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  1. wtt account spoiler sub spellhowler dc robe set, premium+vip plus like 3k gold and account have 25 euro donated for bless account(1000 gold/day) all for 12 euro
  2. wtb dyna leather set baium aq dyna bow++ on l2ovc
  3. wtb adena on l2 afterlife money first only on recomanded users.
  4. Destro 60 lvl w/o any item
  5. Mercedes The Best or nothing.
  6. Wts adena l2mordor 100kk - 5eur
  7. I m player here and server seems nice but he need some populations if you want come. Stable server!\ SERVER PLATFORM: L2OFF - PTS SERVER DEVELOPMENT - ADVEXT TEAM SERVER CORE : GRACIA FINAL NO LAG'S NO BUG'S SERVER PROTECTION - SMARTGUARD INTERLUDE LOW RATE SERVER LONG TERM PROJECT SERVER TIMEZONE: TIME (GMT +1) RATES Experience (XP): x5 Skill Points (SP): x5 Drop (Adena): x4 Drop (Items): x4 chance, 1x amount Spoil: x4 chance, 1x amount Seal Stones: x3 Drop (Raidboss): x2 Drop (GrandBoss): x1 Drop (Grandboss Jewelr
  8. wtb hd focus/baium on l2emi
  9. Ant Queen cov account destro nobles account tallum set +6 adena crystal s many
  10. Wtb items elixir x3 and epica have 100 eur
  11. Wtb items/doom cryer 78 on l2elixir pm offerts prices+items