3 Max. Enchant 16 OLYMPIAD Olympiad Period 2 week Olympiad duration period - 18:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +1) Olympiad Start 10 January 2020 First heroes 24 January 2020 SEVEN SINGS Seven Signs: Two week's period Seven Signs Event period: 16/12/2019 18:00:00 to 23/12/2019 17:45:00 Seven Signs Seal period: 23/12/2019 18:00:00 to 30/12/2019 17:45:00 You can enter to catacombs before 16.12.2019 just need lvl 20+ First profession ( mobs dropping adena only ) CASTLE SIEGES First Castle Sieges : 1 / 2 February 2020 GRAND BOSSES Valakas 11 days / Random + - 1h Antharas 8 days / Random + - 2h Baium 5 days / Random + - 2h Frintezza 2 days / Random + - 2h Zaken 48 hours / Random + - 1h Orfen 36 hours / Random + - 1h Core 36 hours / Random + - 1h Queen Ant 22 hours / Random + - 1h Normal Bosses 15 hours / Random + - 1h QUEST DROP X2 Legacy of Insolence The Finest Food Delicious Top Choice The Finest Food Relics of the old empire Yoke of the Past Seekers of the Holy Grail Guardians of the Holy Grail War with Ketra Orcs War with Varka Silenos An Ice Merchant's Dream A Powerful Primeval Creature Clean up the Swamp of Screams Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2 Gather the flames For Sleepless Deadmen Seductive Whispers Illegitimate Child of a Goddess In Search of Fragments of Dimension The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 Alliance with Ketra Orcs Alliance with Varka Silenos Whisper Of Dreams Part 1 Whisper Of Freams Part 2 Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe https://l2wolfgang.com
  2. wtb hd focus/baium on l2emi
  3. Ant Queen cov account destro nobles account tallum set +6 adena crystal s many
  4. Wtb items elixir x3 and epica have 100 eur
  5. Wtb items/doom cryer 78 on l2elixir pm offerts prices+items
  6. wts tall set great sword focus tallum hvy set / doom cryer whit cov 78 and destro account whit subclass bd 72 acc and sws 60 acc
  7. I want to buy unlimited adrenaline key for interlude
  8. XP: x7SP: x8 Drop : x6Adena: x4Seal Stones Qty: x4Spoil: x5Quests: x1Vital Quests: x6Raid boss drop: x2Grand Raid boss drop: x1Party EXP/SP 125%Enchant safe: +3Max enchant: +15Enchant chance: retail-likeSongs/Dances time: 5minNo GM ShopNo NPC BufferNo Mana PotsNo HerbsNo Weapon AugumentationNo Shadow WeaponsZariche Sword Disabled till later game stage.Olympiad Disabled till later game stage.No Death Penalty SkillOn death from NPC chance to drop random item.Fixed Polearm related skills.Profession quests can be purchased.Offline shopsWorking in-game Community board.Working in-game party matching.TvT and Chaos EventsAnti-Bot protection.Account IP Protection.Max 3 Clients per person.Donations:No gear items sold.Same items avaiable for Vote and Donate CoinsExcept Fashion which is reserved only for donations. http://2old2play.eu/
  9. Legends says there will be 2 people whit L2adrenaline account on siege :)))))
  10. Kid Gm he openeede, next day closed. No one will play next week.
  11. www.lineageii.com.br Server Description Opening Date: June 3, 2016 at 19:00 (-3 GMT) Chronicle and Platform: 100% Gracia Final L2OFF (Official Files) Larger L2 community of Latin America Server Rates EXP / SP: x30 Adena: x20 Drop (chance): x5 Spoil (chance): x10 Seal Stone: x5 Bosses Drop: x3 (Amount x1) Epic Raid Bosses: x1 Main Quest Item: 2x (amount) Server Timezone Brazil Timezone (GMT -3) Server Features Shop Offline Auto-loot Auto-learn skill (up to 80) AIO Weapon (1h Buff) Default Buff: Retail Char Buff Time: Retail Crafter System: 100% Retail Mana Potion (Restore 300MP - Reuse Delay: 10s) Shop Offline Olympiads start: July 1st Members limit per Clan: 80 (Main Clan + 2 Royal Guard) Hellbound opens after two weeks Custom Farm Zone Queen Ant - Level 85 Zaken - Level 85 RaidBoss Respawn Respawn: 12h / Random: 1h RaidBoss Customs Sub Class: 18h + 1h Barakiel: 18h + 1h Core: 48h + 2h Orfen: 48h + 2h Queen: Ant 36h + 2h Zaken: 48h + 2h Frintezza: 96h + 3h Baium: + 3h 120h Antharas: 192H + 3h Valakas: 264h + 0 Quest Information x2 Gather the Flames - Torch x2 Relics of the Old Empire - Broken Relic Part x5 An Ice Merchant's Dream – Silver Ice Crystal x3 Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - Bones of a Plains Dinosaur x3 A Powerful Primeval Creature – Dinosaur Tissue / Dinosair Egg x5 Legacy of Insolence – Ancient Blue Papyrus / Ancient Red Papyrus / Ancient White Papyrus / Ancient Black Papyrus x3 Exploration of Giants Cave (Part 1 / Part 2) - Ancient Parchment x2 Guardians of the Holy Grail - Monk's Scripture x2 Seekers of the Holy Grail - Pagan's Totem x2 Alliance with Varka Silenos - Varka's Badge - Soldier/ Varka's Badge - Captain / Varka's Badge - General x2 Alliance with Ketra Orcs - Ketra's Badge - Soldier / Ketra's Badge - Captain / Ketra's Badge - General x2 Varka's Mane - War with Varka x2 War with Ketra- Molar Of Ketra Orc x2 Quest Zero Hour ( Part 1 / Part 2 ) - Splinter Stakato Chitin / Fang Of Stakato x2 3rd Job - Kill 700 mob - Halisha's Mark x2 Supplier Of Reagents - Reagent Pouch / Reagent Box