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  1. As title says , im looking for a long term partenership in order to create,develop,maitain l2 server.Thank you
  2. hello , i want to buy powerlevel on Mordor4x , 45-61+ lvl.
  3. dont bother, its scam, he doesnt want to use middle man even if i pay the commisison. il upload conversation later when im getting to computer to resize files.
  4. hello , how much for TALLUM HEAVY SET and PP LVL 78 ? Thank you
  5. hello . my friend and i are leaving the server due lack of time and we are selling following accounts: GHOST HUNTER LVL 81 (DYNASTY KNIFE + CRITICAL DAMAGE , LVL 4 WIND , +3 ENCHANT). MOIRAI LEATHER SET + MOIRAI JEWELS SET ALL +3. CLOAK OF ZAKEN . around 100KK adena. WIND RIDER LVL 80 (ICARUS DAGGER + CRITICAL DAMAGE , LVL 5 EARTH) DARK CRYSTAL SET. A GRADE JEWELS SET +3 ALL. HIEROPANT LVL 80 (A GRADE SET + WEAPON) EVA SAINTS LVL 80 (Karmian) SPECTRAL DANCER LVL 80 (A GRADE ARMOR + WEAPON) ALL ACOUNTS ARE PREMIUM ( 5$ monthly) . individual email . security sentence avalaible. price is 50$ each account. skype : belerin.sulerin.pulerin - add me for photos. price drops if you buy more than 1 account. if you have other offer , im pleased to hear. thank you
  6. Hello , due to lack of time i decided to sell my main char and support. Main - Wind Rider LvL 80 - Dark Crystal Leather (not common) , VICIOUS STANCE +10 enchanted.LOTS OF SP FOR THE FOLLOWING SKILLS (HIDE ETC). Support - Eva's Saint LvL 79 . 80% with Dark Crystal Robe + Valhalla Acumen (not common). SOLD both chars are with fresh email with VIP account first month and current month. transaction can be made only with paypal and middleman if buyer ask for. nickname can be changed with few dollars on server. price is 50 $ on Wind Rider. https://www.rpg-club.com/
  7. Light Crossbow Mithril Ring 2x , Onyx Beast Earring , Dark Necklace 30E all
  8. Elven Scout , lvl 36 , naked , separate email , 36 EUR
  9. trusted , bought many many many times!
  10. Since i want to quit already my account is going on sale . Assasin LvL 30 with 2kk adena,3 months subscription. 100E , pm me